GRNC-PVF Candidate Recommendation Updates

The Grass Roots North Carolina – Political Victory Fund has released some updates. These are just in time for the start of Early, One-Stop Voting which began yesterday. The updates include additional races, some corrections, and surveys that were received after the January 20th cut-off date.


Late surveys, additional races, and errata


NC Commissioner of Insurance (R): GRNC-PVF recommends ROBERT BRAWLEY (votes: 100%, survey: 81%) over Andrew Marcus (survey: 100%, ****) due to Brawley’s 100% voting record in the NC House. Mike Causey failed to return the survey (survey: NR, GRNC 0-star). The important factor in this primary is electing a candidate who can beat Democrat Natasha Marcus (votes: 0%, GRNC 0-star) in the General Election. Natasha (not Andrew) Marcus is a Bloomberg gun control shill whose political career needs to be stopped in its tracks.

NC Court of Appeals Seat 15 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends HUNTER MURPHY over Chris Freeman.



District 03 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends MICHAEL SPECIALE (voting record: 100%, survey: 100%). In addition to a 100% recent voting record in the NC House, Speciale has a history of sponsoring pro-gun legislation and standing up to leadership for gun rights. He will be a leader for your rights in the NC Senate. Opponent Bob Brinson was reportedly encouraged to run by Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, who recently refused to give constitutional carry a floor vote, saying: “We have passed a substantial bill dealing with some concerns about the Second Amendment. We have done away with the pistol purchase permit which was the number one goal for many of the guns rights groups for a long period of time. I just don’t know if there is a need for us to delve into additional issues dealing with guns.” [Information about Speciale’s opponent added.]

District 45 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends MARK HOLLO (survey: 99%, voting record: 100%, ****). Opponent Nancy Meek (survey 100%, ****) is reportedly pro-gun, but Hollo has both a perfect voting record while in the NC House, and a history of sponsoring pro-gun legislation. [“Hollo” was initially misspelled.]


District 59 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends ALLEN CHAPPELL (survey: 91%, ****) over Alan Branson (survey: 80%, ***). [Previously, “Chappell” had been misspelled.]

District 69 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends DEAN ARP (survey: 100%, votes: 100%, ****) over Clint Cannaday (survey: 88%, ***). [District was erroneously listed as 67.]


Below are surveys received after the January 20 deadline. In our continuing effort to give all candidates a fair chance, some may have already been included in candidate recommendations if they were received in time. Remember in November candidate recommendations are being adjusted accordingly. However, GRNC-PVF candidate recommendations cannot be changed for late surveys.

This message supporting the above-mentioned candidates was paid for by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Reminders To Politicians

Politicians need reminders on who “brung them to the dance” lest they start believing they did it all on their own. A sparkling personality and a impressive résumé can only take you so far. Effective outside help should always be appreciated.

Paul Valone, President of Grass Roots North Carolina, realizes this. He just issued two open letters: one to Speaker Tim Moore of the NC House and one to Sen. Phil Berger, President Pro Tem of the NC Senate. The only difference in the letters is that the Republicans received a supermajority in the State Senate while falling one short in the House.

The letters (see an example below) remind Moore and Berger of both the efforts and the results from the independent expenditures made by the GRNC-PVF and the Judicial Fairness Project. 34 races were targeted and 27 wins recorded or nearly an 80% win rate.

They are then told of the legislative priorities for GRNC in the next session. These include permitless carry, getting rid of the pistol purchase permit, eliminating the “church carry loophole”, and protecting shooting on private property. Vetoes by Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC) negated the wins in the last session which sought to eliminate the pistol purchase permit and allowing churches with schools to permit carry during non-school hours. Neither veto was overridden. With the supermajority in the Senate and the near supermajority in the House, chances are that a veto could be overridden this time. The letter concludes by saying Valone is confident that the Republicans will advance the rights of Second Amendment supporters.


Vote Like Your Rights Depend Upon It

That is because your firearm rights do depend upon this election. If the Democrats retain control of Congress, you can be assured of a new assault weapons ban along with a magazine ban. Fortunately, if the polls are correct, the Republicans should take at least the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate.

In most areas, early voting has concluded and you must vote in person on Election Day. As I write this, the polls will open in less than 48 hours in most states.

If you are unsure of where a candidate stands on gun rights, most gun rights organizations will have candidate ratings. Some will only rate Congressional candidates and state level races while others will drill down to state house and senate races.

If you are a North Carolinian, your best source is the Grass Roots North Carolina-PVF. Their ratings don’t give extra weight to incumbents unlike the NRA. Moreover, they take a hardline approach to candidates who blow off their issues survey. If you blow off the survey and have no voting record, you get zero stars. I still shake my head at local Republicans who do this such as Pratik Bhakta in my state house district. He did get an AQ rating from the NRA but I don’t know how.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation doesn’t rate head-to-head races for Congress. However, they do have a report card with the ratings of each member of the House and Senate. Bear in mind that some of these politicians are not running again or have been defeated in primary.

The NRA-PVF does rate candidates for Congress, state legislatures, and some other races like the North Carolina Supreme Court. You do not need to be a member to see their ratings and endorsements. Just click on your state on the map they have to find their ratings and endorsements.

Gun Owners of America only does Congressional races. Their ratings do differ a bit from that of the NRA and are a bit tougher in general. You can find them here.

If I had one suggestion to make here besides making your voice heard by voting, it would be to seek out the ratings or recommendations from your state level gun rights group first. This is especially true when it comes to state legislators and other state and local candidates. Whereas the NRA-ILA may have one representative covering two or more states, the state level groups know who is who on the local basis. They know who has stood with them in the past, who has worked with them at various levels of government, and who has actually attended their events.

Early 1-Stop Voting Starts Tomorrow In NC (Updated)

Early one-stop voting starts on Thursday, October 20th, in North Carolina. The premier race is for the US Senate. It pits Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC13) against former NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley. This is going to be a very, very close race as they are virtually tied.

For those who value the Second Amendment this is a critical race that we must win. On one side you have Ted Budd who not only supports gun rights but owns a gun store and range. He isn’t afraid to be seen shooting in his campaign photos and ads. You may remember I mentioned running into him at Montgomery Community College while he was touring the gunsmithing department.


On the other side, Beasley is an Everytown Gunsense endorsed candidate. She also put this on her campaign website. Need I say more?

Cheri also believes that we must keep our children and communities safe by also implementing common sense gun safety measures like universal background checks, encouraging safe storage and closing loopholes to prevent domestic abusers and those with mental health issues from being able to obtain a gun. We must also do more to stop the plague of mass shootings across our communities by keeping combat-style weapons and high-capacity magazines off our streets and away from our schools. 

I have highlighted all the buzz words used by gun prohibitionists.

There are many other races as well that are just as critical ranging from Congress to the appellate judicial races to the state house and senate.

In my own Congressional district, you have self-made businessman St. Sen. Chuck Edwards who just happens to hold a FFL against Buncombe County Comm. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara. While neither has made gun rights a part of their campaign, you have to know that Edwards will support gun owners and Beach-Ferrara will not. Her main campaign focus seems to be abortion where she portrays herself as a caring, pro-abortion minister. Edwards’ focus is on the economy and inflation.

