GRPC – Next Year, Phoenix

The location for the 2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference has been announced and it is Phoenix, Arizona. The conference will be held the last weekend of September as usual.

Let’s assume you just can’t make it to the conference due to cost or work or, God forbid, another suicidal maniac screwing up the FAA’s air traffic control system. Thanks to the joint efforts of, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, and The Polite Society Podcast (of which I’m a co-host)  you can watch the entire conference live via streaming video.

Paul Lathrop, host of The Polite Society Podcast, announced the joint effort late last night on Facebook.

I am proud to announce that at the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2015 The Polite Society Podcast will partner with – Shooting Sports News & Business and NJ2AS News and Events to provide LIVE video streaming of the conference!

I want to thank Fredy Riehl of Ammoland, Frank Jack Fiamingo, president of NJ2AS, and Rob Morse each of whom helped hatch the plan. It is going to take quite a bit of planning to get it done the way that it should be done, but I am certain that it will be a fun time.

I think this is great news.

And in one of those weird coincidences, I’m leaving for a business conference in a few minutes in….Phoenix.

Shades Of Gregg Marmalard

Reading a story about the veto of a student campus carry resolution at Baylor University, I couldn’t help but think of the character Gregg Marmalard in the movie Animal House. Marmalard was the student body president at Faber College who did the bidding of Dean Wormer in trying to get rid of Delta House.

The Student Senate at Baylor had passed a resolution on September 18th urging that those legally licensed to carry concealed be allowed to do so on campus. The sponsor of the resolution, senior Gannon McCahill said it would make the campus a safer place and noted that people can legally carry most everywhere else.

However, this resolution was vetoed by Baylor Student Body President Dominic Edwards on Thursday and thus won’t be presented to the university administration. Edwards contended the Student Senate did not properly seek in put from students, faculty, and staff. The move to override the veto failed to achieve the requisite two-thirds needed.

It seems that this is not the first veto by Edwards of a student senate resolution.

McCahill also aired frustration about the ability of the senate to push measures forward, noting that controversial issues tend to be “vetoed and pushed aside so the administration doesn’t have to deal with it.”

The student senate last fall approved a measure to drop “homosexual acts” out of the university’s sexual misconduct policy, but the body could not override a presidential veto.

I don’t think the Baylor University President and Chancellor really needs to be protected from a little controversy. This is quite minor compared to what Ken Starr has dealt with in the past.

Joe Manchin Said He Supported The Second Amendment, Too

Democrats running for the US Senate from red states love to say they are for the Second Amendment.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said he was for gun rights, boasted he was endorsed by the NRA, and even showed himself shooting a rifle at the “cap and trade” bill. That was in 2010. In 2013, he introduced a bill that would “only add gun checks to online sales and gun shows.” That was a myth among many other problems.

Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) said she supported the Second Amendment in 2008 when she won against a lackluster Liddy Dole in the Obama landslide. That didn’t stop her from voting for Manchin-
Toomey in 2013 along with gun prohibitionists like Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and the late Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ).

Now comes Kentucky Sec. of State Alison Lundergan Grimes who is running against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). She said she disagrees with Obama on guns, coal, and the EPA. She even ran an ad showing herself at the skeet range. She even chides McConnell’s waving a Kentucky long rifle a’la Charlton Heston at the 2014 NRA Annual Meeting saying, “That’s not the way you hold a gun.”

Then she was a guest on the Kentucky Sports Radio show in which she said was for the Second Amendment but supported closing the mythical “gun show loophole.”

I’m sorry but if you say you support closing the non-existent “gun show loophole” (sic) then that means you support universal background checks. Answering a question about whether you’d support banning any guns by saying “I support the Second Amendment” is nothing more than obfuscation. You want to appear gun friendly but you are supporting exactly the same thing as Bloomberg, Watts, and the rest.

Mitch McConnell is not my favorite Republican. I think what he’s done to undercut the non-establishment wing of the Republican Party is stupid politics. However, I vote the Second Amendment and he supports gun rights. I am also well aware that we are but one Supreme Court justice away from seeing Heller and McDonald overturned. The only way to ensure Obama doesn’t get a chance to seat another Kagan or Sotomayor on the Supreme Court is with a Republican-majority Senate. If Grimes wins, that isn’t going to happen.

UPDATE: Alison Lundergan Grimes’ support for closing the non-existent gun show loophole gets a “hallelujah” from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (sic).

Can we get a “hallelujah”? Thank you Alison Lundergan Grimes, for good old fashioned common sense.

We were told growing up that we are known by our friends. If these are her friends, well…..

Off To The 2014 Gun Rights Policy Conference

I leave in a couple of hours for my flight to Chicago to attend the Gun Rights Policy Conference. It has been a momentous week leading up to the conference.

First, Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain said he would be recommending pre-trial intervention for Shaneen Allen. This comes after the Attorney General John J. Hoffman “clarified” his directive to prosecutors regarding the prosecution of legally licensed visitors to the State of NJ who ran afoul of their onerous laws. And it formally happened yesterday as Ms. Allen stood before NJ Superior Court Judge Michael Donio “who formally put on record that she had been entered into PTI, and that all motions have been withdrawn and all pending court dates — including an Oct. 20 trial — suspended.”

As for Ms. Allen herself, she had this to say:

“I have no words for how I feel,” Shaneen Allen said outside the courtroom. “I won’t be going to jail and can stay home with my kids and get back to my life.”

That includes finding work after losing her three jobs as a result of a felony charge hanging over her head.

Now, she wants to head to nursing school — a plan detoured after she was arrested and jailed for 46 days after she was stopped on the Atlantic City Expressway with her gun.

Frankly, I don’t think this would have been the outcome if she hadn’t been such a sympathetic figure AND if Ray Rice hadn’t gotten a slap on the wrist after brutally knocking out his wife-to-be. It also goes to show that politicians can find ways to act correctly if the heat is high enough.

Second, Alan Gura chalks up another win for the Second Amendment with a case from Pennsylvania.  Binderup v. Holder involved a guy who lost his Second Amendment rights for sleeping with the wrong woman. Dan Binderup had pled guilty to a the misdemeanor crime of “corruption of a minor” which could have carried a five-year sentence. He got a fine and probation. However, under Federal law, you lose your Second Amendment rights if the crime could carry a penalty of more than a year. Dave Hardy give a good explanation of that here. It is a shame that Jefferson Schrader didn’t live long enough to see this decision.

Finally, Eric Holder resigned as Attorney General of the United States. I was so busy with work yesterday I didn’t know about this until the Complementary Spouse came home and told me. As the editorial headline from Investor’s Business Daily said, “Holder’s Exit Not Fast Or Furious Enough”.

In a just world, Eric Holder would be headed to prison. As it is, he’ll become just another Obama Administration alumnus getting his multi-million dollar payday from some business or law firm that wants an “in” with Obama.

More will be written about Holder’s departure in the coming days but right now it is my own departure for Chicago that is more pressing.

UPDATE: After having my first flight cancelled at 8:45 this morning, going to the airport (5 minute drive) and waiting a half hour for a United ticket agent, getting rebooked out of Greenville-Spartanburg, driving to GSP, waiting 3 hours, and then having my second flight cancelled at 4:00 pm, attending this year’s Gun Rights Policy Conference will be nothing more than a fond dream. It sucks but it also is a good lesson in the fragility of technology. Who would have thought one suicidal man could have wreaked so much havoc?

Interesting Second Amendment Case Out Of Massachusetts

If you travel abroad to a foreign country you carry your US Passport with you to prove that you are an American citizen. You don’t carry your birth certificate nor, if you weren’t born in the United States, do you carry your Certificate of Naturalization. Every foreign country around the world recognizes a passport as evidence of citizenship yet the Boston Police Department would not recognize Phuong Ngo’s US Passport as evidence of his US citizenship when he applied for a License to Carry. They demanded a US birth certificate or a Certificate of Naturalization and only would accept only one of  those documents.

