GRNC Political Victory Fund Updates

Grass Roots North Carolina – Political Victory Fund has released an update to their candidate evaluations and recommendations. I have published it below.

The North Carolina primary is on March 15th. Early voting has started (the Complementary Spouse and I voted on Saturday) and you can find your early voting locations in your county by going through this NC Board of Elections link. You will need to show a valid ID to prove that you are who you say you are. This last bit is new and I, for one, am very pleased by it.

I would point out again that Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Mark Johnson received a very substantial donation from none other than Michael Bloomberg. He is running as a Republican.

2016 GRNC Candidate Recommendations

GRNC Candidate Recommendations:

Errors, Omissions, and New Information

US President: New
information reveals that Marco Rubio
voted for a city parks gun ban
when he was a Commissioner for West Miami City, lowering his GRNC evaluation to 88% and, consequently, downgrading
his rating to three stars (***). GRNC-PVF continues to recommend Ted Cruz 100%, GRNC ****).

Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Although GRNC-PVF is not covering this race, it should be noted that Republican candidate Mark Johnson took a large campaign donation from anti-gun zealot and
billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

NC House District 26: GRNC-PVF candidate recommendations failed to include this race. For this open
seat, GRNC-PVF recommends Dennis Nielsen (92%, GRNC ****).

NC Senate 45:
In the race for this open seat, GRNC erred in failing to
include a perfect 100% survey from Deanna Ballard, for which she earned
GRNC’s highest four-star evaluation (****). The GRNC-PVF recommendation
for this race changes to Deanna Ballard.

  • VOTE EARLY:  Primary election One Stop
    Early Voting begins on March 3 and ends on March 12.  Absentee ballots must be received by 5:00 PM on March 15. Click here to find your One Stop
    Early Voting place.
  • VOTE ON PRIMARY VOTING DAY:  Primary voting day is March 15
    between 6:30 AM and 7:30 PM.  Click here to find your polling
    place on election day.


Candidate Evaluations

explanation of GRNC candidate evaluations, and to access the evaluations themselves

(or go to:

Candidate Recommendations
CLICK HERE to view
GRNC candidate recommendations
(or go to: 


As evidenced
here, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mark Johnson, is shaping up to be a minion of anti-gun
carpetbagger, Michael Bloomberg. If you “follow the money” and draw logical conclusions: 


GRNC-PVF Releases Recommendations For NC’s March Primary

Grass Roots North Carolina-Political Victory Fund has released their candidate evaluations and recommendations in advance of North Carolina’s March 15th primary. Early voting in North Carolina opens on March 3rd.

As I live in an open Senate district, I found the recommendations useful. For example, the establishment candidate in the 48th District, Chuck Edwards, lists that he is a Life Member of the NRA. That said, he never bothered to return GRNC-PVF’s survey. Being dismissive of the strongest, most active gun rights group in the state is not the way to earn my vote. I plan to vote accordingly.

Here are their recommendations along with links:


 (Listings include only districts
with primary races)

