Some Good Advice For Women Who Carry

Let’s face it – men have it easier when it comes to concealed carry. Our clothing is usually made of heavier fabrics which print less, we can wear sturdier belts even when “dressed up”, and our shoes rarely (never) have 3 inch or higher heels. Women, by contrast, have it harder especially when it comes to on-body carry which is the preferred way to do it.

That’s why I found this tips and tricks video from the NRA so good. It addresses the difficulties that women have with on-body carry and suggests some good solutions. Tatiana Whitlock makes a lot of sensible suggestions with regard to practice. I don’t have to think about shooting in heels in a confrontation but some women might.

5 thoughts on “Some Good Advice For Women Who Carry”

  1. Just an FYI…strippers andn hookers can SPRINT in high heels.
    Thought you might wanna know…

    1. Sounds like you've got experience.

      Pro Tip: If you pay them for their services like a good man, they wouldn't have to chase you down for their rent money.


  2. I recall an incident in the next city over when I was in high school. Female detective was escorting a fugitive home on an airplane. He broke free on the ground and took off. She was in a pencil skirt and heels, and couldn't pursue.

  3. I no longer believe women have fewer carry options than men. Especially seeing the many ways my petite wife can carry: corset at the back; corset at the front; thigh holster; IWB. There are more options for women who are more average in size, or taller.

    My wife can go "little black dress" and you'd never know she was carrying a Sig. One day she left the house with two concealed guns (while wearing a dress and shoulder shrug) and I had no idea she was trying out two new holsters at the same time. See "CanCan Concealment" for some stuff that works for my wife, and she found some others I cannot remember. Now, she cannot carry a full-size FNX-40 under her dress, but a Sig P238 or P938 works just fine, and an LCP all but disappears.

    Based on her experience, I am looking for a thigh holster to go with my frequent uniform of board shorts. Problem is men's thigh holsters are huge, "tactical", bulky and obvious. I have a friend who works federal protective detail and he tipped me off to a custom maker. I am going to give that a try,

    So I contend that the only reason a woman has a hard time carrying is because she doesn't know her options. So it's good of you to get more info out there.

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