Mr. Phuong Ngo came to the United States as a child with his parents. In  2006 his father became a naturalized citizen of the United States. 8 U.S.C. § 1431 provides that a child born outside the United States automatically becomes a citizen if at least one parent is a US citizen by either birth or naturalization; that the child is under age 18; and that the child is residing in the United States in the legal and physical custody of the citizen parent pursuant to a lawful admission for permanent residence (i.e., not an undocumented or illegal alien). Mr. Ngo thus became a US citizen without having either a US birth certificate or a Certificate of Naturalization. Nonetheless, he is a US citizen or the Department of State would not have issued him a passport.

22 U.S.C. § 2705 states that during its period of validity a US Passport shall have the same force and effect as proof of United States citizenship as certificates of naturalization or of citizenship issued by the Attorney General or by a court having naturalization jurisdiction.

Because of the intransigence of the Boston Police Department acting as the BPD Licensing Authority, Mr. Ngo and Commonwealth Second Amendment have filed suit in US District Court for the District of Massachusetts against Commissioner William Evans. They are seeking to have Boston’s requirements for a License to Carry to be declared unconstitutional, as applied and facially, on Second and Fourteenth Amendment grounds as well as on the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. They are also seeking a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction enjoining the BPD Licensing Authority from refusing to accept Mr. Ngo’s US Passport as evidence of his US citizenship.

From Comm2A’s press release on the case:

NATICK, MA – On Monday September 22nd, Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A) and an individual plaintiff filed suit in federal district court against Boston Police Commissioner William Evans seeking a temporary restraining order against the department’s policy of refusing to recognize valid US passports as proof of US Citizenship.

“I think most Americans would find it deeply offensive to learn that the police don’t consider a US passport evidence of citizenship,” said Comm2A President Brent Carlton. “Sadly this is no surprise from a Police Commissioner who believes no one in Boston ‘needs’ a rifle or a shotgun. The US Constitution that Commissioner Evans has sworn to uphold has a Bill of Rights, not a bill of needs. This is just one more tool that the Boston Police use to prevent the people of Boston from exercising a fundamental right.”

Despite federal law to the contrary, the department refuses to acknowledge that a valid US passport is proof of US citizenship. The Plaintiff attempted to apply for a ‘License to Carry’ on several occasions but was turned away by the Boston Police Department because he did not possess the requisite birth certificate or certificate of naturalization. Mr. Ngo became a US citizen as a minor child when his father became a citizen. Mr. Ngo does not possess nor is he able to obtain either a US birth certificate or certificate of naturalization. Mr. Ngo was repeatedly told that his valid US passport would not be accepted.

In refusing to acknowledge a valid US passport as evidence of citizenship, the complaint alleges that the Boston Police have trampled upon Mr. Ngo’s rights under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution, as well as violated the Supremacy Clause of Article IV of the US Constitution.

Plaintiffs are represented by attorneys Margarita Smirnova and J. Steven Foley.

Frankly, I don’t see that Boston has a leg to stand on but that certainly has NOT stopped anti-gun bureaucrats in the past.

How Do Silencers Work?

I am a sucker for a really good infographic and SilencerCo has put one out. They are the Utah-based manufacturer of silencers/suppressors for rifles, pistols, AND shotguns.

SilencerCo has always put a lot of effort into educating people on the legality, history, and usage of silencers. This infographic is their latest effort. Interestingly enough, it has caught the attention of the business press. BusinessInsider ran a story featuring the infographic below on Monday. Unlike most stuff you see in the media, it was accurate and non anti-silencer.

As someone who has a hearing related problem – tinnitus – due to shooting without hearing protection earlier in life, I really wish silencers and suppressors were not NFA items. At most, they should be listed as AOW or any other weapon and have a $5 transfer fee. The reality is that hearing loss is a public health issue and silencers, despite all the myth and legend about them coming out of Hollywood, are a hearing safety device.

Now Why Would The ATF Be Asking About Internet Sales?

The gun prohibitionists are always in a tizzy about “the Internet sale of guns”. Everytown Moms for Illegal Mayors is making a big deal about “Internet sales” in the campaign for the Washington State universal background check initiative I-594. That initiative, if passed, would mandate universal background checks for all sales and transfers of firearms. Of course, they are being helped by their allies in the Seattle media with articles like this giving the impression that Facebook is just one big gun exchange.