Candidate recommendations versus evaluations: Below are recommendations
for effective voting strategies by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund. Candidate recommendations,
which are more limited than blanket “endorsements,” are not made in all
races, only in races where a clear pro-gun candidate stands out or
where strategic voting is necessary to keep anti-gun candidates out of
differ from GRNC
candidate evaluations. While the evaluations are intended to provide an
objective measure of where candidates stand on Second Amendment issues,
GRNC–PVF recommendations are analytical and therefore subject to
interpretation. For a full explanation of GRNC’s objective star
evaluations, go to:
Important note: Candidates who lack
voting records or other history on Second Amendment issues and who fail
return GRNC’s candidate survey automatically receive a zero star
evaluation (0) on the assumption that they are hiding their position
from gun
voters. Every election year, we receive complaints about ostensibly
pro-gun candidates who receive zero star evaluations due to failure to
return the
survey. Each candidate is mailed a survey to the address he or she
registered with the State Board of Elections. If they fail to
return the survey, we cannot help candidates who will not help themselves
Voting instructions: Primary election One Stop Early Voting begins on March 3 and ends on March 12. Absentee ballots
must be received by 5:00 PM on March 15. Primary voting day is March 15 between 6:30 AM and 7:30 PMClick
 to find your polling place on election day, or click
 to find your One Stop Early Voting place. 
Important changes to voting laws: Due to ongoing litigation, same-day registration will still be permitted during One
Stop Early Voting. Litigation involving redistricting applies only to U.S. House races.
All other primaries will take
place on March 15. Although North Carolina has rescheduled Congressional
primaries for June 7, congressional races will remain on the ballot and
recommends you still cast a ballot for U.S. House on March 15.
As in previous
years, unaffiliated voters may vote in either Republican or Democrat primaries. Unlike previous
years, straight party voting will not be permitted, so GRNC strongly suggests you investigate individual candidates. For
the first time, identification is required to vote, so click
 to find identification requirements.
the NC State Board of Elections has made numerous changes to
presentation of candidate data which now, unfortunately, contain
numerous errors. We have tried to catch those errors but apologize if
some of them have been allowed to propagate into GRNC
US President (R): Despite
his assertions that he supports the
Second Amendment, DONALD TRUMP (GRNC 1-star, *) has supported semi-auto
bans, waiting periods and, most recently, denying gun purchases to
people on
secret government lists convicted of nothing. MARCO RUBIO (****) has an
excellent gun rights voting record, but has failed to take a leadership
on the issue. Only TED CRUZ (****) has a 100% pro-gun voting record, has
sponsored pro-gun legislation, and answered GRNC’s candidate survey
with a perfect 100% score. GRNC–PVF recommends Ted Cruz for President.
US Senate (R): Undoubtedly, the most pro-gun candidate in the Republican primary election is Greg Brannon, who
again returned GRNC’s candidate survey with a perfect 100%, earning a four star evaluation (****). For purposes of the primary
election, GRNC–PVF recommends Brannon. That said, however, he is unlikely to win the primary election. Incumbent Richard
Burr has dropped only one gun vote and holds a three star evaluation (***). GRNC–PVF recommends supporting Burr in November.
US House
The recommendations below are based on original districts. Litigation
over congressional districts will likely change this
candidate list for the June 7 Congressional primaries. Congressional
recommendations will change as needed.)
District 2 (R): Of
the three challengers to Renée Ellmers, only Tim
D’Annunzio returned GRNC’s candidate survey. Although he scored 100%,
earning a GRNC four-star evaluation (****), D’Annunzio has
proven himself unsuitable in previous elections. Meanwhile, whatever her
other conservative credentials, Ellmers has maintained a 100% pro-gun
record, also earning GRNC’s highest four-star evaluation (****). GRNC–PVF recommends Ellmers for
District 3 (R): With a 100% survey score and
a 97% pro-gun voting average, earning a GRNC four-star evaluation (****), GRNC–PVF continues to recommend incumbent Walter
District 4 (R): In the Republican primary
for the seat anti-gun Democrat David Price has occupied for two decades, GRNC–PVF recommends Sue Gooch, who
