Move Over Super Bowl – It’s Time For Super Barrel II

If the impeachment trial in the Senate hasn’t caused you to ditch television entirely, you know that tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. That’s where one set of oversized rich guys beat up on another set of oversized rich guys to see who will get even richer.

Yeah, well, whatever.

The exciting news is that Brownells will be holding Super Barrel II!

From Brownells:

GRINNELL, Iowa (January 31, 2020) – Brownells will give away a barrel full of freedom during the biggest pro football Sunday of the year with its Super Barrel II Weekend extravaganza.

One lucky Brownells fan will bring home the championship-worthy trophy of a barrel full of 13,889 rounds of 5.56mm NATO Hornady Frontier 55-grain M193 ammo.

Starting at 12:01 AM Saturday, February 1, and going through 11:59 PM Sunday, February 2, Super Barrel II contestants can sign up for their chance to win at the Brownells Super Barrel II page.

One lucky winner will be drawn by random and will receive the big red barrel full of ‘Merica valued at $4,239.99.

Containing enough ammo to fill almost 70 standard-length belts for an M249, the barrel weighs more than all but the very biggest football linemen. If all 13,889 cartridges contained inside were laid to end-to-end, they would stretch over 870 yards — almost twice as far as the most passing yards ever in a modern pro football championship game.

Just think what you could do with that amount of ammo!

You could give the Demanding Moms, the Cult of Personality known as Giffords, AND Brady United the collective vapors.

It could make Mike Bloomberg’s campaign against Big Gulps looks as small as he is.

Or it could give you enough ammo to become really proficient with your AR-15!

About The Super Bowl Ad You Won’t Be Seeing Tonight

The NFL is insisting that they never saw the ad that Daniel Defense wanted to run during the Super Bowl. However, they said if they had seen it would not have met their standards and that the controversy is just an attempt by Daniel Defense to get publicity.

The argument over why this ad won’t make it to the airwaves goes like this: Daniel Defense attempted to buy Super Bowl ad time in several local media markets in November. Most of the markets did not accept it and the response from one station in Little Rock, Ark., is still pending.

A Fox Station in their home state Atlanta, Ga., told Daniel Defense in an email, “Unfortunately we cannot accept your commercial spots in Football / Super Bowl due to the rules the NFL itself has set into place for your companies [sic] category.”

The NFL says that it never saw the ad and never heard of it before it blew up in conservative media circles last month.

The NFL’s Vice President for Communications Brian McCarthy told ABC News that the controversy is being ginned up by the company who was “looking to gain exposure for this ad.”

This policy has not set well with many people. The dismissive response of Mr. McCarthy to me is just as troubling. It speaks of a disdain for the firearms industry, those who work in it, and those of use who would patronize Daniel Defense.

Ginny Simone of NRA News has done a special report on the controversy. The report was released earlier this week.