Here is what the Brady Campaign sent out to their true believers in their Toolkit 2014 which provides suggestions for contacting legislators and letters to the editor along with their general campaign strategy.

Unfortunately, when the bill (Brady Law) was created legislators could not have dreamed of the booming internet
and rising gun shows as a means for gun sales. Current law does not require a background
check through these venues
, meaning that a dangerous person could order a firearm online, meet
someone in a parking lot to pick it up, and commit a crime that same day. In fact, there are several
instances of this exact tragedy happening.

Gabby Giffords and the Space Cowboy are not to be outdone. Their “in-depth” report purportedly shows how the Internet is being used to circumvent laws banning firearm possession by the mentally ill. They are also pushing background checks as an issue in the race for Giffords’ former Congressional set in their ads against Col. Martha McSally.

The Violence Policy Center has been on this bandwagon since the late 1990s as have anti-gun politicians such as Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

You and I realize that companies like CDNN, Bud’s Gun Shop, Cheaper Than Dirt, and Kentucky Gun Company among others are not shipping firearms willy-nilly across the country like they are living in some pre-GCA 68 world where anyone could mail order a gun and get it delivered to their home. Moreover, as traditional classified advertising is dying in newspapers due to the cost and declining readership, it is being replaced with online venues ranging from the general to the specific. Many gun forums maintain their own classifieds.

It is within this context that I was surprised by a new question on the ATF Form 8 ((5320.11) Part II. This form is for the renewal of a Federal Firearms License I have circled it in the photo below. Having had my Curios & Relics FFL for going on 18 years, this will make my sixth renewal of my collector’s license. My last renewal was in 2011 and it did not have this question on it.

It asks, “Have you conducted or do you intend to conduct internet sales of firearms? If yes, list the websites from which you conduct your internet business.” If you go to this link, you can see that the prior version of ATF Form 8 did not have this question on it.

As best as I can determine, this is a recent change. The Federal Register contains a notice from ATF dated January 30, 2014 stating that they were submitting a request for review and approval of Form 8 (5310.11) and that the public had 60 days to comment. No draft of the form was shown. A subsequent notice extended this comment period to May 2, 2014.

The final revision was approved on June 26, 2014 according to this OMB database. (If you click on the form name in the link above, it will pull up a PDF of this form.) Reading the justification letter for this revision of Form 8, much ado was made about why they changed this or that question to make it more readable or easily understood. That said, there was absolutely no mention of Q. 8 and the inquiry about Internet sales of firearms. None.

So the question remains: why this question and why now? Is this a prelude to some future restrictions on the advertising for sale of firearms on the Internet? Why is this question not asked on initial applications for either a FFL or a Collector’s License? I don’t know because the ATF slipped it by OMB without any justification of it and they haven’t said anything publicly about Internet sales that I am aware.

As with all things ATF, this bears keeping a watchful eye on them and this issue.

OK, Ruger, Now I’m Impressed

Ruger has been running a series of “Flash Sweepstakes” as a way to generate publicity for their new gun introductions. The only problem with the whole concept is that the new product needs to be worth the expectations.

For their first Flash Sweepstakes firearm, Ruger introduced their Gunsite Scout Rifle in 5.56/.223. The overwhelming reaction of the internet was “meh”. It is somewhat heavy, it requires the use of an expensive proprietary magazine, and it was merely introducing an existing rifle in another caliber. The Scout Rifle is a fine rifle in .308 and I really like mine. However, the Mossberg MVP in all its iterations uses regular AR-15 magazines due to its patented bolt system and has an MSRP approximately $300 less than the Ruger.

The next Flash Sweepstakes introduced a number of Ruger American Rifles in left-handed versions as well as “ranch” versions. The left-handed versions of the Ruger American were welcome if a bit overdue. I am seriously considered buying one in .243 Winchester for my step-daughter who wants to go deer hunting. That said, it was again a line extension that didn’t really break new ground.

