Tweet Of The Day

When it was Twitter, they were called tweets. Now that Elon Musk has renamed it to X, I’ve heard that they are called “xeets”, “xcerpts”, or merely posts.

Regardless, this is a great comment by Conrad Hannon. I don’t know who he is but he nails it.

Some people wake up in the morning, and instead of drinking coffee to start their day, they put on their thin skin and venture out into the world with the intent of finding things to be offended about

Tweet of the Day

The tweet of the day comes from my friend Tony Simon who is doing missionary work for the Second Amendment in New Jersey with his 2A for Everyone organization.

His tweet was in response to Brady Campaign gibberish about AR-15s.

“Assault weapons”? You mean the firearms in every police car/station in America? Politicians have no logic, no empathy, no class and no morals. They have agendas. Trust no one attempting to convince you to give away your rights. They only offer the illusion of safety.

This picture accompanied the tweet:

Tony is absolutely correct.

If you and I own one of these firearms, the gun prohibitionists and the media will call it an “assault weapon”. However, if it is in a cop car or even in a safe within a school for the school resource officer, why then it is a patrol rifle or carbine and a good thing.

Tweet Of The Day

The tweet of the day comes from F-111 John in response to Tom Gresham on the “dear employee” letter sent out by Wayne LaPierre yesterday.

I must say I agree with his sentiment.

Tweet Of The Day

The New York Times is bemoaning the fact that all those gun control laws in California do nothing to stop mass casualty events.

The reply by “JustynWS” nails it – do you treat the symptom or do you treat the cause.

Tweet Of The Day

We have often seen tweets where the commenter says that they are a veteran, that they know about firearms, and that no civilian needs an AR-15 (or fill in the blank firearm.)

Someone by the name of Lakota Man, had just such a tweet.

He got a response from War Path to which he agreed.

Talk about getting owned.

The sad thing is that Lakota Man has over 200,000 Twitter followers and I would wager a good number of them think that the forward assist is some sort of full auto button. As to War Path, that was world-class trolling!

Supply Chain Issues?

The tweet of the day illustrates the cognitive dissonance on the part of the Left with regard to the firearms industry. A Florida lawyer who devotes much of his time to researching “the right-wing” seems to think that the firearms industry has had no supply chain issues.

Rob Romano’s tweet humorously corrects that misapprehension.

Tweet Of The Day

The tweet of the day comes from the Firearms Policy Coalition. It points out that President Biden’s new nominee to head BATFE, Steve Dettelbach, is like David Chipman but without the paper trail.

I love the play on the old Scooby Doo cartoon as well.