Two NC Supreme Court seats are up for grabs. If the Republicans take both of them, they will then be in the majority on the court and we probably won’t get rulings overturning the vote on constitutional amendments dealing with tax reform and voter ID. While both Republican candidates are good, Judge Richard Dietz who is now on the NC Court of Appeals really stands out. He has argued the Abramski case before the US Supreme Court. While he unfortunately lost, we know he is pro-Second Amendment and pro-self defense.

The other seat has Justice Sam J. Ervin IV (D) versus Trey Allen (R) who serves as the General Counsel for the Administrative Office of the Courts. I met Jimmy Ervin (who now goes by Sam) years ago when in college. He and I were both heads of our respective chapters of College Democrats. (Yes, I was young, stupid, and a Democrat at one time.) Despite his Harvard Law degree, he never has been seen as one of those brilliant lawyers who must be on the bench. What he does have is a famous last name. Grandpa (Sam Jr) served like Jimmy on the NC Supreme Court and as a US Senator while Daddy (Sam III) served as a NC Superior Court judge and on the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. We don’t have hereditary rights to office in this country though it seems that the sons and grandsons of politicians often “inherit” a seat. He is running an “aw, shucks” kind of ad saying he works to balance the law and the facts. If that was really the case, then he would have broken with the Democrat majority on the NC Supreme Court in voting down voter ID.

In the State House and Senate, if the Republicans can flip just a handful of seats, they will regain their super-majority. In terms of gun rights, this would mean the end of the Jim Crow era pistol purchase permit who Gov. Roy Cooper (D) vetoed.

To see where the legislative candidates – state and Federal – stand on gun rights, Grass Roots North Carolina has their candidate evaluations posted. You can search by name or by district. The GRNC-Political Victory Fund recommendations have been released and have gone out by email. As soon as I get a link to it, I will post it. One thing I should note, if a candidate didn’t have a voting record and didn’t return the GRNC survey they are rated zero stars. For the life of me, I cannot understand Republican candidates who just ignore the survey. You don’t have to be great; you only have to better than the Democrat.

The Judicial Fairness Project has their recommendations posted for NC appellate level judges. These are candidates who have pledged to uphold originalist interpretations of the Constitution.

One thing I heard at the recent Gun Rights Policy Conference was that over 30% of gun owners don’t bother voting. Just imagine if the majority of them did vote and voted for gun rights.

UPDATE: I now have an updated link to the Grass Roots North Carolina – Political Victory Fund candidate recommendations for the General Election.

GRNC-PVF Releases NC Primary Recommendations

The Grass Roots North Carolina – Political Victory Fund has released their recommendations for the May primary. As a reminder, GRNC-PVF makes recommendations – not endorsements – after reviewing each candidate’s response to their questionnaire as well as their past voting record (if any). Unlike some organizations like the NRA-PVF, it does not automatically give a preference to incumbents.

They only make recommendations when there is a contested primary. Moreover, if a candidate blows off the questionnaire, they get a 0* rating.

From the GRNC-PVF release that came out last night:

2022 GRNC-PVF Candidate Recommendations(Listings include only districts with primary races)

Candidate recommendations versus evaluations: Below are recommendations for effective voting strategies by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund. Candidate recommendations, which are more limited than blanket “endorsements,” are not made in all races, only in races where a clear pro-gun candidate stands out or where strategic voting is necessary to keep anti-gun candidates out of office. Note that in most cases, even pro-gun candidates are not included unless they have a primary election challenger.Recommendations differ from GRNC candidate evaluations. While the evaluations are intended to provide an objective measure of where candidates stand on Second Amendment issues, GRNC–PVF recommendations are analytical and therefore subject to interpretation. For a full explanation of GRNC’s objective star evaluations, go to: 2022 Candidate EvaluationsImportant notes:

1.       Candidates who lack voting records or other history on Second Amendment issues and who fail to return GRNC’s candidate survey automatically receive a 0-star evaluation on the assumption that they are hiding their position from gun voters. Every election year, we receive complaints about ostensibly pro-gun candidates who receive zero star evaluations due to failure to return the survey. Each candidate is mailed a survey to the address he or she registered with the State Board of Elections. If they fail to return the survey, we cannot help candidates who will not help themselves.

2.       GRNC-PVF candidate recommendations generally are NOT blanket endorsements. We have analyzed nearly 200 races across the state. Unless otherwise stipulated, GRNC does not evaluate candidates on issues other than support for the Second Amendment. A GRNC-PVF recommendation does NOT reflect the candidate’s stance on other issues, and it does not reflect likelihood of winning a given race. The recommendation is merely our estimate of which candidate in a given race is most pro-gun.

3.       GRNC-PVF candidate recommendations are not given in all races. They are given only for races in which there are clear differences between the Second Amendment stances of candidates and are generally not provided for races in which a candidate is unopposed.

4.       Candidate evaluation listings: After each candidate’s name, his or her voting record (if applicable) or survey score is placed in parentheses along with their GRNC star evaluation (e.g. ****). “NR” indicates the candidate refused to return GRNC’s survey. If the candidate lacks a voting record, he or she gets a 0-star evaluation on the presumption that they are hiding their position.

5.       Recommended candidates: Recommended candidates’ names are printed in bold, upper case font (e.g. JOE SMITH).

Voter deadlines and instructions:
►        April 22: Deadline for voter registration or to update registration (e.g. for an address change). Click here for details. To check your voter registration, click here. Note: If you are registered as “unaffiliated,” you may vote in either the Democrat or Republican primary election.
►        April 28: Primary election One Stop Early Voting begins. Click here for details. Click here to find your One Stop Early Voting place.
►        May 10 at 5:00 PM: Last day to submit an absentee ballot request form. Click here for information on voting by mail.
►        May 14 at 3:00 PM: One Stop Early Voting ends.
►        May 17, 2022, 6:30 AM – 7:30 PM: Primary Election DayClick here to find your polling place on Election Day.



US SENATE (R)To replace retiring Sen. Richard Burr, the clear standout for gun voters in the race is Rep. TED BUDD (GRNC ****). Not only was Budd a Life member of GRNC long before running for Congress, he is also a gun shop owner. More importantly, he has compiled the best record on Second Amendment issues of any legislator in the NC delegation to Congress, including a 100% pro-gun voting record and co-sponsorship of several pro-gun bills. Budd and Rep. Dan Bishop have the distinction of being the only members of the NC delegation to vote against the National Defense Authorization Act because it contained “red flag” gun confiscation for military members.  By contrast, opponent Pat McCrory (GRNC ***) is a RINO (“Republican in Name Only”) of the first order who has used a variety of false accusations to attack Budd. Worse, North Carolinians are still saddled with our Jim Crow era pistol purchase permit law – which urban sheriffs are using to obstruct handgun purchases – thanks to McCrory. In 2013, as governor, he threatened to veto omnibus pro-gun House Bill 937 unless the purchase permit repeal was removed from the bill.

Although some gun voters have supported Mark Walker in the race, he has no chance of winning the Republican nomination and acts principally as a spoiler by siphoning off votes needed by Budd to defeat McCrory. In this race, GRNC-PVF strongly recommends you vote for TED BUDD.


Unfortunately, we are dealing with congressional districts imposed on us by the “special masters” which the Democrat-controlled NC Supreme Court selected to redraw districts after rejecting those drawn by the Republican-controlled legislature. Despite our Republican-leaning state, the “special masters” drew districts which, in normal election years, would yield 7 Democrats and 7 Republicans, effectively costing Republicans two seats. Given that NC picked up a congressional seat and that districts are new, the following analysis will also contain the partisan leaning of each district.

