Still Working Out The Kinks In MailPoet

If you didn’t receive an email with my latest posts, that is because I’m still working out the kinks in MailPoet. That is the app that is supposed to automatically send full text updates of all my new blog posts once a day.

It would have done it this morning if I had linked it to the correct mailing list. As it was, the list was linked to a default list with zero subscribers and not the real list.


Maybe tomorrow it will work properly.

Software. You can’t live with it and you can’t live without it.

Pictorial Reason For Light Blogging

I have not blogged much this week. Below is the reason why.

These were taken yesterday in Destin, Florida as we were getting ready to head home. The Complementary Spouse’s sister and her husband had rented a condo and invited us to join them. We also were joined by the Complementary Spouse’s brother and his wife.

I guess if you have to watch semi-disappointing election returns doing it in a nice place lessens the discomfort. On the plus side, Mark Robinson was elected Lt. Gov. of North Carolina and Madison Cawthorn will be my new Congressman. On the negative side, unless a miracle happens, my new president will be a corrupt lifetime politician with many signs of dementia meaning the remaking of the judiciary with originalists has come to a halt.

Shane Will Be Joining The Blog

I met Shane Thurston for the first time at the Gun Rights Policy Conference held in Chicago. That was the year after the win in McDonald v. Chicago and the late Otis McDonald himself was there. He and I would then meet periodically at GRPC over the next number of years and became friends.

This year we started talking about him contributing to the blog and he agreed. While I have resisted adding others besides the Complementary Spouse to the blog, Shane brings something to the blog that I can’t. That is, he knows what it is like to be a gun owner behind enemy lines.

He lived in the Chicagoland area for many years and now lives in Westchester County, New York. Sometimes work and your spouse’s work doesn’t leave you with many options.

He will be writing about guns, the Second Amendment, and personal safety from that perspective. He will be submitting pieces on an occasional basis which I hope becomes more regular.

Here is a picture of Shane when he first learned about the NY SAFE Act.

Well, actually, it might be a picture of his standard poodle Kaiser but you get the drift.

“Be Like Kim Kardashian” – My Presentation At 2017 Gun Rights Policy Conference

I teased people before my presentation on the Using New Media To Advance Gun Rights panel at the 2017 GRPC that I would be talking about Kim Kardashian.

And I did.

You can read and see my whole presentation below. I do think it is important that we adopt all forms of social media to inform and persuade the Millennials and iGeneration about freedom and the Second Amendment.

Hi. I’m John Richardson.

I have the gun blog No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money and I’m a co-host of the Polite Society Podcast.

In past years I’ve spoken about how bloggers have worked to advance gun rights, how they’ve exposed gun walking in the Obama Administration, and also how we can use new media as a tool to fight the enemies of freedom ranging from the Mainstream Media to the well-funded gun control lobby.

This year when I was putting together my notes for this talk I thought about things like fake news, the bias of the mainstream media, how balanced in their lexicon means always quoting a gun banner in reference to crime, and how ridiculous it is that the media takes anything Gabby Giffords says seriously.

However, last Saturday morning while I was sitting in bed drinking my coffee I watched a report on CBS Saturday which encapsulated what we in the gun rights community need to do: we need to become Social Media Influencers.

Put another way, we need to become like Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian. I know you are probably saying right now that you can maybe understand Trump but a Kardashian? Really?

Think about this – you have a young woman with virtually no discernible talents, with no education past high school, and no employment history to speak of who got upwards of $1 million for merely attending a party due to the attention she draws.

That is social media influence. We may think it is absurd but it is the new reality.

Big business understands this. They have made it a $1 billion annual industry because it conveys authenticity and because it goes around the gatekeepers to put their message directly into the pockets of Millennials and Gen. Z aka the iGeneration.

The reason I care and you should care about reaching the Millennials and the iGeneration is that we are in the long war. If we don’t reach them with the message that gun rights are important, that the shooting sports are fun, and that our opponents are the enemies of freedom, then the Second Amendment will be effectively dead within our lifetimes.

