Vuurwapen On 20″ AR-15 Carbines

Andrew at the Vuurwapen Blog has just posted a new video which he calls “La Longue Carabine” in honor of Natty Bumpo from Last of the Mohicans. In this video he discusses two of his 20-inch barrel AR-15’s with collapsible stocks. He notes that the length may not look cool but it is very easy to shoot and helps reduce recoil. I might add that U.S. Marines used a similar length M-16A2 in close quarters combat in Iraq quite effectively.

4 thoughts on “Vuurwapen On 20″ AR-15 Carbines”

  1. According to Martin Fackler, when you're talking about standard military type FMJ rounds with a cannelure, every inch of additional barrel gives you 50 more yards of effective range, based on the tumble and break at the cannelure effect that he determined was what gave 5.56 NATO its stopping power. I don't have a handy link to the most specific paper by him on this but the links at the bottom of his Wikipedia entry should get you to it if you're interested.

  2. My 20" is a lot more accurate over 200 yards than my 16" is. Also lets me shoot 75 grain rounds without going to a 1/7 twist.

  3. I don't see it at all. What are you shooting at that you can't hit with a 16" barrel? If you're reaching that far out, get a better caliber. The difference in velocity between 16 and 20" barrels is about 100 fps. Most people run optics now, so sight radius is not an issue either.

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