District 1 (R): In this Democrat-leaning (D+5) district, the Republican primary features 8 candidates, only three of which returned GRNC’s candidate survey: SANDY ROBERSON (100%, ****), SANDY SMITH (100%, ****), and BILLY STRICKLAND (100%, ****). Given identical survey scores and GRNC evaluations, GRNC-PVF can only recommend that you pick one of the three.

District 2: In this solidly Democrat (D+13) district, no Republican returned the GRNC survey. The seat is currently held by anti-gun Democrat Deborah Ross (0-star). GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in this district.

District 3 (R): In this solidly Republican (R+12) district, incumbent Greg Murphy (****) faces a field of four Republican challengers in which Brian Michael Friend and George J. Papastrat, returned the GRNC survey with scores of 93 and 91, respectively, giving both 4-star (****) evaluations. Because Murphy has dropped two gun votes in recent sessions of Congress, GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in the district.

District 4 (R): In what is the most Democrat district in NC (D+16), perennial anti-gun Democrat David Price retired, but with no less than 8 0-star Democrats vying to replace him, things in the district are not likely to improve. That said, in the race for the Republican nomination, GRNC-PVF recommends ROBERT THOMAS (GRNC survey: 98%, ****) over Courtney Geels (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star). 

District 5 (R): In this solidly Republican (R+10) district, GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent VIRGINIA FOXX (****) over challenger Michael Ackerman (survey: NR, 0-star), but notes that Foxx has dropped gun votes in recent sessions of Congress and should be watched carefully.

District 6 (R): In this Democrat-leaning (D+6) district, 7 Republicans are vying for the nomination to face anti-gun incumbent Kathy Manning (0-star). Mary Ann Contogiannis, Lee Haywood, William (Bill) Schuch, and Laura Pichardo returned GRNC’s survey, scoring 100, 98, 91 and 73, respectively. On the basis of Haywood’s history of conservative political activism, GRNC-PVF recommends LEE HAYWOOD. 

District 7 (R): In this Republican-leaning (R+5) district, incumbent David Rouzer (pro-gun votes: 93%, ****) faces Max Southworth-Beckwith (GRNC survey: 98%, ****). Based on Rouzer’s long history of pro-gun votes, GRNC-PVF recommends DAVID ROUZER, but cautions that Rouzer did drop one vote in the current session of Congress.

District 8 (R): In this solidly Republican (R+17) district, incumbent Dan Bishop (pro-gun votes: 96%, ****) does not face a primary challenger, but deserves kudos for voting against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) because it contained “red flag” gun confiscation measures for military personnel. Among the NC delegation, only Bishop and Rep. Ted Budd had the guts to vote against the NDAA.

District 9 (R): In the most neutral of Republican-leaning (R+3) districts drawn, incumbent Richard Hudson (pro-gun votes: 82%, ****) faces 3 challengers, including Mike Andriani (GRNC survey 100%, ****) and Francisco Rios (GRNC survey: 100%, ****). Given two 4-star challengers and the fact that Hudson has dropped two gun votes in recent sessions of Congress, GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in this primary.

District 10 (R): In NC’s most Republican congressional district (R+19) Congressman Patrick McHenry (pro-gun votes: 92%, ****) faces four primary challengers. McHenry has been a friend of gun owners ever since his service in the NC House, including his effort to ensure passage of a clean concealed handgun reciprocity bill. Therefore, we are deeply concerned that Rep. McHenry recently dropped the NDAA vote described above. Owing to his long history of service to gun owners, GRNC-PVF continues to recommend PATRICK MCHENRY, but notes that with a primary featuring pro-gun Jeff Gregory (GRNC survey: 98%, GRNC ****), Congressman McHenry needs to focus on avoiding the inherently corrupting influences of incumbency.

District 11 (R): The Republican primary for this Republican-leaning (R+5) district is a slugfest featuring 7 Republican challengers to incumbent Republican Madison Cawthorn (pro-gun votes: 89%, ****). Cawthorn has made a series of gaffs, including being reprimanded by Republican leadership, which damage his legislative effectiveness. Combined with dropping the NDAA vote in his first term in office (he says he voted for it knowing the red flag language would be stripped in the Senate), gun voters in the district should consider replacing him. That replacement should NOT, however, be Wendy Marie-Limbaugh Nevarez, whom leftist Democrat Moe Davis (defeated by Cawthorn in 2020) recruited and for whom he is recruiting Democrats to change registration to vote for her. Challengers Rod Honeycutt and Michele V. Woodhouse both scored 100 on GRNC’s survey, earning 4-star evaluations, but the standout is Rep. CHUCK EDWARDS (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****), who is not only a federally licensed gun dealer, but has a 100% voting record in the NC House Senate and has helped GRNC pass pro-gun legislation through the legislature. GRNC-PVF recommends CHUCK EDWARDS

District 12: In this D+14 Democrat district, none of the 3 Republican challengers completed GRNC’s survey, giving all of them 0-star evaluations. But it doesn’t really matter because none of them can defeat ensconced leftist Democrat Alma Adams (0-star). 

District 13 (R): The race for this open seat in the most competitive “swing” (D+1) district in the state features no less than 8 Republicans, 5 of which refused to return GRNC’s survey, earning them the lowest 0-star evaluation. The three 4-star Republicans are Renee Ellmers, DeVan Barbour, and Bo Hines. In previous service in the US House, Ellmers proved to be a disappointment. Trump has endorsed Hines, but some Johnston County Republicans object that he hasn’t lived in the district. GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in this race.

District 14: In this new, Democrat-leaning (D+6) district, the only candidate to return the GRNC survey was Jonathan Simpson, who scored only 79, earning a poor 2-star (**) evaluation. GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in this race.


NC JUDICIAL RACES The redistricting debacle, in which activist Democrats on the NC Supreme Court invented reasons to reduce the number of conservatives NC sends to Washington, emphasizes why Second Amendment voters MUST vote in judicial elections. Two seats on the NC Supreme Court and four on the NC Court of Appeals will be on the ballot in the state’s 2022 elections with majority control up for grabs in on each court. In particular, Republicans stand an excellent chance of reversing the 4-3 majority currently held by Democrats.

NC Supreme Court Seat 3: For this open seat, there are no primaries for either Republican or Democrat nominations. Court of Appeals Judge Richard Dietz will face Court of Appeals Judge Lucy Inman in November. Despite the lack of primaries, however, GRNC-PVF strongly recommends Judge RICHARD DIETZ, who is a strong originalist and constitutionalist who respects the Second Amendment and has argued gun rights before the US Supreme Court.

NC Supreme Court Seat 5: The race for this seat features two Republicans vying for the nomination to challenge incumbent Democrat Justice Same Ervin IV. The Republicans are Trey Allen, who previously clerked for conservative Chief Justice Paul Newby, and Court of Appeals Judge April Wood. Either Allen or Wood would likely be good on the court. However, if Wood won the race for NC Supreme Court, leftist Democrat Governor Roy Cooper would appoint a Democrat to replace her on the Court of Appeals, potentially shifting control of the Appeals Court to Democrats. For this reason, GRNC-PVF recommends TREY ALLEN for the Republican nomination. 

