FAL Meets AR Meets God Knows What

I was looking over an auction site when I stumbled across this really funky looking carbine.

It is listed as a Masterpiece Arms MPA971x1A 9mm carbine. It comes with a 71 round drum magazines and the Bushnell HoloSight.

A closer look at the lower, pistol grip, and butt stock make it look like it was stolen off a FAL. In the picture below, look at the safety, the locking lever, and the rear sight dovetail where the rear sight should be.

Doing a search on this, it appears that it is indeed a FN FAL lower. The upper is derived from the MAC 11 and the drum is from a Finnish Suomi SMG. According to this old post in The Firing Line, the carbine weighs almost 17 lbs! The original poster said he put 600 rounds through it without a single malfunction. It may be ugly but it does sound reliable.

Prices I’ve found are about $560 from an auction in 2004 and someone trying to sell one on Armslist for $1000 back in 2012 saying it is very rare. I would agree with the last part about it being rare but worth $1000 is another story.

I may bid on it just for the heck of it. If I won it, I’d have the satisfaction of knowing no one had a similar carbine in a three state area. Heck, make it a four state area if I pick the states correctly.