People Violence

I guess I could have titled this “Comment of the Day” but the above title more accurately describes this. It is a Facebook post by Sheriff Jim Wilson regarding the knife attack by a student on his fellow students in western Pennsylvania yesterday.

THE RECENT SCHOOL KNIFING TRAGEDY is just a reminder that we are not faced with GUN VIOLENCE in our society. It is PEOPLE VIOLENCE that is causing all the trouble.

The kid could have used a machete, a baseball bat, a firearm, or even a weed whacker to cause harm. Violence is violence regardless of the adjective that precedes it.

UPDATE: I would also point readers to a post by Jim Shepherd at The Outdoor Wire who notes that the usual groups calling for something to be done (e.g. CSGV, Brady, MAIG, Demanding Mommies) are strangely absent from the media after this knife attack.

Quote Of The Day

Sheriff Jim Wilson is not only funny and wry but is also savvy enough to understand the other side. The quote of the day deals with our civil rights opponents.

IF YOU THINK THE ANTI-GUN POLITICIANS HAVE GIVEN UP, you are lucky that stupidity isn’t punishable by death. Get ready for the flank attack, the ambush, and dirty politics, as usual!!!

The gun prohibitionists are self-righteous yet never let righteousness get in the way of using whatever means necessary to get their ends.

Quote Of The Day

Sheriff Jim Wilson is always good for a funny quip or comment on the affairs of the day. Here is one he made on Facebook today regarding Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich who hasn’t fared well at the polls.

Newt Gingrich is still receiving Secret Service protection. What are they protecting him from, his ex-wives, or reality?


Sheriff Jim On Dry-Fire Practice

I don’t think there is any question about how much dry-fire practice can help improve your shooting skills. In this video, Sheriff Jim Wilson talks about how to do it safely.

The ballistic pad that Sheriff Jim uses can be found here. One alternative to using a pad like this is doing your practice facing an outside wall of your house which has a backstop beyond it. By backstop, I mean a hill or retaining wall and not a wooden fence.

Stay On The Trigger

Sheriff Jim talks about staying on the trigger after taking the shot. This is something Tom Givens emphasized in our defensive pistol class at the LuckyGunner Memorial Day Blogger Shoot. Instead of taking your finger off the trigger, you keep it on it and only allow it to go forward far enough to reset the trigger.

Lever Guns For Personal Protection

I admit that I don’t own any lever-action rifles or carbines. That said, Sheriff Jim makes a good case for owning one especially if you live in a gun unfriendly area.

I like the idea of one in a pistol caliber like a .357 Magnum where you can use the same ammo in your revolver and your rifle. I’m just still looking for the right one for me.