NC Court of Appeals Seat 9 (Stroud seat): Although GRNC-PVF has supported incumbent Republican Donna Stroud in past elections, she faces District Court Judge Beth Freshwater-Smith, who is a stronger constitutionalist and Second Amendment supporter, in the Republican primary. GRNC-PVF recommends Judge BETH FRESHWATER-SMITH

NC Court of Appeals Seat 11 (Jackson seat): In 2020, Gov. Cooper appointed former NC House Rep. Darren Jackson (GRNC 0-star) to a vacant seat which is now up for re-election. Jackson is an anti-gun leftist with only a 7% pro-gun voting record in the House. Republicans Charlton Allen and District Court Judge Michael Stading are vying for the Republican nomination to challenge Jackson. Because Stading is a strong constitutionalist who respects the Second Amendment, GRNC-PVF recommends Judge MICHAEL STADING.

District 01 (R): In a district which found two Republicans “double bunked,” GRNC-PVF recommends NORMAN SANDERSON (pro-gun voting record: 100%, ****) over Bob Steinburg (pro-gun voting record: 84%, ***).  
District 04 (R): This race represents a rare opportunity for gun voters. In the Republican primary for NC Senate District 4, the GRNC-PVF strongly recommends BUCK NEWTON (pro-gun voting record: 100%, GRNC ****). In previous NC Senate service, Newton was a gun rights leader who wrote and sponsored numerous pro-gun bills. Meanwhile, opponent Joe DeMocko (GRNC survey: NR, GRNC 0-star) refused to return GRNC’s candidate survey, suggesting that he doesn’t want you to know where he stands on the Second Amendment. In this race, Newton is the clear choice.
District 05 (D): In this D+8 district, GRNC-PVF recommends LENTON CREDELLE BROWN (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) over Kandie D. Smith (NC House pro-gun voting record: 25%, 0-star).
District 10 (R): In this R+11 district, GRNC-PVF recommends BENTON SAWREY (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) over Matt Ansley and Jill Homan (both GRNC surveys: NR, 0-star).
District 12 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JIM BURGIN (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) over challengers David Buboltz and Ernie Watson (both GRNC surveys: NR, 0-star).
District 13 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends DAVID BANKERT (GRNC survey: 96%, ****) over Jeff Werner (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 18 (R): In this race, E.C. Sykes (GRNC survey: 95%, ****) and Dimitry Slabyak (GRNC survey: 93%, ****) both earned 4-star evaluations. Consequently, GRNC-PVF makes no recommendation in this race.
District 19 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends WESLEY MEREDITH (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) over Dennis Britt (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) due to Meredith’s voting record and history of bill sponsorship in previous NC Senate service.
District 30 (R): In this rematch, Steve Jarvis (****) and incumbent Eddie Gallimore (****) have both returned GRNC surveys (with 98% and 97%, respectively), both have 100% pro-gun voting records, and sponsored pro-gun legislation in the past (Gallimore in the NC Senate, Jarvis in the NC House). However, Gallimore is the more devoted Second Amendment supporter. GRNC-PVF recommends EDDIE GALLIMORE.
District 36 (R): Shirley Blackburn Randleman (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****), Lee Zachary (pro-gun votes: 87%, ****) and Eddie Settle (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) have all earned 4-star evaluations. However, GRNC-PVF recommends SHIRLEY BLACKBURN RANDLEMAN due to her 100% voting record in previous senate service.
District 37 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends VICKIE SAWYER (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) over Tom Fyler (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 42 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends SCOTT STONE (pro-gun votes in previous service: 100%, ****) over Cheryl Russo (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 46 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends WARREN DANIEL (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) over Mark Crawford (GRNC survey: 98%, ****).
District 47(R): An unfortunate race in which two pro-gun Republicans have been “double bunked.” Both Deanna Ballard (****) and Ralph Hise (****) have 100% pro-gun voting records. GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in this race.

District 5 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends DONALD KIRKLAND (GRNC survey: 92%, ****) over Bill Ward (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 6 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends MURRAY SIMPKINS (GRNC survey: 99%, ****) over Joe Pike (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 9 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends TONY MOORE (GRNC survey: 94%, ****) over Timothy Reeder(GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 13 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends either PETE BENTON (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) or CELESTE CAIRNS (GRNC survey: 100%, ****), but not Eden Gordon Hill (survey: NR, 0-star). 
District 14 (R): Incumbent George Cleveland is one of the few long-term stalwart Second Amendment defenders of the NC House, with a 100% voting record and repeated 100% survey score, more than earning a GRNC 4-star evaluation (****). GRNC-PVF strongly recommends GEORGE CLEVELAND over challenger Debbie Burke (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 25 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends ALLEN CHESSER (survey: 99%, ****) over Yvonne McLeod (survey: 87%, ***) or Alsey Heth Hopkins (survey: NR, 0-star).
District 26 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent DONNA MCDOWELL WHITE (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) over challenger Rick Walker (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 28 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends LARRY STRICKLAND (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) over James Davenport (GRNC survey: 79%, **). 
District 35 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends FRED VON CANON (GRNC survey 92%, ****) over Brandon Panameno (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 43 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends DIANE WHEATLEY (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) over Clarence W. Goins, Jr. (GRNC survey: 94%, ****) due to Wheatley’s demonstrated voting record.
District 47 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends JARROD LOWERY (GRNC survey: 96%, ****) over Mickey Biggs (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 52 (R): In another unfortunate double-bunking of Republicans with good voting records, GRNC-PVF recommends BEN MOSS (pro-gun votes: 100%, GRNC ****) over Jamie Boles (pro-gun votes: 95%, ****). 
District 53 (R): Because voting record is a better measure of candidates than survey scores, GRNC-PVF recommends HOWARD PENNY, JR. (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) over Brian Hawley (GRNC survey: 100%, ****).
District 54 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends CRAIG KINSEY (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) over Walter Petty (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star). 
District 55 (R): Because voting record is a better measure of candidates than survey scores, GRNC-PVF recommends MARK BRODY (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) over Brandon Smith (GRNC survey: 96%, ****). 
District 63 (R): Because voting record is a better measure of candidates than survey scores, GRNC-PVF recommends STEPHEN ROSS (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) over Ed Priola (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) or Peter Boykin (GRNC survey: 95%, ****).
District 65 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends A. REECE PYRTLE, JR. (GRNC survey: 94%, ****) over Joseph A. Gibson III (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star). 
District 70 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent PAT B. HURLEY (pro-gun votes: 94%, ****) over challenger Brian Biggs (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 73 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends PARISH MOFFITT (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) over Catherine Whiteford (GRNC survey: 88%, ***) and Brian Echevarria (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star). 
District 78 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends CORY BORTREE (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) over David Ashley (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star) and Neal Jackson (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 79 (R): GRNC-PVF strongly recommends incumbent KEITH KIDWELL (pro-gun votes: 100%) over challenger Ed Hege (GRNC survey: 100%, ****). Kidwell has been a leader for gun rights, sponsoring numerous pro-gun bills.
District 83 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends BRAD JENKINS (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) over Kevin Crutchfield (GRNC survey: 88%, ***) and Grayson Haff (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star). 
District 89 (R): Because voting record is a better measure of candidates than survey scores, GRNC-PVF recommends MITCH SETZER (pro-gun votes: 98%, ****) over Benjamin Devine (GRNC survey: 100%, ****). Kelli Weaver Moore (GRNC survey: 84%, ***).
District 90 (R): Incumbent Sarah Stevens (pro gun votes: 93%, ***) dropped votes in years past but has voted with gun owners in recent years. Challenger Benjamin Romans returned a 100% survey, earning four stars (****). GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in this race. 
District 91 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent KYLE HALL (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) over James Douglas (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star) and Stephen L. James (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).
District 109 (R): In this four-way Republican primary, Donnie Loftis is the incumbent but has no voting record because he was recently appointed to fill a vacant seat. GRNC-PVF recommends DONNIE LOFTIS (GRNC survey: 95%, ****) over Lauren Bumgardner Current (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star), John Gouch (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star) and Ronnie Worley (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star). 
District 113 (R): Another unfortunate district in which redistricting double-bunked two pro-gun Republicans, Jake Johnson (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) and David Rogers (pro-gun votes: 100%, ****) have identical voting and survey scores. GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in this race.
District 117 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends DENNIS JUSTICE (GRNC survey: 96%, ****) over Jennifer Capps Balkcom (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star) and Chelsea Walsh (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star). 