GRNC’s candidate survey with a score of 81%, earning three stars (***).
Opponent Teiji Kimball failed to return the survey, earning a zero star
evaluation (0).
District 5 (R): With a 100% GRNC survey
score and 100% pro-gun voting record earning GRNC’s highest four-star evaluation (****), GRNC–PVF continues to recommend
incumbent Virginia Foxx
District 6
 Although the US House has not had any gun votes in the 114th Congress, on the basis of his 99% survey score and GRNC
four-star evaluation (****), GRNC–PVF recommends Mark Walker.
District 7 (R): Due to his 100% pro-gun voting record, earning GRNC’s four-star evaluation
(****), GRNC–PVF recommends David Rouzer.
District 9 (R): Realizing that incumbent Robert Pittenger has drawn fire from some conservative quarters, owing to
his 91% survey score and 100% voting record, earning GRNC’s four-star evaluation (****), GRNC–PVF continues to recommend
Robert Pittenger
North Carolina Governor (R): Although
Robert Brawley garnered a 100% pro-gun voting record while in the NC
House, earning GRNC’s four-star evaluation, he lacks the
resources to beat anti-gun Democrat Roy Cooper (GRNC 0-star) in the
November general election. Meanwhile, despite flaws, incumbent Pat
McCrory has
signed three pro-gun omnibus bills into law. GRNC–PVF recommends McCrory.
NC Governor (D): Both candidates in this race are
ranked 0–star by GRNC. Democrat gun voters should vote to keep
current Attorney General Roy Cooper out of office. During his tenure in
the NC Senate, Cooper demonstrated a long-standing antipathy to gun
including only a 58% pro-gun voting record. Accordingly, GRNC–PVF recommends Ken Spaulding.
North Carolina Attorney General (R): For
the open seat vacated by Roy Cooper, candidate
Jim O’Neil failed to return GRNC’s candidate survey, earning only a GRNC
zero star evaluation (0), and has made disparaging remarks about
pro-gun bill HB 562, showing his antipathy to gun rights. By contrast,
NC Senator Buck Newton has been a leader for gun rights, cementing
passage of
three omnibus pro-gun bills. With his 100% survey score and 100% pro-gun
voting record, Newton earned GRNC’s highest four-star
evaluation. GRNC – PVF recommends Buck Newton for Attorney General.
North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner (R): Incumbent
Steve Troxler (GRNC 0-star) has proven himself no
friend of gun owners. After HB 937 legalized concealed carry at
assemblies, Troxler continued to post the NC State Fair despite being
prohibited by
law. He later solicited Sen. Brent Jackson to sponsor legislation
enabling him to prohibit concealed carry. Then Troxler, apparently at
the behest of
former Food Lion CEO Tom Smith and big dollar donations, ended up in a
scheme to promote trophy deer farms at the risk of destroying indigenous
populations through chronic wasting disease. By contrast, challenger
Andy Stevens is a gun rights activist and conservative who has
overturned local
gun restrictions across the state, and who vows to reverse Troxler’s
cronyism. Stevens returned GRNC’s survey with a perfect 100%, earning
a four-star evaluation (****). GRNC–PVF recommends Andy Stevens for Agriculture Commissioner.
NC Senate:
District 11 (R): For this open seat, Rick Horner returned GRNC’s survey with 97%,
earning four stars (****). Opponent Benton Sawrey failed to return the survey earning only a zero star evaluation (0). GRNC–PVF
recommends Horner
District 31 (R): Challenger Dempsey
Brewer turned in a 97% survey earning four stars (****), but due to her 98% survey and 100% pro-gun voting record, GRNC–PVF
continues to recommend incumbent Joyce Krawiek (****).
District 33 (R): Both Kathy Dunn and Joe Kennedy turned in four-star (****) surveys, scoring 100% and 96%,
respectively. Eddie Gallimore failed to return the survey earning only a zero star (0) evaluation. GRNC–PVF recommends
District 35 (R): Noting that challenger Matt
Daly turned in a 90% survey, earning four stars (****), due to a 100% pro-gun voting record, GRNC–PVF continues to recommend
incumbent Tommy Tucker (****).
District 36 (R): For
open seat, Parish Moffitt turned in a 99% survey, earning four stars
(****), while opponents Amy Blake and Paul Newton failed to return the
survey earning zero stars (0). GRNC–PVF recommends Moffitt.
District 44 (R): Although challenger Chris Carney turned in a 100% survey, earning four stars
(****), GRNC-PVF continues to recommend incumbent David Curtis (****) due to his 100% pro-gun voting record.
District 45 (R): For this open seat, GRNC-PVF
recommends Ken Boham 
(survey score 86%, ***) over Deanna Ballard (survey-NR, 0-star).
