Colion Noir Takes A New Shooter To The Range

All that Colion Noir knew about guns six years ago, he’d learned from TV or the movies. He never learned anything about it in school and that would include firearm safety. However, six years ago a friend took him shooting for the first time and his life changed.

In this episode, Colion Noir describes that first time and then takes a female friend to the range for the first time. We often pass around the phrase, “Take someone shooting”, but we need to do it. It is the best inoculation against the lies told by the Shannon Watts of the world.

3 thoughts on “Colion Noir Takes A New Shooter To The Range”

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    Thanks for the post. People who want to have guns of their own simply needs to join the Firearms safety training classes as one of them is in Boston and get the license to own their gun. But the most important thing, guns are supposed to be used for safety not for bribing or suppressing others.

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