This message supporting the above-named candidates was authorized and paid for solely by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Note – GRNC-PVF did not pay me to report their recommendations. I have reposted them as a news item.

GRNC-PVF Steel Match And BBQ

The Grass Roots North Carolina – Political Victory Fund will be holding a steel match and a BBQ to raise funds to support pro-2A candidates. The event will be held on Saturday, April 9th, at the Hyatt Farms Shooting Complex in Polkton, NC. A number of pro-gun VIPs will be attending including Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R-NC), Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC), Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC), and NC Ct of Appeals Judge Richard Deitz (R-NC). Note that some changes in timing were made due to a North Carolina rally by former President Donald Trump later in the day.

More details are in the release from GRNC-PVF below:

Because Donald Trump recently scheduled a rally to endorse Ted Budd for U.S. Senate, we have been forced to make schedule changes to the event. ALL VIPS ARE STILL ATTENDING, but to allow them to make both Ring Steel for Freedom and the Trump rally, the BBQ has been moved to 11:30 AM, ending at 1:00 PM, with speakers from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. We will continue steel plate match after the BBQ. Please note that match sign-in still begins at 10:30 AM. If you have questions, please email

REVISED EVENT SCHEDULE:  Date/time:    April 9, 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM 10:30 AM: Match sign-in begins 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM BBQ lunch 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM: Awards/meet & greet w/ VIPs 1:00 – 4:30 Steel plate match Location: Hyatt Farms Shooting Complex, 990 Burnsville Church Rd, Polkton, NC 28135 Cost:  $95 for 1st person, $75 for 2nd

In addition to the major figures below, GRNC’s “Ring Steel for Freedom” event has now landed CONGRESSMAN DAN BISHOP, a gun rights stalwart who has been voting for gun rights even when some other Republicans haven’t.

Your support is vital to helping our political action committee, the GRNC Political Victory Fund,
ELECT PRO-GUN CANDIDATES in the 2022 elections. Get your ticket now by going to: 

LT GOV MARK ROBINSON Exciting announcement: As GRNC’s April 9 “Ring Steel for Freedom” continues to grow, we now have the honor of featuring Lt. Governor MARK ROBINSON, who initially became famous after his impassioned defense of gun rights to the Greensboro City Council went viral. Since then, Robinson has driven the left nuts as he spoke truth about not only gun control, but also family, the LGBTQ agenda, and how leftists are indoctrinating your children in schools.

CONGRESSMAN TED BUDD As the most pro-Second Amendment candidate in the race for retiring U.S. Senator Richard Burr’s seat, CONGRESSMAN TED BUDD is a gun shop owner who, while serving in the U.S. House, has stood tall for gun rights, often voting against anti-gun legislation that even other (less resolute) Republicans support. 

GOA EXEC DIR EMERITUS LARRY PRATT We are also happy to announce that Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America’s Executive Director Emeritus, will join us on April 9. 

GOA SENIOR VP ERICH PRATT Also addressing the crowd on April 9 will be Erich Pratt, who is currently directing Gun Owners of America. Pratt will educate attendees on current threats to gun rights and what we can do about them! 

JUDICIAL CANDIDATES Judge Richard Dietz, strong constitutionalist for the NC Supreme Court, Judge Michael Stading for NC Court of Appeals, and other pro-Second Amendment candidates!

SPACE IS LIMITED! RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW BY GOING TO:   YOU DON’T WANT TO SHOOT? NO PROBLEM:  Attendees not interested in shooting the steel plate match can attend the BBQ for the reduced rate of $55 by selecting the “Under 18 or not shooting”. If you prefer this option, please check in at 2:00 PM.


RING STEEL FOR FREEDOM EVENT DETAILS:  Date/time:    April 9, 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM  Location: Hyatt Farms Shooting Complex, 990 Burnsville Church Rd, Polkton, NC 28135
Steel plate match: 1:00  — 4:30 PM
Match Sign-in: Begins 10:30 AM 
Awards/meet-and-greet: BBQ lunch/meet-and-greet: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM PMCost: $95 for 1st person$75 for 2nd & subsequent$55 for under age 18, incl. match fee & BBQ$55 for BBQ only
Additional prizes if you can beat GRNC President Paul Valone! First, anybody who beats his cumulative time to clear all the plates gets a GRNC challenge coin.
But it gets better…. Anybody who beats GRNC President Paul Valone also gets entered into a drawing, with the winner getting his or her choice of 1,000 rounds of 9mm ammunition or 500 rounds of .223/5.56mm ammunition – and not steel case. Reloadable brass FMJ ammunition worth nearly $400.
Remember:  With ‘Brandon’ ruining the country, ammunition prices are expected to skyrocket once again! 


Paid for by Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee

A Guide To Candidates NOT To Vote For

There are a lot of voter guides out there. I’ve posted the one from Grass Roots North Carolina-Political Victory Fund earlier. If you are a NRA member you have gotten their voter guide in your last magazine. GOA has one out there as well rating candidates.

However, if you ever needed a guide to candidates that never, ever should get your vote, Michael Bloomberg’s billions have come through!

The Gun Sense Voter site lists 4,475 candidates that would work to abridge your civil rights.

That’s right – four thousand four hundred seventy-five candidates who believe sucking up to Michael Bloomberg is more important than defending your Constitutional rights. This year in 2020, we have seen that they are not only satisfied with curtailing your Second Amendment rights but your First Amendment rights as well.

Here is a screen shot from my district in North Carolina. They want you, of course, to vote for Biden and Harris, Cal “Jody” Cunningham, and the incredibly angry Moe Davis who wants to stomp on your neck.

So, if you haven’t already voted, get out there, stand in line as long as you must, and vote to preserve all your rights.

An Attack On The Freedom Caucus?

Thanks to court-ordered redistricting, I will now be back in the 11th Congressional District of North Carolina starting with this election. I was looking forward to having Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC-11) as my congressman again. Unfortunately, he decided to retire and that set off a free-for-all, both Republican and Democrat, to succeed him.

We have been inundated with mailers, TV ads, and robocalls. You can’t drive past any corner without seeing a number of yard signs. The common theme in all the ads for the Republicans is that they are rock ribbed conservatives who are pro-gun and need to be sent to DC to fight for President Trump and his agenda.