The Millennials and the iGeneration don’t read newspapers. They don’t watch network news. Half the time they’ve replaced cable with Netflix and Amazon Prime. They don’t have landlines and their cell phones are more often used to text than to talk to friends. More importantly, they don’t trust traditional media and they value authenticity. This means they give greater weight to user-generated social media than virtually anything else.

The other thing to understand is that there is New Social Media and Old Social Media. The latter would include things like blogs, podcasts, Facebook, and, to some extent, Twitter. New Social Media is centered on things like Instagram, SnapChat, and Periscope with YouTube somewhere in between the two. To give you an idea of the reach of Instagram as a means of social influence, the Kardashian-Jenner daughters have 410 MILLION followers combined.

So how do you use it?

Number one – download the app to your smart phone and register an account.

Number two – start posting pictures when you take a new shooter to the range. Or alternatively, post pictures from GRPC. Just make sure to put hashtags with them. You know – those little cross-hatched number signs with a word or two after them. Stuff like “#newshooter” or “#grpc2017”.

Number three – if you feel this is beyond what you can do, enlist your kids and grandkids. Take them shooting and have THEM post the pictures to their accounts.

Finally, keep it fun and keep it light. If we need serious, we have people like Alan Gura for the legal stuff, Dr. John Lott to challenge the anti’s statistics, and my friend sociologist David Yamane for studies on GunCulture 2.0.

We can win at this because we are the real grassroots. Social media influence comes from below and not from above. But we need to start doing it NOW.

I will be posting my notes and associated video from the 2017 Gun Rights Policy Conference throughout the week.

Comment Moderation

I have had to add comment moderation to this blog. It is not because I’ve been getting abusive emails but because I am sick and tired of getting spammed.

If you are a spammer, I don’t care if some guru fixed your sex life nor do I care that Dr. Agaga Blessing put a spell on your husband/wife/boss/kids which helped you to get pregnant/get out of debt/fixed your marriage/lead a wonderful life/cure cancer. I also don’t care if  “EDWARD JONES FINANCE” gave you a loan or a mortgage.  I just don’t care

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So to Tracy Jane who got her ex-lover back thanks to a spell caster and to Rebecca Lewis who got pregnant and to Emily Thomas, financial mess, who got a $390,000 loan, I don’t believe a word of it. Just go away!

I’m sorry that I had to go this route but 15-20 spams a day is too many.

Please don’t let this prevent you from commenting. If I write something that is incorrect or with which you take exception, let me know by commenting. If you have something to add to the story, please share it. Finally, if you liked what you just read, I’m shameless enough to welcome comments that say that!

Light Blogging This Week

I will have very light to non-existent blogging this week.

We are in St. Louis to check up on my mother-in-law, see the rest of the family, introduce my granddaughter Olivia Grace to her great-grandmother, and the like.

I will also get a chance to meet Charlie Foxtrot of Not One More Gun Law. He has been helping tremendously on The Polite Society Podcast.

If I am lucky I will also get some pictures of the Mississippi and the Meramac Rivers. I have never seen them so high. The Meramac is supposed to crest at 35.9 feet today in Arnold. Flood stage is 24 feet.

Light Blogging Until The Weekend

I will be in a business conference out-of-state starting today and continuing through Friday. As such, I anticipate that blogging will be light to non-existent until the weekend.

Did  I mention that the conference will be in New Orleans and that shuttles will be provided from the conference to the French Quarter every evening? I guess I failed to mention that part!

I plan to have my first Sazerac and some cold oysters on the half shell. I’ll have reports on that after the fact.

Catching Up

I’ve been out of town the last couple of days on business which accounts for the slow blogging.

To all the road warriors and/or people with ultra-long daily commutes, my hat’s off to you. I had about a 2 1/2 hour drive to get home last night and I’m whupped! It could be age or just inexperience in doing this on a regular basis but it wears me out. It also doesn’t help not to be in your own bed with your own pillow.

End Of Semester – Light Blogging

I will have light to non-existent blogging today and tomorrow due to grading to student projects and final exams. As soon as I get those grades in, life resumes.

Oh, what I’ll do for gun buying money!

UPDATE: Grades submitted! I know students of all ages are happy when the semester and/or school year ends but perhaps not so happy as their teachers.