Video Of The 2017 Gun Rights Policy Conference By Panel

Matt of LFD Research has been doing really great work of putting together videos of each individual panel at this year’s Gun Rights Policy Conference.

Given their large size and the slow and costly internet at the Westin, they are going up bit by bit (no pun intended). So far he has most of the Saturday morning panels uploaded and more should be coming soon.

You can find all the videos on his LFD Research YouTube page. The link to it is here.

I am embedding the one featuring Dr. Jennifer Stuber of the University of Washington School of Public Health. Her organization, ForeFront, has partnered with SAF, the NRA, mental health professionals, gun dealers, and more on ways to prevent suicide. She, herself, became a widow at age 38 when her husband committed suicide with a firearm.

Hydraulic Tests

Matt at LFD Research has a series of “high energy” research projects up on YouTube. In the one below, he looks at the hydraulic energy transfer of different weights of .223/5.56 bullets.

Frankly, I was a bit surprised by the destructive potential of 40 grain bullets. I can see why they are good for varmint hunting. It does make me wonder what a gelatin test would show insofar as penetration.

Matt has been a guest on The Polite Society Podcast in the past to talk about his research. I think this type of home-grown amateur research is interesting because it is something that we can all do.