District 48 (R): For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends Lisa
(survey score 97%, ****) over Dennis Justice (survey-91, ****) and Chuck Edwards (survey-NR, 0-star).
NC House:
(Note: A large number of open seats plus a number of RINOs who voted against gun owners on omnibus pro-gun
bill HB 562 make NC House race is critical in 2016.)
District 6 (R): For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends Beverly Boswell (survey 86%, ***)
over Arthur Williams (survey-NR, 0-star) and Ashley Woolard (survey-NR, 0-star).
District 28 (R): For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends Gregory Dail (survey 96%, ****)
over Tony Braswell (survey-NR, 0-star) and Larry Strickland (survey-NR, 0-star).
District 36 (R): Longtime incumbent Nelson Dollar (***) voted against gun owners repeatedly on HB 562 and now has
only a 74% pro-gun voting record. GRNC-PVF recommends challenger Mark Villee (survey 93%, ****).
District 53 (R): Longtime incumbent David Lewis (***) voted
against gun owners repeatedly on HB 562 and now has only an 82% pro-gun voting record. GRNC-PVF recommends challenger Chuck
 (survey 91%, ****).
District 67
 Pro-gun incumbent Justin Burr (****) has a 97% pro-gun
voting record and has sponsored pro-gun legislation. As a proven gun
leader, GRNC-PVF recommends Justin Burr over challenger Lane Burris (survey 99, ****).
District 73 (R): Incumbent Lee Zachary (***) repeatedly voted against gun owners on HB
562, garnering only a 78% pro-gun voting record. GRNC-PVF recommends challenger Dwight Shook (survey 100%,
District 77 (R): Longtime incumbent Harry
Warren (***) voted against gun owners repeatedly on HB 562 and now has only an 85% pro-gun voting record. GRNC-PVF recommends challenger
Andrew Poston 
(survey 98%, ****).
District 82 (R): Incumbent Larry Pittman
(****) is one of the most pro-gun members of the NC General Assembly.
Garnering a 96% pro-gun voting record, Pittman has sponsored numerous
pro-gun bills and his stood up against party leadership on behalf of gun
He is being targeted by RINOs who are behind “centrist” challenger
Michael Fischer (survey-NR, 0-star). GRNC-PVF strongly
recommends Larry Pittman
District 87
 Incumbent George Robinson (***) repeatedly voted against gun owners on HB 562, garnering only a 78% pro-gun voting
record. GRNC-PVF recommends challenger Destin Hall (survey 100%, ****).
District 91 (R): In this three-way
primary, incumbent Kyle Hall was appointed in late 2015, meaning he has
gun rights voting record. Because he failed to return the GRNC survey,
he holds a zero star (0) evaluation, as does challenger Robert Knight
(survey-NR, 0-star). GRNC-PVF recommends Ira Tilley, who returned the survey with 100%, earning four stars
District 92 (R): Incumbent Charles Jeter
(**) repeatedly voted against gun owners on HB 562, garnering only a 69% pro-gun voting record. GRNC-PVF recommends challenger Tom
(survey 93%, ****).
District 93
 Pro-gun incumbent Jonathan Jordan (****) has a 97% pro-gun voting record and has sponsored pro-gun legislation. As a proven gun
rights leader, GRNC-PVF recommends Jonathan Jordan over challenger Lou Hendricks (survey 97, ****).
District 95 (R): Anti-gun incumbent John Fraley repeatedly voted
against gun owners in the debate over HB 562, earning only a 67% pro-gun voting record and a zero star evaluation (0). GRNC-PVF
recommends challenger David
 Thompson (survey 93%, ****).
District 105 (R): In the race for
this open seat, Tim Morgan (***) returned an 86% survey, but in the past
used his school board to agitate against the limited concealed carry
provisions on educational properties enacted in 2013, demonstrating that
he is
not a friend of gun owners. Opponents Scott Stone returned GRNC survey
with 90%, earning four stars (****). GRNC-PVF recommends Scott
District 113 (R): For this open
seat, GRNC-PVF recommends Cody Henson (survey 92%, ****) over Coty Ferguson (survey-NR, 0-star).
District 115 (R): For this open seat, GRNC-PVF
recommends Bob Chilmonik 
(survey 97%, ****) over Frank Moretz (survey-NR, 0-star).
District 119 (R): In this race to challenge anti-gun incumbent Joe Sam Queen, both Aaron Littlefield and Mike
Clampitt turned in perfect 100% surveys, earning four stars (****). Given that Clampitt nearly defeated Queen in 2014, GRNC-PVF
recommends Mike Clampitt
District 120 (R): For
this open seat, Kevin Corbin turned in
a 95% survey earning four stars (****), but the clear standout is Elliot
Southworth (****) who not only turned in a near-perfect 99% survey,
four stars, but has also volunteered his time as a gun rights activist
and directed youth shooting sports.
 GRNC-PVF recommends Elliot Southworth.


