Clint Smith On A Shotgun Versus Pistol For Home Defense

Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch is one of the most highly respected trainers in the industry. In the NSSF video below, he discusses the use of a pistol versus a shotgun for home defense.

Often, the shotgun is downgraded as a home defense tool due to its length and the thought that an intruder could grab the barrel. As Clint shows in the video, the difference in length between a properly presented handgun and a shotgun is not that great. That said, regardless of the weapon used, you need to train as Grant Cunningham makes clear in this post.

Chicago’s Texas Ranger Approach to Handguns

The powers that be in Chicago must have read that apocryphal story about the Texas Rangers and “One Riot, One Ranger”

Otherwise, why are they proposing a one handgun limit in response to losing the McDonald case?

It wouldn’t surprise me if Chicago tried to mandate what type of handgun you can own and in what caliber. It would probably be a Thompson-Center Contender in .22 Long Rifle given how they think and I use the word think loosely.