And this leads us to the third Flash Sweepstakes. It promised that it was going to be a handgun. After the first two sweeps, I really wasn’t expecting much. I am pleasantly surprised to find that it is a Ruger LCR in 9mm Parabellum.

Revolvers in 9mm have been introduced in the past by Ruger and others but many are now out of production. The Ruger SP101 in 9mm commands a hefty premium in the used market – if you can find one. Smith and Wesson introduced their 8-shot Model 929 in 9mm this year with a MSRP of $1,189. You can also find revolvers in 9mm from both Taurus and Charter Arms.

Looking at the specs of the LCR 9mm, it appears that they used the frame from their .357 Magnum as the weight is 17.20 ounces versus 13.5 ounces for their original LCR in .38+P. Reading the introduction announcement below, no mention is made of the need to use moon clips. If it really is a 9mm revolver without moon clips, wow. Charter Arms makes the Pitbull and Smith & Wesson made the Model 547. No offense intended towards Charter Arms lovers (my first revolver was a Charter Arms .38 Special) but they don’t have a great reputation for reliability. The S&W 547 was reputed to be one of the more expensive guns to manufacture that they ever made. As to the LCR 9mm, with a MSRP of $599, expect to find it at the gunstore for much less. I paid $399 for the original LCR new in the box. I’m guessing $499 or less.

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. (NYSE: RGR) announces the introduction of the 9mm LCR®, the newest variation of the revolutionary Lightweight Compact Revolver (LCR).

“Since its introduction in 2009, the LCR has become extremely popular with conceal carry customers seeking the simplicity of a revolver,” said Chris Killoy, Ruger President and Chief Operating Officer. “Customers have been asking for a 9mm version due to ammo availability and compatibility with pistols. We were listening and have added a 9mm version of the LCR,” he concluded.

The newest LCR retains all the features of the critically acclaimed original LCR. Its double-action-only trigger pull is uniquely engineered with a patented Ruger® friction reducing cam fire control system. The trigger pull force on the LCR builds gradually and peaks later in the trigger stroke, resulting in a trigger pull that feels much lighter than it actually is. This results in more controllable double-action shooting, even among those who find traditional double-action-only triggers difficult to operate. The LCR is elegantly designed with three main components: a polymer fire control housing, monolithic frame, and an extensively fluted stainless steel cylinder. When originally introduced, the Ruger LCR revolver was one of the most significant new revolver designs in over a century and it has since been awarded three patents.

In addition to 9mm Luger, the LCR double-action-only model also is available in .38 Spl. +P, .357 Mag., .22 WMR. and .22 LR. The exposed hammer LCRx™, which can be fired in double- or single-action modes, is available in .38 Spl. +P. All LCR models feature replaceable ramp front sights with white bar, and a fixed U-notch rear sight. Some models are available with Crimson Trace® Lasergrips® instead of the Hogue® Tamer™ Monogrip®, which comes standard.

I’ll be interested to hear the reaction of Grant Cunningham to this new revolver on the next episode of The Gun Nation podcast.

UPDATE: Thanks to the lead in the comments from Overload in Colorado, I did find out that the Ruger LCR 9mm does use moon clips. They are selling them in the ShopRuger store in 3 packs. I wish Ruger engineers could have devised a non-moon clip solution without greatly increasing the cost of manufacture. Obviously they couldn’t. Still, I am happy to see the LCR in 9mm. It’s not a game changer but it is a welcome addition to the line and excites me more than the other two new introductions.

UPDATE II: Ruger released a video of the LCR 9mm including use of its moon clips.

Draft Agenda For The 2014 Gun Rights Policy Conference Released

The Second Amendment Foundation sponsored Gun Rights Policy Conference is almost here. It starts this coming Friday evening in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency – O’Hare Airport. The draft agenda has been released and it is jam-packed.

I plan to be there as will my fellow co-hosts of The Polite Society Podcast, Paul Lathrop and Rob Morse. If you are going to be there, please make sure you introduce yourself.