The majority of the TV ads are for Republicans Chuck Archerd, Jim Davis, Dan Driscoll, and Lynda Bennett. It seems negative ads and mailers have been aimed specifically at Lynda Bennett accusing her of being a “never Trumper”.

I should note at this time that Bennett was endorsed by both Rep. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan of the Freedom Caucus. Meadows has been doing TV ads for Bennett as well. She was also recommended by Grass Roots North Carolina thanks to her perfect 100 on the GRNC survey, endorsement by Meadows, and connections to other pro-gun conservatives in the district.

When I started hearing some of the anti-Bennett ads, I started to pay attention to who sponsored them. They were coming from a super-PAC called Fix Congress Now. They accused her of being “a Never Trumper” which I found odd given her endorsement by Meadows. At the same time, this same group has been funding pro-Dan Driscoll ads.

The GRNC-PVF alert below lays out this in more detail. In full disclosure, I helped do much of the research for that alert.

First off, we have a group that claims to be ‘non partisan’ but is pushing more leftist pablum than Bernie Sanders ordering a nonfat latte. Stuff like open primaries, vote by mail, and “unity” candidates. You know those candidates who would sell out your Second Amendment rights in a heartbeat.

Seems like they wanted to besmirch liberty advocate Lynda Bennett in the primary for the 11th District with the proven false ‘NeverTrumper’ smear. The mailing against Bennett was from ‘Fix Congress Now’ connected to Jeffrey Carson of ‘Unite America’ from Colorado, of all places, so much for the hometown touch. They even share the same suite of offices in Denver.

Federal Election Commission records show that Fix Congress Now has gotten 100% of their funding from Colorado-based Unite America. Moreover, Fix Congress Now has spent a combined $424,000 as of this week to either oppose Lynda Bennett or to support Dan Driscoll.

Unite America has Everytown-endorsed former Congressman Carlos Curbelo of Florida and “independent” Greg Orman of Kansas as advisors. Orman, running on an anti-constitutional carry platform, sabotaged pro-gun Kris Kobach in the race for governor of Kansas allowing an anti-gun Democrat to win that red state.

Just Wednesday, Dan Driscoll even received a $5,600 maximum contribution directly from Unite America.

You have to ask yourself why would, Fix Congress Now and Unite America spend so much money to defeat a candidate endorsed by Congressman Mark Meadows. And why would they support a guy who only moved to the 11th District in the last month or so? Did they see in Driscoll a RINO who would say anything to get elected and who would support their leftist agenda?

Lynda Bennett has promised to replace Mark Meadows in the Freedom Caucus.

We should note that the only reason centrist Republicans in Colorado would spend $277,000 against a member of their own party would be to break up the Freedom Caucus by electing a more controllable Moderate, specifically Dan Driscoll.  

A quick search of the Federal Election Commission’s website shows that the only other candidate being opposed by Fix Congress Now is former California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly who is running for Congress in the 8th Congressional District of California. Donnelly, like Bennett, has been endorsed by the House Freedom Fund as well as Sen. Rand Paul.

Given super PAC Fix Congress Now has received 100% of their funding from Unite America, it is interesting to see what is their agenda. They list their goals as:

  • Independent Redistricting
  • Open Primaries
  • Ranked Choice Voting
  • Vote By Mail
  • “Unity” Candidates

This list of goals is not something any conservative candidate would support. Independent redistricting has been shown to favor Democrats as been shown by the California experience. Open primaries allow one side or the other to nominate the weakest candidate for the preferred candidate to face. Ranked choice voting is why Maine has two Democrats in Congress instead of a Democrat and a Republican. Vote by mail is just asking for fraud. Finally, unity candidates are rarely, if ever, pro-2A when push comes to shove.

Coming back to the race in the 11th District, I find it the height of hypocrisy for Fix Congress Now/Unite America to castigate Bennett as anti-Trump and then push their preferred candidate Dan Driscoll as being pro-Trump. While Driscoll might actually be pro-Trump, that would tend to go against everything Fix Congress Now/Unite America has stood for since their founding.

Tuesday we will find out if people in North Carolina and California were swayed by their fallacious advertising. I hope now. I wasn’t.

Early Voting Has Started In North Carolina

Early voting started last Thursday in North Carolina and will continue through Saturday, February 29th. This is for the March primary for both Democrats and Republicans.

The State Board of Elections has published a county-by-county list of the times and locations where you may do one-stop voting. It is found here. The smallest counties have at least one location and the larger counties have usually 10-20 locations.

The Complementary Spouse and I went today.

Grass Roots North Carolina has compiled their evaluations of all Federal level and state legislative candidates. It is on a zero to four star rating. The evaluations are based both upon voting records (if any) and responses to a survey sent to each and every candidate other than those running for President. If a candidate blows off or ignores the survey, they receive a zero if they have no other record. I’m always amazed at the number of Republicans who profess to be “pro-gun” who stupidly blow off this survey.

Here are their evaluations:

Republican Candidates By Office Sought

Democrat Candidates By Office Sought

All Candidates By Office Sought

All Candidates By Name

GRNC-Political Victory Fund is separate from GRNC. It does make recommendations on candidates over and above the evaluations.

These recommendations are not made for every race. They are only made when a clearly pro-gun candidate stands out or when it is strategic to prevent an anti-gun candidate from winning.


Realizing that no candidate who reaches the level of POTUS will be perfect Donald Trump has refused to allow Republicans to consider the two gun control bills passed by the Democrat-controlled US House. Although the BATFE during the Trump administration did enact the bump stock ban, it also reversed the Obama-era directive to report Social Security recipients with designated benefit payees as prohibited persons under NICS as well as restrictive interpretations the BATFE rendered on AR-type pistols. In the 2020 primary elections, GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent President DONALD TRUMP (GRNC ***).


This race is disappointing. Incumbent Sen. Thom Tillis has been marginal since serving as Speaker of the NC House and currently holds a GRNC 2-star (**) evaluation. A potentially viable contender resigned from the race. The two remaining challengers. Larry Holmquist and Sharon Hudson, each returned GRNC’s candidate survey with scores of 100 and 97, respectively. However, each has a history of running losing primary challenges, suggesting they are not serious contenders. Bearing mind that Tillis has the best chance of beating likely Democrat challenger Cal Cunningham in the November General Election, and that GRNC-PVF will likely be forced to recommend Tillis in the General, in this primary, GRNC-PVF has no recommendation.


District 1 (R): Michele Nix and Sandy Smith both returned perfect 100 surveys, earning GRNC 4-star (****) evaluations. GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in this race.

District 2 (D): In contrast to our usual practice, in this race GRNC-PVF recommends OLLIE ONEAL NELSON (GRNC survey: 55%, 0-star) not because he is particularly pro-gun, but because opponent Deborah K. Ross (voting record: 21%, GRNC 0-star), the likely winner in this district, has a long history of opposing gun rights while in the NC House. Gun owners who are registered Democrats should be working to keep Ross out of Congress.

District 4 (D): Here too Democrat-registered gun voters should work to unseat incumbent David Price (voting record: 0%, GRNC 0-star), who is arguably one of the most anti-gun members of the US House, by voting for challenger DANIEL ULYSSES LOCKWOOD (survey: 60%, GRNC *).

