Quote Of The Day

One of my favorite gun blogs is the Vuurwapen Blog run by Andrew Tuohy. He has some of the best info out there and his reviews only come after he has put the item through the ringer. Moreover, he uses high speed video as well as great photography to illustrate things like recoil reduction and the effectiveness of certain flash-hiders.

Readers of his blog know that he served in Fallujah, Iraq as a Navy Hospital Corpsman attached to the 5th Marines. During his time in Iraq, he went on many mounted and dismounted patrols. Given that, I think he knows a thing or two about close quarters combat.

Thus, when Andrew wrote this on his Facebook page about an article in TTAG entitled “Self Defense Tip: Don’t Use a Rifle”, I paid attention:

The author bases his argument on an improper understanding of external & terminal ballistics, shotgun pattern sizes at indoor distances, the maneuverability of long guns inside American homes, and the ease of shooting long guns vs. handguns when under stress. Frankly, he has absolutely no understanding of any of these things.

Thank God for our veterans and their experience so as to save us from “advice” given by mall ninjas.

Cameras And Shooting

Andrew at the Vuurwapen Blog has just posted a video on using a camera to help improve your shooting. He gives some tips on what sort of video camera you should buy as well as technique. Capturing your shooting on video will let you see where you are making mistakes in technique.

Long before there were digital video cameras, I had been given the same advice by fly casting instructor Macauley Lord about using a video camera to improve my fly casting. Improving technique is improving technique. It doesn’t matter if it is handgun shooting or fly casting. It is interesting – long before I knew what dry fire practice was, I knew how to practice doing a double haul without a fly rod in my hand. It is still all about building muscle memory.

Do You Need Backup Iron Sights On Your AR-15?

Andrew at Vuurwapen Blog has just posted a video discussing whether you need BUIS on your AR-15 if you are not in combat arms, a LEO, or similar. He makes a lot of good points and notes that his M-4 wasn’t equipped with BUIS when he deployed as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines to Al Anbar Province in Iraq.

I think I’ll be taking another look at this for some of my future builds. Realistically, I can’t see the need for BUIS on an AR-15 set up for hunting coyotes or other varmints.

Vuurwapen On 20″ AR-15 Carbines

Andrew at the Vuurwapen Blog has just posted a new video which he calls “La Longue Carabine” in honor of Natty Bumpo from Last of the Mohicans. In this video he discusses two of his 20-inch barrel AR-15’s with collapsible stocks. He notes that the length may not look cool but it is very easy to shoot and helps reduce recoil. I might add that U.S. Marines used a similar length M-16A2 in close quarters combat in Iraq quite effectively.

About That Gunshow Loophole

Andrew at Vuurwapen Blog has a very interesting post today entitled “There is nothing special about a gun show”. Given that he is in Arizona and Mayor Bloomberg is trying to regulate Arizona gun shows even though New York City is 2500 miles away, it points out some interesting things that the media seems to forget.

Bloomberg’s stunt, less than a month after the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, does raise an interesting question, at least to me. Why do anti-gun activists, such as Bloomberg, continue to focus on “issues” such as gun shows after mass shootings – when murderers like Loughner, Cho, and Hasan all purchased their firearms legally, undergoing background checks?

We were told when the 4473 came into effect that background checks would protect the innocent – why do they regularly fail to prevent homicidal maniacs from legally acquiring firearms? Given the abject failure of past anti-gun legislation at doing anything but preventing law abiding citizens from acquiring firearms, ammunition, and accessories, why should we believe that “just” closing this “loophole” – or “just” taking away “those” magazines – will have any real effect?

Read the whole blog post. I’d also suggest putting the Vuurwapen Blog on your list of daily reads. Andrew has some of the best info out there on AR’s among other things.

How Much Does Your AR-15 Weigh?

I stumbled across the Vuurwapen Blog today for the first time – and am I ever happy that I did!

Andrew, who runs the blog, has developed a calculator to determine what each thing you add to your AR-15 will weigh. For example, your basic M4 carbine configuration with a 6-position adjustable stock, Troy BUIS, Eotech 552 optic, Vortex flash hider, and a PMag full of 62 grain 5.56×45 ammo will weigh 8.525 pounds. If you decide you want the Vltor Clubfoot Modstock on it instead of the basic Tapco M4 buttstock, then the weight drops to 8.44375 pounds.

This tool is a great way to figure out in advance what hypothetical configurations will weigh without having to buy, assemble, and then weigh the weapon.

But wait! Andrew doesn’t stop there with his calculators. He also has developed a balance calculator that helps you determine the center of gravity of your AR-15. It helps you determine how the weigh will shift if you change various parts. He has a 3-part article that discusses weight and balance in AR’s.

If you have an AR-15 and you plan to modify it, you should bookmark these calculators. While you are at it, bookmark the Vuurwapen Blog as well.