Herewith is the draft agenda:

29th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference
September 26-28, 2014
Hyatt Regency Chicago O’Hare Airport

FRIDAY, September 26, 2014—International Ballroom

7:00 p.m. Registration Table Opens

7:00-9:00 p.m. Reception with Cash Bar

Co-hosted by Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms & National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)

SATURDAY, September 27, 2014—Rosemont Ballroom

7:30 a.m. Registration Table Opens

Beverages hosted by Women & Guns Magazine and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

8:00 a.m. CALL TO ORDER

Moderator—Julianne Versnel, publisher, Journal on Firearms & Public Policy, director of operations, SAF
Star Spangled Banner – Colleen Lawson, plaintiff, McDonald v. Chicago
Trooping of the Colors – American Legion Post 206 – Arlington Heights, Illinois
Pledge of Allegiance—Rhonda Ezell, plaintiff, Ezell v. Chicago

8:15 a.m. State of the Gun Rights Battle

Welcoming Remarks

The Road Traveled—Joseph P. Tartaro, editor of, president,
Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)
The Road Ahead—Alan M. Gottlieb, chairman, Citizens Committee for the Right to
Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) and founder, SAF

8:30 a.m. Federal Affairs Briefing

Mark Barnes, President, Mark Barnes Associates, CCRKBA federalist lobbyist
Jeff Knox, Director, The Firearms Coalition, founder of
Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America
Seth Waugh, director of Government Relations- Federal Affairs, NSSF

9:00 a.m. Disarming the Jews and “Enemies of the State”

Stephen P. Halbrook, Esq., Research Fellow at the Independent Institute

9:15 a.m. State Legislative Affairs Briefing I

Philip Van Cleave, president, Virginia Citizens Defense League
Scott Bach, chairman, Association of NJ Rifle and Pistol Clubs, board member, NRA
Jim Wallace, executive director, Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) Massachusetts
Richard Pearson, executive vice president, Illinois State Rifle Association
Sean Maloney, Esq., Buckeye Firearms Association leader
Stephen Aldstadt, president, Scope NY, Inc. (Shooters Committee on Political Education)

10:00 a.m. Beverage break hosted Ruger

10:15 a.m. State Legislative Affairs Briefing II

Jerry Henry, executive director, Georgia
Paul Valone, president, Grass Roots North Carolina
Sean Caranna, co-executive director, Florida
Tony Montanarella, board member & past president, California Rifle and Pistol Association
Andrew Rothman, vice president, Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance MN
Hon. Phillip Journey, vice president, Kansas State Rifle Association

11:00 a.m. Collision Course: Our Second Amendment and the International Gun Control Agenda

Mark Westrom, president, Defense Small Arms Advisory Council
D. Allen Youngman, executive director, Defense Small Arms Advisory Council
Julianne Versnel, director of operations, Second Amendment Foundation

11:30 a.m. Special Address

Jack McCauley, former Captain, Maryland State Troopers, investigative consultant

11:45 a.m. Recess and break to prepare for box luncheon

12:00 p.m. Awards Luncheon

Hosted by American Legacy
Master of Ceremonies, Tom Gresham, host of Gun Talk radio
Address by Alan Gura, Esq., litigator in the Heller and McDonald Supreme Court cases

Awards presentations

1:30 p.m. Recess Break

1:45 p.m. Winning Firearms Freedom One Lawsuit at a Time

Dan Schmutter, Esq., legal counsel, Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs
Eric Friday, Esq., litigator for Florida Carry and Second Amendment Foundation
Miko Tempski, Esq., general counsel, Second Amendment Foundation
David Sigale, Esq., attorney for SAF in several gun rights actions
David Jensen, Esq., attorney for SAF in several gun rights actions
David Kopel, Esq., law professor and litigator in Colorado gun law challenge
Paloma Capanna, Esq., litigator and policy analyst, Second Amendment Coalition Resource Center (NY)

2:45 p.m. Pro-Second Amendment Allies and Resources

Bill McGrath, legislative director, Safari Club International
Rick Patterson, vice president, Sporting Arms & Ammunition Manufacturers Institute

3:15 p.m. Beverage service hosted by Cheaper than Dirt

3:30 p.m. Gunowners and the Mid-Term Elections

John Fund, national affairs correspondent, National Review Online

3:45 p.m. The Anti-Gun Troika: Background Checks, Microstamping & Smart Guns

Alan Gottlieb, chairman, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
George Owens, director of legislative affairs, Alabama Gun Rights
Stephen D’Andrilli, president,

4:15 p.m. Bloomberg’s false claims about guns.