District 4 (R): Nasir A. Shaikh returned a perfect 100% survey, earning a GRNC 4-star (****) evaluation. Challengers Steve A. (Von) Loor, Debesh Sarkar, and Robert Thomas refused to return GRNC’s survey, earning GRNC’s lowest 0-star (0) evaluation. GRNC-PVF recommends NASIR SHAIKH.

District 6 (R): Conservative activist Lee Haywood answered GRNC’s survey with a 95%, earning a GRNC 4-star (****) evaluation, while opponent Laura Pichardo scored only 73% earning a 2-star (**) evaluation. GRNC-PVF recommends LEE HAYWOOD.

District 10 (R): Congressman Patrick McHenry has been a friend of gun owners ever since his service in the NC House, including his effort to ensure passage of a clean concealed handgun reciprocity bill. Therefore, we are deeply concerned that Rep. McHenry recently dropped a vote, reducing his GRNC evaluation to 3 stars (***). Owing to his long history of service to gun owners, GRNC-PVF continues to recommend PATRICK MCHENRY, but notes that with a primary featuring pro-gun Ralf Waters (survey: 90%, GRNC ****), Congressman McHenry needs to focus on avoiding the inherently corrupting influences of incumbency.

District 11 (R): Sadly, pro-gun incumbent Mark Meadows chose not to run again, leaving open this Republican-leaning seat. Fully 12 Republicans are seating the seat, the race for which will likely end with a runoff. Although several candidates returned GRNC surveys and earned 4-star (****) evaluations, including Steven Fekete, Jr., Wayne King, Vance Patterson, Jim Davis, and Dillon Gentry, the standout Second Amendment supporter seems to be Lynda Bennett (100% survey, GRNC ****), a Meadows staffer who has been endorsed by Meadows himself as well as other conservative activists in the district. Malicious rumors spread about Bennett that she was a “never Trumper” have been proven false. GRNC-PVF recommends LYNDA BENNETT.



Two questions stand out in this race: Which candidate is the strongest proponent of the Second Amendment, and which is most likely to unseat anti-gun incumbent Democrat Governor Roy Cooper. In both cases, the answer is Dan Forest. To be fair, opponent Holly Grange earned a GRNC 4-star (****) evaluation by a 100% pro-gun voting record. But Forest has demonstrated that he will go above and beyond for gun voters, including his unbidden attendance of a GRNC rally while he was Lt. Governor. With a 100% survey submitted each election year, Dan Forest has earned GRNC’s highest 4-star evaluation (****). GRNC-PVF recommends DAN FOREST for Governor.


Another race with a plethora of candidates, including no fewer than six who, by virtue of surveys and/or voting records, earned GRNC 4-star (****) evaluations. Four star contenders include: Greg Gebhardt, Mark Robinson, Andy Wells, Deborah Cochran, Scott Stone, and Renee Ellmers. However, only one candidate stands out in supporting the Second Amendment: Mark Robinson went viral with the video of his articulate, impassioned plea to Greensboro City Council members not to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. He has continued to be a vocal advocate for gun rights, including running for a NRA board of directors seat. With a perfect 100% GRNC survey, earning GRNC’s highest 4-star evaluation (****), GRNC-PVF recommends MARK ROBINSON.


Incumbent anti-gun Democrat Attorney General Josh Stein (GRNC 0-star) needs to be removed. Republican contenders include: Sam Hayes (97% survey, GRNC ****), Jim O’Neill (92% survey, ****), and Christine Mumma (survey: NR, 0-star). We didn’t support O’Neill in 2016, but hoped to after he returned the GRNC survey this year. But that was before O’Neill, as Forsyth County District Attorney, stood at a press conference to support Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough when Kimbrough announced his intention to end Forsyth County’s contract with ICE. Any attorney general candidate who opposes enforcement of immigration laws is unlikely to be sincere in claiming support for gun rights. GRNC-PVF recommends SAM HAYES.


Given that Insurance Commissioner, Treasurer, and similar races bear no direct impact on gun rights, GRNC-PVF elected not to make recommendations in those races. However, we did issue surveys into the races and GRNC evaluations for the candidates can be found at: XXXXX


District 06 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends Bob Williams (GRNC survey 95%, ****) over Michael Lazzara (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).

District 07 (R): Opponents Jim Perry and Billy Strickland both returned GRNC surveys with 100% scores, with both earning four stars (****). GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in this race.

District 11 (R): Patrick Harris and Dennis Nielsen both returned GRNC surveys, scoring 98% and 97% respectively and earning four stars (****). However, Lisa Stone Barnes scored 100% on GRNC’s survey and sponsored pro-gun legislation while serving in the NC House, earning a GRNC 4-star evaluation (****). [Note: An early version of GRNC candidate evaluations erroneously listed Barnes as having three stars.] GRNC-PVF recommends LISA STONE BARNES.

District 18 (R): Scott McKaig and Larry E. Norman both returned surveys with 100% scores, each earning four stars (****). GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in this race.

District 29 (R): Steve Jarvis and incumbent Eddie Gallimore have both returned GRNC surveys (with 98% and 97%, respectively), and both have sponsored pro-gun legislation in the past (Gallimore in the NC Senate, Jarvis in the NC House). However, Gallimore is the more devoted Second Amendment supporter, while Jarvis is being supported by “RINO” elements in the party. GRNC-PVF recommends EDDIE GALLIMORE.

District 42 (R): For this open seat, Mark Hollow (voting record 100%, survey 99%, GRNC ****) is a better choice than Dean Proctor (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star). Proctor not only refused to return GRNC’s survey, but also reportedly donated $1000 to anti-gun Gov. Roy Cooper and other anti-gun Democrats. Although Republican Party “insiders” (read that “swamp dwellers”) are endorsing Proctor, Mark Hollow, with his pro-gun voting record and history of sponsoring pro-gun bills while in the NC House, makes for the better choice. GRNC-PVF recommends MARK HOLLOW.

District 50 (R): With a 100% pro-gun voting record history of sponsoring pro-gun legislation while in the NC House, plus his 95% survey, Kevin Corbin (GRNC ****) is a far better choice than opponent Sarah Conway (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star). GRNC-PVF recommends KEVIN CORBIN.


District 3 (R): For this open seat previously occupied by Michael Speciale, the standout is Jim Kohr. A pastor who reportedly has “concealed carry permitted” signs on his church, Kohr scored 92% on GRNC candidate survey, earning a 4-star evaluation (****). Opponent Eric Queen scored 98% on GRNC’s survey (****), while opponents Guy Smith and Steve Tyson failed to return the survey, earning GRNC’s lowest 0-star evaluation (0). GRNC-PVF recommends JIM KOHR.

District 6 (R): In this race, both candidates scored well on GRNC’s candidate survey, incumbent Bobby Hanig with 99% (GRNC ****) and Rob Rollason with 100% (****). However, as an incumbent, Hanig has sponsored numerous pro-gun bills, clearly demonstrating support for the Second Amendment. GRNC-PVF recommends BOBBY HANIG.

District 12 (D): GRNC-PVF recommends LENTON CREDELLE BROWN (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) over Deonko Brewer (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star) and Virginia Cox-Daugherty (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).

District 14 (R): Incumbent George Cleveland is one of the few long term stalwart Second Amendment defenders of the NC House, with a 100% voting record and repeated 100% survey score, more than earning a GRNC 4-star evaluation (****). GRNC-PVF recommends GEORGE CLEVELAND over challenger Cindy Edwards (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).

