The Bradys – The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

The Brady Bunch aka the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (sic) is confused. They don’t seem to know who leads their organization.

On February 6th, they announced with great fanfare that Dan Gross had been “elected” President of the Brady Campaign.

Washington, D.C. – The Board of Trustees of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Brady Center today announced that Dan Gross, the co-founder and Executive Director of the Center to Prevent Youth Violence (formerly PAX), has been elected the new President of the nation’s largest gun violence prevention organizations….

Dan Gross replaces Paul Helmke, a lawyer and former Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, who stepped down July 10, 2011. Dennis Henigan, Vice President for Law and Policy at Brady, served as acting president in the interim.

They even got USA Today to buy into Gross being elected as opposed to hired and Paul Helmke stepping down as opposed to the reality of not having his contract renewed.

Youth anti-violence advocate Daniel Gross has been elected to head the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Brady Center, the Washington-based organization promoting gun control plans to announce Monday…

Gross is cofounder and executive director of the Center to Prevent Youth Violence and was elected to the Brady post by the organization’s board of trustees. He replaces former Brady president Paul Helmke, former mayor of Fort Wayne, Ind., who announced in June he would step down on July 10. Helmke’s resignation followed a five-year commitment he’d made to serve the organization starting in 2006.

So it was interesting to read the February 16th press release where the Brady Campaign announced their 2011 state-by-state “scorecard” which ranks states on the degree of oppressiveness of their gun control regime. It had this tidbit in it.

“Guns don’t fall from the sky into the hands of criminals,” said Brady Acting President Dennis Henigan. “All too often, crime guns come from gun dealers in the states that stubbornly refuse to enact common sense, lifesaving gun laws. Every day, a river of illegal guns flows out of the states with weak gun laws, victimizing families in states that are doing their best to protect their residents. It is no accident that the states with the weakest gun laws are the exporters of death and injury.”

Has Dan Gross said to himself after being on the job 10 days “Omigod! I can’t take any more of these losers! It is worse than I expected and I wasn’t expecting much.” Or is it that the memo that the Bradys have a new president just not get out to all their PR staffers? Regardless, I’m glad they remain the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

Chris Cox Versus Dennis Hennigan On CNN

Dennis Henigan, Acting President of the Brady Campaign, and Chris Cox, head of the NRA-ILA, appeared on CNN’s American Morning to discuss and debate the new reporting requirements issued yesterday by the Department of Justice. Kiran Chetry, host of the show, pushed Hennigan on why another law was needed when straw purchases are already illegal. His answer would have you believe that the notification of multiple sales are made in real time and that ATF agents will be at the door to arrest the buyers as they exit the store.

Thirdpower has more on Hennigan’s lies and slanders at Days of our Trailers.

History Wasn’t Made

Yesterday, Dennis Henigan of the Brady Campaign called on President Obama to “make history on guns” in his State of the Union speech.

Since the tragic shooting in Tucson, President Obama has been a force for healing, recovery and reconciliation. As a nation, we were reeling. He steadied us. The President has been a profile in understanding and empathy.

He now needs to be a profile in courage.

In his State of the Union speech tomorrow night, he needs to talk about guns.

I can imagine the voices advising him to do nothing of the kind. They have been telling him to avoid the gun issue for two years. After Tucson, however, everything is different. Their arguments now ring especially hollow.

From my reading of the text of Obama’s State of the Union address, I don’t see the word “firearm”, “gun”, or “magazine.” I only see Gabby Giffords mentioned once and Tucson mentioned three times. I even see Forsyth Tech (aka The University of Silas Creek)* in Winston-Salem, North Carolina mentioned more than anything to do with guns.

So for poor Dennis and the rest of his fellow travelers all I can say is that history wasn’t made. Obama did listen to those other voices telling him to avoid the gun issue.

* Forsyth Technical Community College is located on Silas Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem.