Newspeak Comment Of The Day

Newspeak was the fictional language of Oceania in the dystopian novel 1984. In a parody of what is now required to get past the Facebook censors and others of their woke ilk, Paula Bolyard came up with this.

But now, some prominent scientists and researchers are calling into question both the wet market theory and the notion that the China virus transnational, post-racial, non-sectarian virus accidentally escaped from a lab in W&*%n, a city in no particular geographic region.

She was talking about the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that originated in Wuhan, China. Her post on PJ Media pointed out that a group of scientists at MIT are now taking exception to the approved narrative that the virus originated in the Wuhan wet market. Rather, they are not ruling out that the virus escaped from the Chinese government-run Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In other news, I’m on the waiting list for the shot to protect against the transnational, post-racial, non-sectarian virus.

Satire Is Sometimes The Best Way To Get The Message Across

A group of ham actors on YouTube calling themselves “Gun Control Hunters”  have created an excellent satire about red flag laws. The video below is a parody but it gets the message across that red flag laws are dangerous, evil, and contemptuous of the Constitutional rights such as due process.

Share this video with your friends, family, and especially those on the fence about red flag laws aka extreme violence protection orders.

How They Really See Us

Twitter sends me tweets by email that they think I might find of interest. This was one of them. It led to a video being promoted by the Campaign to Close the Gunshow Loophole (sic). The video short is called “Guntown” and is produced by Los Angeles-based Rogue Kite Productions.

Ostensibly “Guntown” is a parody of open carry and “good guys with a gun”. While it is a parody, I think if you look deeper this is how the gun prohibitionists actually see those who believe in armed self defense.

As the Nazis did with the Jews, if you can dehumanize a group of people then you can begin to persecute them with little or no consequence. The gun prohibitionists consider us a threat because we are individualistic, believe in providing our own self defense, and are not reliant upon the state. In their eyes, we are the untermenschen because we haven’t accepted the “greater truths” that they as enlightened people hold. These “greater truths” include such falsehoods as the state should hold the monopoly on violence and the state is here to protect you.

We need to watch these stupid little videos and read their tweets and Facebook posts. Only by knowing what lies the enemies of self defense, responsible gun ownership, and liberty are promulgating about us can we counter them. Forewarned is forearmed.

Call Roger Goodman At 1-800-BAD-GUNZ

Comedian Steven Crowder calls out gun controllers in this parody called “Rogue Guns”. I think one of the reasons that parody is such an effective political tool is that it is so close to the truth.

In this case, how many times have we heard the gun blamed rather than the person using it? The answer is much too often. A gun or a knife or even a Martha Stewart marble rolling pin are all tools until they are misused.

Vote For #MoreFreeCrap!

I love parody. I just love how it takes the pompous down a peg or two. Comedian Steven Crowder does parody really well. Just look at his parody of Lena Dunham and her “first time” ad for Obama.

UPDATE: Another parody of the Lena Dunham “first time” ad.  This one comes from TokenLibertarianGirl who does a really good job of nailing Dunham’s insipidness.

A Politician Worthy Of Parody

California Democrat State Sen. Leland Yee introduced a bill, SB 249, that would have outlawed the “bullet button”. This is the device that converts a detachable magazine to a fixed magazine so that a semi-automatic firearm remains in compliance with California’s assault weapons (sic) ban. Sen. Yee has since amended his bill to only prohibit conversion kits such as the “Mag Magnet”.

Yee was prompted to introduce the bill after seeing a breathless report on the evil bullet button by a San Francisco TV station. California gun groups such as the CalGuns Foundation are fighting back. They have set up a website,, as well as starting an ad campaign to defeat the bill.

One of the more amusing push-backs against Sen. Yee and SB 249 by CalGuns is this parody mash-up seen below. They’ve taken a CBS 5 report produced last week and added their own special touch to it.

Sometimes ridicule is the best way to deal with pompous politicians such as Sen. Yee.

I’m in Love With Halo – One Direction Parody

I don’t think I’ve ever played the video game Halo but the Complementary Spouse’s nephews are professionals at it. Literally.

Her nephews Kyle and Aaron were professionals on the Major League Gaming circuit until Halo was dropped from the lineup this Spring. Kyle, or as he is known in the gaming word, Elamite Warrior, and some of his friends put together the parody video below. I think they did a good job of it.

I know just enough about Halo to understand that Capture the Flag is one of the major scenarios in team play. The main reason I’m posting this is that Kyle is family and family is important. He’s trying to build the viewership of this video so take a look at it and share it with your friends.

One Direction, by the way, are the musical guests on SNL tonight.

I Just Love Parody

In the last couple of weeks, a supposed gun blog appeared out of nowhere saying it was going to be the new paradigm. I think it was called Choke and Blunder or something like that. Part of the marketing campaign for this blog included insulting well-known bloggers, setting up “profiles” for nonexistent (and unwilling) participants, and posting many over-the-top comments when criticized. Suspicion has grown that this is a false-flag operation run by one of the gun prohibitionist organizations.

Thanks to some enterprising souls who shall remain nameless, a parody of this suspect blog has now appeared.

The parody blog, Smoking Blunder, can be found here. Share this link with your friends.