District 15 (R): Incumbent Phillip Shepard has a 94% pro-gun voting record, 96% survey and history of sponsoring pro-gun legislation, earning a GRNC 4-star evaluation (****). Challenger Mark Price returned an 81% survey (GRNC ***). GRNC-PVF recommends PHILLIP SHEPARD.

District 19 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends challenger DAVID PERRY (GRNC survey: 99%, GRNC ****) over opponent Charlie Miller (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).

District 20 (R): Incumbent Ted Davis Jr. has been a thorn in the side of gun rights supporters, with a recent gun rights voting record of only 60% and a GRNC evaluation of only 1-star (*). GRNC-PVF recommends JUSTIN LANASA (GRNC survey: 88%, ***).

District 25 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends JOHN CHECK (GRNC survey: 97%, ****) over Steve Matthews (GRNC survey 89%, ***).

District 26 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent DONNA MCDOWELL WHITE (100% pro-gun voting record, 88% survey, history of sponsoring pro-gun legislation) over challenger Justin Tate (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).

District 36 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends GIL PAGAN (GRNC survey 89%, GRNC ***) over Kim Coley (GRNC survey 76%, **)

District 37 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends ERIN PARE (GRNC survey 100%, ****) over Jeff Moore (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) and Anna Powell (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).

District 43 (R): Diane Wheatley scored 100% on GRNC’s survey (GRNC ****) while Clarence W. Goins, Jr. scored 91% on GRNC’s survey (****). With no clear indicators on Second Amendment support, GRNC-PVF has no recommendation in this race.

District 52 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JAMIE BOLES (voting record 94%, survey 95%, GRNC ****) over challenger Bob Temme (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).

District 59 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JON HARDISTER (98% pro-gun voting record, history of sponsoring pro-gun legislation, GRNC ****) over challenger Allen Chappell (GRNC survey: 89%, ***).

District 60 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends RYAN A. BLANKENSHIP (GRNC survey: 96%, ****) over Frank Ragsdale (survey: 84%, ***).

District 66 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends BEN MOSS (GRNC survey: 95%, GRNC ****) over Joey Davis (survey: 88%, ***).

District 80 (R): This is an important race for gun rights supporters. Anti-gun Republican (yes, you read that right) Sam Watford, who GRNC defeated in his Senate bid in 2018, is back. This time he is running for his old House seat against pro-gun Roger Younts, who was briefly appointed to the NC House. Watford is being backed by RINOs in the Republican Party, and has openly expressed contempt for gun voters. In this race, GRNC-PVF recommends ROGER YOUNTS (GRNC survey 100%, GRNC ****) over Haley Sink (96%, ****) and Sam Watford (voting record: 60%, survey 71%, *). Bring friends to the polls and make sure to defeat Sam Watford.

District 82 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends PARISH MOFFITT (GRNC survey: 100%, ****) over Kristin Baker (survey: NR, 0-star) and William G. Hamby, Jr. (survey: NR, 0-star).

District 83 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent LARRY PITTMAN (voting record 95%, survey 93%, GRNC ****) over challenger Jay White (survey: 100%, ****). Pittman is a true gun rights leader, regularly sponsoring pro-gun legislation and amendments, and sticking his neck out for gun owners. Pittman’s opponent might have been smart enough to submit GRNC’s survey, but he is still the “swamp-dwellers’” tool in their attempt to drive out a truly pro-Second Amendment candidate who has a history of bucking leadership to support you. VOTE PITTMAN for NC House.

District 117 (R): This open seat could be a pro-gun pickup, since anti-gun Republican Chuck McGrady chose not to run again. GRNC-PVF recommends TIM MOFFITT (96% pro-gun voting record, 96% survey, GRNC ****) over Dennis Justice (survey: 96%, ****). Moffit previously served in the NC House, where he not only voted pro-gun, but also sponsored pro-gun legislation.

District 119 (R): Mike Clampitt held this seat previously before losing to anti-gun Democrat Joe Sam Queen in 2018. GRNC-PVF recommends MIKE CLAMPITT (pro-gun voting record: 100%, GRNC survey: 100%, GRNC ****) over Ron Mau (GRNC survey: NR, 0-star).

GRNC On Tomorrow’s Election

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If you have not partaken in the early voting period and are still wondering who is or isn’t the pro-gun candidate in North Carolina, Grass Roots North Carolina and GRNC-PVF have a convenient way to check both their ratings and their recommendations. They also have recommendations on the six Constitutional amendments to the North Carolina Constitution as well as recommendations on the statewide judicial races. The recommendations are from GRNC-Political Victory Fund while the evaluations are from GRNC itself.

This last one is critical. Anita Earls is running as a Democrat against Justice Barbara Jackson (R-NC). She is a far-left SJW who would tip the NC Supreme Court even more to the Left and presumably anti-gun. She was the executive director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice which should say it all. She is very well funded compared to her competitors. Moreover, don’t be fooled by the R after Chris Anglin’s name. He is a Democrat who only switched to siphon away votes from Justice Jackson.

I anticipate that the Republicans could very well lose their super-majority in the General Assembly meaning that they can’t easily override vetoes by anti-gun Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC). Given the number of anti-gun candidates running as Democrats, the era of pro-gun Democrats in North Carolina seems over and any new gun rights legislation will have a hard time passing and getting signed by the governor.

From GRNC:



Tuesday, November 6th is Election Day. Polls are open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30
. If you’ve
waited for Election Day to vote, you can review GRNC Candidate Evaluations and your GRNC-PVF Candidate Recommendations at any time
Evaluations vs. Recommendations

Candidate Evaluations differ from Recommendations. While 
GRNC–PVF recommendations are analytical and therefore subject to interpretation, the evaluations are intended to
provide an objective measure of where candidates stand on Second Amendment issues. For a full explanation of GRNC’s objective star
evaluations, go to:
Candidate recommendations,
which are more limited than blanket “endorsements,” are not made in all
races, only in races where a clear pro-gun candidate stands out or where
strategic voting is necessary to keep anti-gun candidates out of

You can CLICK HERE to see GRNC Candidate
. These are just one more tool voters can use to understand where any given candidate stands on gun rights, and
a copy of these evaluations can come in quite handy in the voting booth. 
Print the PDF that is sorted by name and take it with you to vote. Just check this alphabetical list
against the candidates on your ballot, and you’re in business.
You may have
also received the Candidate Evaluations in the mail, in GRNC’s “Remember in November” Voter

to review all of GRNC-PVF’s Candidate Recommendations
After clicking over to the page, scroll down to find your
recommendations for the US House, important judicial races, the NC
Senate and the NC House. If a district is not listed, GRNC-PVF was
unable to
recommend a candidate in that race. If you don’t know which districts
are yours, see below.


to look yourself
up at the State Board of Elections. Among other things, this voter
lookup tool will display the district information pertinent to you.

Still having trouble finding your districts? CLICK HERE to see the GRNC Candidate
(open the PDF
sorted by name). Print this, take it with you to vote, and you can check the sheet against the candidates on your ballot.

Election Day is Tuesday, November

This is your last chance to
. To find your Election Day voting location, CLICK HERE to look yourself up. Among
other things, this State Board of Elections voter lookup tool will display your Election Day voting location (it will probably
not be the same location as your early voting location(s)). On Election Day, polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to
7:30 p.m