Interesting Picture From Syria

The Wall Street Journal ran an article on the conflict in Syria this past Monday. It was not the war news that caught my eye but the photo that they used to illustrate it. The photo from Reuters featured a Syrian rebel sniper preparing to shoot from inside a concrete and sandbag bunker. His weapon? A FN-FAL with a big rifle scope.

Reuters photo as seen in Wall Street Journal

If you check out the front iron sights as well as the curve of the buttstock, you know that he is using a FN-FAL.

I don’t have any training or expertise as a sniper but I think the young man might have been better served if he used a sandbag rest for his FAL and had fired from further back in the bunker so as to minimize his muzzle flash.

Quite A Find In Syria

Just looking at the contents of this shipping container is enough to get most collectors and Crufflers drooling. I can’t imagine what a full container of Sturmgewehr-44s was doing in Syria. notes that these StG-44s could only be imported as parts kits to the United States. What a shame! I like their suggestion for the Syrian rebels to trade these antiques for a larger number of modern firearms.