This message recommending various candidates was authorized and paid for solely by
the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund. Ad not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Early Voting Opens April 24th In North Carolina

Early voting opens April 24th in North Carolina for our May primaries. In anticipation of this, Grass Roots North Carolina-Political Victory Fund has released their candidate evaluations. They have also released their candidate recommendations in contested primaries.

In the Republican primary to face the vulnerable Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC), they have a difference of opinion with the NRA-PVF. They have endorsed Dr. Greg Bannon of Cary while the NRA-PVF has endorsed NC House Speaker Thom Tillis of Charlotte. It is a Tea Party v. GOP establishment, an outsider v. an insider sort of thing. I think either man would be good for the Second Amendment with Brannon saying he’s looking for laws to repeal while major gun rights bills including the castle doctrine have passed the NC General Assembly since Tills became the Speaker.

While GRNC-PVF has traditionally only concerned themselves with either statewide or legislative offices, this year they have made recommendations in a handful of sheriffs’ races. It looks to me like they are looking for strong opposite party pro-gun candidates to oppose those sheriffs who killed the scrapping of the pistol purchase permits. I think it is high time that some of these sheriffs learn that actions have (electoral) consequences.

According to their alert, they have made recommendations in 40 contested races and will be spending approximately $100,000 in their primary efforts. These efforts include:

* Mailing GRNC-PVF Gun Rights Voter Guides to nearly 17,000 GRNC members;

* Mailing nearly 50,000 postcard election alerts to gun voters in races across the state;

* Running radio spots in several key races; and

* Conducting tens of thousands of automated phone calls in key races; and

* Sending email alerts to over 100,000 gun-owning NC voters!

GRNC is an all volunteer organization as is the GRNC-PVF. If you’d like to donate to help with these expenses, go here.

Local Elections Matter, Too

It is not only state and national elections that matter when it comes to gun rights. Local elections matter, too.

In North Carolina, Grass Roots North Carolina-PVF is making recommendations in two local elections: a mayoral race in Morrisville and a council race in Winston-Salem.

Jackie Holcomb, mayor of Morrisville, is one of the few members of Mayor Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors in North Carolina. She is being opposed by Councilman Mark Stohlman who is pro-gun. Meanwhile in Winston-Salem, Councilman Jeff MacIntosh pushed restrictions on carry that were in conflict with state law. He is being opposed by Lida Hayes Calvert. The defeat of one or both of these officials would send a message to local politicians that opposing gun rights is not in their best political interests.


Show Politicians Anti-Gun Efforts End in Short Careers


Currently led by Jackie Holcombe, the rabidly anti-gun member of Bloomberg’s MAIG group of gun control-supporting mayors (many of whom are criminals), Morrisville is in desperate need of political change.

We have already documented Holcombe’s outrageous efforts to violate state law and the rights of NC gun owners.

The good news is that Holcombe may be shown the door this Tuesday by pro-gun candidate Mark Stohlman

Morrisville GRNC members must get out the vote for this race and kick the anti-gunner to the curb.


The city’s Northwest Ward race provides another opportunity to shed an anti-gun politician: Jeff MacIntosh.
MacIntosh supported the City’s misguided resolution opposing expanded carry by state law. He is another freedom-attacker that needs to be shown the door.

Winston-Salem GRNC members of the Northwest Ward are encouraged to vote for Lida Hayes Calvert, a refreshing pro-freedom alternative. Please take your pro-gun friends along with you to the polls.