John Lott, PhD, economist and columnist for Fox News, president, Crime Prevention Research Center

4:30 p.m. Targeting ‘Gun Free’ Zones

Massad Ayoob, trustee, Second Amendment Foundation, author, founder, Lethal Force Institute
John Edeen, MD, pediatric surgeon, Texas Hospital activist
Chris Bird, firearms instructor, author, Thank God I Had a Gun, Second Edition

5:00 p.m. Building Effective State Legal Action Organizations

Gene Hoffman, CalGuns Foundation
Thomas Bolioli, Commonwealth Second Amendment Foundation

5:20 p.m. Expanding Train Me Arizona Nationwide

Alan Korwin, author & publisher of Firearms Law Books

5:30 p.m. Q & A on Saturday session

6:00 p.m. Announcements and Adjournment

6:30-9:00 p.m. Reception with Cash Bar— International Ballroom

Hosted by Second Amendment Foundation and US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

SUNDAY, September 28, 2014—Rosemont Ballroom

8:15 A.M. Registration Table Opens

Beverage service hosted by and Keep and Bear

8:50 a.m. CALL TO ORDER

Moderator: Peggy Tartaro, editor of Women & Guns, board member CCRKBA

9:00 a.m. Shootout at the Airwaves Coral

Tom Gresham, host of Gun Talk radio and TV shows, CCRKBA board member
Mark Walters, host of Armed America Radio

9:30 a.m. A First Amendment Guide to the Second Amendment

David Kopel, Esq., research director, Independence Institute, adjunct professor of constitutional law,
Denver University Sturm College

9:45 a.m. Science vs. Fiction in Public Health Policy

Vikram Khanna, Editor at Large, THCB’s Wellness, blogger at “Khanna on Health”
Robert B. Young, MD, distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association
Timothy Wheeler, MD, Founder, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, co-author, Keeping Your Family Safe

10:15 a.m. Expanding Carry Options for America

Tim Schmidt, Founder, U.S. Concealed Carry, Inc., Publisher, Concealed Carry Magazine

10:30 a.m. Tackling Media Bias on Guns and Gunowners

Charles Heller, host, Liberty Watch Radio
Malia Zimmerman, editor, Hawaii Reporter
Don Irvine, president, Accuracy in Media

11:00 a.m. Investigating Gun Related News and the Rise of the Citizen Journalist

David Codrea, Unauthorized Journalist
Dave Workman, senior editor,

11:20 a.m. The Bigger Picture Second Amendment

Doug Ritter, founder and chairman,
Jennifer Coffey, former NH state representative, legislative liaison Second Amendment Sisters

11:45 a.m. Q&A on morning panels

12:00 Noon Report of the Resolutions Committee

Genie Jennings, Maine activist and Women & Guns columnist
Don Moran, president, Illinois State Rifle Association
Stephen Aldstadt, president, Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE, Inc.) NY
Herb Stupp, Board Member, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Robert Weist, Trustee, Second Amendment Foundation
Ainsley Reynolds, Citizens for a Safer New Jersey
Joe Waldon, Legislative director, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Andrew Queen, president, Fidelity Security

1:00 p.m. Closing remarks and adjournment

Alan M. Gottlieb and Joseph P. Tartaro

After the conference ends, there will be a workshop led by the Leadership Institute entitled, “The Gun Owners Elected Official Accountability Workshop” that will run from 1:30pm until 3:30pm. It is a free workshop that is intended to maximize the effectiveness of gun owners as citizen lobbyists. If you have a late flight or are local to the Chicago area, I think it would make a worthwhile add-on to your time at the conference. Did I mention it was free?

If you’d like to attend the workshop, let Jessica Brown know at