Some Good Advice For Women Who Carry

Let’s face it – men have it easier when it comes to concealed carry. Our clothing is usually made of heavier fabrics which print less, we can wear sturdier belts even when “dressed up”, and our shoes rarely (never) have 3 inch or higher heels. Women, by contrast, have it harder especially when it comes to on-body carry which is the preferred way to do it.

That’s why I found this tips and tricks video from the NRA so good. It addresses the difficulties that women have with on-body carry and suggests some good solutions. Tatiana Whitlock makes a lot of sensible suggestions with regard to practice. I don’t have to think about shooting in heels in a confrontation but some women might.

Not Just For Women

The NRA has been featuring a series of training videos featuring Kim Heath. They are called Tips and Tactics and come under the NRA Women TV label. Just because they are labeled “women” doesn’t mean men can’t get a lot from them.

I know for a fact that I’m not in the same physical condition I was in my 20s and 30s. I think one of my docs has referred to it as “deconditioned”. What it means is that I don’t have the same strength and stamina that I had earlier in my life. Kim’s videos show different ways to compensate for our body’s limitations.

The latest is on managing rifle weight. As a day of shooting goes on the rifles tend to get heavier. Kim shows a way to take some of that weight off your arm and transfer it to your body.

I also really like the Counter Supination Grip that she shows in the video below. I might not use it all the time but it does allow you to transfer the weight of your AR from your arm to more of your body.

NRA Women’s Network On A Rising Star

The NRA Women’s Network has produced a video highlighting one of the youngest female junior shooters. Katie Francis is rising through the ranks in 3-Gun competition.

From her bio:

Katie Francis is one of the youngest female junior shooters in the
circuit. At only 13-years-old, she has already accomplished more than
most. Her father, Sergeant First Class Chad Francis, bought her a .22
when she was 9-years-old. At the age of 10, she got her first buck, an
8-point, with an AR-15. Today, the ambitious teenager has her sights set
high, and counts the possibility of making an Olympic appearance as one
of her goals.