Kudos To Panteao Productions

I have to give kudos to Panteao Productions. They recently released a video entitled Kids and Guns with Tatiana Whitlock. It is, as the title should make obvious, a video for parents that reviews things like safety rules, safe storage, introducing your children to firearms, sources for further training, and how to set the proper example for your kids with regard to firearm handling. The video is not a tutorial on how to teach your kids how to shoot.

The video features Tatiana Whitlock who has done a number of instructional YouTube videos for the new NRA Women TV series. Ms. Whitlock is the owner and found of ID Target Systems which manufactures and sells a line of proprietary dimensional targets for both shoot house and square range training environments. She is also certified as a NRA Basic Pistol instructor, Range Safety Officer, and Refuse to be a Victim instructor.

So why am I giving Panteao kudos for selling a safety video? Because they have also made it available for free on YouTube for everyone to watch. Even the simplest videos cost money to produce. I sincerely doubt that they will sell enough of these DVDs to even break even with production costs.

For all the proclamations from Shannon Watts, Ladd Everitt, and rest of their ilk about “gun safety”, it is we in the gun culture and the gun rights movement who do the real work for the safe use of firearms. Unlike them, we do not engage in using the perverse pseudonym “safety” as cover for “control” and “confiscation”. Whether it is the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program or Ms. Whitlock in this Panteao Productions video, safety is, and should always be, our paramount concern.

A Better Question To Ask

The Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence (sic) has started a campaign called “Asking Saves Kids”. They are encouraging parents to ask other parents if there is an unlocked firearm in their house. The Brady Campaign alleges that thousands of children are killed annually.

From their web text that they are suggesting supporters use:

In America, one out of three homes with children has a gun, many kept unlocked or loaded. Every year thousands of kids are killed and injured as a result.

When one examines the CDC’s National Vital Statistics Report – Deaths: Final Data for 2010, which tracks mortality and the cause of it, we see that 62 children under the age of 15 died as a result of an accidental (negligent) discharge of a firearm. Thus, the Brady’s claim that “every year thousands of kids are killed” is an outright lie. See Table 10 on Page 40 for the confirmation of this.

As part of their campaign, the Brady Campaign has been releasing a series of YouTube videos and PSA videos. The one below is called “Conversations” and talks about awkward conversations. It tells parents to ask if there is an unlocked gun before letting their children go over to play.

I can suggest a better question to ask before letting little Jimmy go over to play with little Billy and Bobby.

Have your children been through the Eddie Eagle Program? If not, why not? Unlike anything put out by the so-called “gun safety” (sic) groups, it is a proven, award-winning program that has been shown to be effective in reducing accidental deaths of children with a firearm.

The bottom line is that locks can be defeated. Proper training like the Eddie Eagle program will help protect kids, locks or no locks.