Military Arms Channel Reviews The Remington R51 Gen 2

I had high hopes that Remington had figured out the problems with the R51 9mm pistol. Being that it was based upon a design by John Pedersen, the Cruffler in me was excited when it first came out. They have had two years since they recalled the pistol to make corrections in manufacturing and design.

If the problem encountered with hollow point bullets by the Military Arms Channel is any indication, they have some more work to do if they want it to be considered a true carry gun. That is because most people unless they live in New Jersey carry hollow point ammo in their carry gun. As you can see in the video below, the hollow point cartridge “dives” on the second or third round shot.

The other thing that would make me leery of buying a R51 is the difficulty in field stripping it and reassembling it. I just know I’ll miss one step and have to start over from the beginning.

I know people dumped on Remington for their mistakes with the first R51 especially after the glowing reviews it got based upon pre-production samples. That said, I don’t know many who didn’t want them to get it right on their second attempt.

Oh, well.

Daewoo K2/Max II Rifle

The Military Arms Channel did an excellent feature on the Daewoo K2/Max II rifle today. They showed both the pre-ban Max II and the post-ban DR-200. The latter had its ugly thumbhole stock replaced with a regular AR stock and the Stormworkz adapter.

The DR-200 was my first 5.56 semi-auto rifle. I bought it after the Clinton AWB. If I had been more on top of things – or had more money – I’d have gotten a pre-ban rifle. I still have mine in its original configuration. This is mainly because I haven’t found time to switch out the trigger group to make it 922 compliant. The only downside to my DR-200 is the it has a 1-12 twist barrel which limits me to 55 grain or lighter ammo.

I did a blog post on the Daewoo back in the early days of this blog. It can be found here.

Going Old School

I came across this comparison of the Colt SP1 and the Colt Sporter Target Model today. Basically, it was a shooting comparison of the A1 versus the A2. This interests me because I am gathering parts to put together a retro semi-auto version of the M16A1 using a combination of new and vintage parts. I also have a Colt A2 upper that I plan to build on later. More on those in a later post.

The video below is from the Military Arms Channel. They were trying to determine which rifle would give tighter groups with 55-grain 5.56 ammo. The SP1 (aka A1) had the 1:12 twist barrel while the Sporter Target Model (aka A2) has the 1:7 twist barrel.  They were using Wolf Gold ammo.

I wonder if he would have gotten better results if he had used something like American Eagle/Federal XM193 5.56 ammo.