GRNC-PVF Reflects On Results In North Carolina

Grass Roots North Carolina-Political Victory Fund sent out their impressions on electoral results here in North Carolina last night. They were generally pleased with the results here in NC with some new strong pro-gun State Senators coming on board. While not mentioned directly, the one downside is that St. Senator Doug Berger (D-Northampton) lost. He had been a stalwart on the pro-gun side.

First, congratulations are due to North Carolina gun voters who ensured our state was the only battleground state to repulse the Obama machine. Better yet, thanks to your efforts, anti-gun candidates went down in flames around the state. This is the closest thing to a “clean sweep” GRNC-PVF has ever managed.



Frankly, with your help the GRNC Political Victory Fund kicked butt. In congressional races, the three districts in which GRNC-PVF was active, all saw pro-gun victories, with Richard Hudson (USH-08, GRNC ****), Mark Meadows (USH-11, ****) and George Holding (USH-13, ****) all winning their races. There may yet be a 4th victory, with the race in USH-07 being still too close to call. Unfortunately, the NRA endorsed anti-gun incumbent Mike McIntyre (GRNC **, with a pro-gun voting record of only 74%) against GRNC-recommended challenger David Rouzer, whose 100% pro-gun voting record in the NC Senate earned GRNC’s highest 4-star (****) evaluation. NRA members should contact the organization and ask them why they might have helped to re-elect an anti-gun incumbent against a superior challenger.


In the governor’s race and NC Council of State races relevant to gun rights, you were tentatively 3 for 3, with Governor Pat McCrory, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and conservative Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby winning their races. (Note: As of this writing, Forest is ahead by only 0.2%, with opponent Linda Coleman not yet conceding.)


An early analysis of General Assembly races indicates that of 35 NC Senate races in which GRNC-PVF made recommendations, 28 (80%) of the recommended candidates won. Of districts in which GRNC-PVF did mailings and/or robocalls in the General Election (in addition to primaries and runoffs), only one candidate lost. Big wins included Trudy Wade (NCS027, ****), Jeff Tarte (NCS027, ****) and Thom Goolsby (NCS009). These candidates will be leaders for your rights.


In the NC House, results were better still. GRNC-PVF made candidate recommendations in 70 races, helping to produce 58 winners (83%). Of the districts receiving mailings and/or robocalls, only one recommended candidate failed to win his race (a win rate of 88%). Notably, one Republican incumbent lost his reelection bid: Gaston Pridgeon (NCH046), who voted against gun owners in the last session of the General Assembly. Despite entreaties to mail for this RINO, GRNC-PVF not only refused the mailing, but also issued a recommendation that gun owners sit out the race. Pridgeon will not be missed.


As you are acutely aware, national results were not as satisfactory. Barack Obama, who stood before the world in the second presidential debate to call for re-implementation of the ban on semi-automatic firearms, saying he will “[see] if we can get an ‘assault weapons ban reintroduced”, will now have what he described to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev as “more flexibility.” What else “more flexibility” entails we will soon see.


GRNC will be working to:

Reorient its efforts to provide greater focus on federal, as opposed to state issues;
Increase its size and effectiveness by running a membership drive;
Run a statewide petition to the NC congressional delegation opposing any restrictions on semi-automatic firearms or magazines.


GRNC is restricted by law from using organizational money to advocate the election or defeat of candidates, meaning GRNC-PVF must raise money separately from membership resources. GRNC-PVF depends on your contributions to run radio spots and do mailings. Again, because our effort is all-volunteer, we are able to put your money to more efficient, effective use than any other organization.

Please contribute to GRNC-PVF by going to:

Another GRNC-PVGF Recommendation

The Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund has recommended Tony Gurley for Lt. Governor in the Republican run-off primary. He faces fellow Republican Dan Forest. The primary is July 17th and early voting has started.

More on Gurley can be found here at his campaign website.

I took advantage of the early one-stop voting on Tuesday. If my experience is typical, turnout for this second primary will be very low. I spoke with one of the poll workers who said very few people had come in so far to vote. My ballot contained just five races and only two were what I’d call major positions – Congress and Lt. Governor. Thus, I think if enough gun owners who are Republicans get out and vote in the second primary they may well provide the margin of victory to the winners.