Pictorial Reason For Light Blogging

I have not blogged much this week. Below is the reason why.

These were taken yesterday in Destin, Florida as we were getting ready to head home. The Complementary Spouse’s sister and her husband had rented a condo and invited us to join them. We also were joined by the Complementary Spouse’s brother and his wife.

I guess if you have to watch semi-disappointing election returns doing it in a nice place lessens the discomfort. On the plus side, Mark Robinson was elected Lt. Gov. of North Carolina and Madison Cawthorn will be my new Congressman. On the negative side, unless a miracle happens, my new president will be a corrupt lifetime politician with many signs of dementia meaning the remaking of the judiciary with originalists has come to a halt.

3 thoughts on “Pictorial Reason For Light Blogging”

  1. What you saw in the election returns was fraud. Remains to be seen whether it can be exorcised but Trump is not giving up and neither should we.

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