Time For Canadians To Stop Being Polite

I took time to read the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms today. Obviously, there is no equivalent of our Second Amendment in it. Interestingly, there is no protection for property of any sort within it unlike our Fifth Amendment. Some Canadian scholars have written that this was purposely omitted as it was seen as a restriction on government. Indeed the first article of the Charter expressly states the rights guaranteed within it were “subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law”.

I’m not a Canadian legal expert but that sure as heck sounds like the whole Charter is founded upon the rational basis level of scrutiny. Given that, it is no wonder Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thought a mere Order in Council was sufficient to ban over 1,500 firearms from ownership. In his mind, there was no need to bring it to Parliament and have a debate on the ban.

There is a petition demanding that the matter be brought to the House of Commons for debate. It has over 175,000 signatures currently. It has been presented to Parliament by MP Glen Motz who represents the Medicine Hat area of Alberta.

Perhaps it is time to stop being so polite.

Maybe it is time to tell Trudeau and his cop to politician Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I might suggest even flying a Canadian version of the Gonzales Flag similar to the rough one I just Photoshopped below.

The bully-boys of the RCMP firearms unit might not like it. Nonetheless, Article 2(b) declares “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression” as a Fundamental Freedom guaranteed to all Canadians.

What’s Up With Alamance County

Alamance County, North Carolina is considering a ban on all firearms in county buildings. Currently, only concealed weapons are banned. However, they are reacting to two non-incidents where an open carrier went in to pay their tax bills at the Tax Collector’s Office.

These individuals went in, paid their bills, and left. They were not like some open carry protesters carrying a slung shotgun or rifle but merely carrying a pistol on their hip. Open carry has been legal in North Carolina since the early 1920s based  upon the North Carolina Supreme Court case of State v. Kerner.

Grass Roots North Carolina has issued an alert on the moves by county commissioners to consider the ban.


The Times-News is reporting that Alamance County Commissioners are considering a comprehensive gun ban in County Buildings. Not known for being an anti-Second Amendment group, it may seem perplexing that Alamance County leaders would consider such a thing. Apparently, the discussion springs from a couple of recent incidents that are only remarkable in the fact that they are not “incidents” at all.

On a couple of occasions, citizens going about their daily business had stopped in to county offices to pay their taxes. While doing so, they happened to be open-carrying firearms. There has been no suggestion that the citizens acted strangely or threateningly in any way, and it’s worth noting that it is perfectly legal to open-carry in Alamance County buildings. To summarize the situation: no incident occurred, and no laws were broken. However, to be fair, it should be noted that some taxes were paid. So, where’s the problem?

It’s reported that some county employees expressed that they were “scared” by the presence of the lawfully armed citizens paying their taxes. So now, based on the feelings of a few individuals, the Commissioners are considering an all-out gun ban. That would be a gun ban on the very property that is funded by the taxes that these citizens came in to pay. The irony is striking.

When asked about the non-incidents, Sheriff Terry Johnson stated:

“I am a believer in a man’s right to bear arms, but you don’t walk into a county building with a gun strapped on the side of you.”

Which is it? Do the people have the right to bear arms, or don’t they? If Sheriff Johnson truly believes in that right, and intends to honor his oath to protect it, you’d think that he would be incensed that the County Commissioners would even consider a gun ban. One might even point out that Sheriff Johnson himself frequents county buildings, presumably with a gun strapped on his side. The irony is snowballing.

Unfortunately, Alamance County buildings are already posted against concealed carry, which means there is only one option left for citizens to legally bear arms if they need to pass through that particular public space. An additional restriction, one on open-carry, would establish a de facto 100% gun ban, and that would surely call into question Sheriff Johnson’s and the Commissioners’ commitment to the rights of the citizens they serve.

However foolish and ineffective it may be, property owners have every right to ban guns from their private lands and structures. Such is the nature of private ownership. However, if there is any place where the Bill of Rights is clearly applicable, and ought to be non-negotiable, it is on public property. County officials are elected and hired to serve the citizens of the county. It is the citizen who has the right to bear arms, and he or she has the right to do so primarily on public property, for the very reason that it is public—the citizens own it. If the County Commissioners claim the authority to infringe on this right, one can only wonder what’s next.

A gentle prompting may be needed to nudge the Alamance County Commissioners in the right direction. Surely, once they hear from their supervisors (the people), they will recall what it is they are charged with protecting, and whom they are charged with serving. Below, you’ll find contact information and a message that can be used to communicate your concerns to the County Commissioners.


E-mail the Alamance County Commissioners. Below you will find a recommended e-mail message you can use. Also, under ‘Contact Info,’ you’ll find a copy-paste e-mail address list for the commissioners.


Copy & Paste *e-mail list for the County Commissioners:
blashley62@yahoo.com; tkm@triad.rr.com; lhmassey@bellsouth.net; timdsutton@hotmail.com; timdsutton@justice.com

*No e-mail address available for Commissioner David I. Smith
His mailing address is:
PO Box 1854
Burlington, NC 27216


Suggested Subject: “No Gun Bans on Taxpayer Owned Property”

Dear Alamance County Commissioners,

I have recently been informed that there has been discussion among the County Commissioners about establishing a gun ban in county buildings.

With that in mind, I’m writing to remind the Commissioners that the citizens of Alamance County have a right to bear arms, and it is particularly on public property where this right ought to be recognized and protected. I respectfully insist that County Commissioners not machinate to deny Alamance County citizens their Second Amendment rights. Of course, I assume that you are a supporter of such rights, but passing an ordinance establishing a gun ban in county buildings would, unfortunately, prove my assumption incorrect.

To remain consistent with the supreme law of the land, and as a show of respect to the citizens you serve, I ask that you discount any thoughts of a gun ban on taxpayer-owned property. I will be monitoring your actions on this issue via alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.


Friday Will Be Last Day For Towns In Illinois To Ban Guns

With the override of the amendatory veto of HB 183, the clock is ticking for towns and cities in Illinois who want to impose their own semi-auto firearm restrictions. The bill gave Illinois municipalities 10 days after its passage to have these ordinances in place or forever forego them.

From the alert below from the Illinois State Rifle Association, it appears that a number of cities and towns in and around Cook County are racing to get them in place before the deadline.

From the ISRA alert:

URGENT ALERT – Will your town try to ban your rifle this

Attend one of these meetings!

Monday Night Meetings to
Ban Guns:
Evanston Lake Zurich Morton Grove*
Darien Clarendon Hills Thornton
Waukegan Gurnee Flossmoor
River Forest Lake Forest Steger
Buffalo Grove Batavia University Park

Tuesday Night Meetings to Ban Guns:
Lincolnwood Winnetka

Thursday Night Meetings to Ban Guns:
Morton Grove** Palos Hills Hanover Park

Here is the current status:  The Illinois CCW
act has been passed into law by an override of the
governor’s veto on July 9.  The 10-day window
for municipalities for enact their own local
semi-auto bans expires on July 19.

In a last-ditch effort to solve to a non-existent
problem, Cook County and collar county communities
are going to show that they can get tough on crime
by coming down hard on the law-abiding citizens who
choose to own popular semi-automatic firearms.

Are you tired of hearing about attempts to take away
your firearms?
Here is what you need to

1. No matter where you live, plan to be at one of
the meetings listed below. Be sure to bring a friend
or two along with you.

2. Wear IGOLD or NRA hats and/or teeshirts.

3. Be prepared to vigorously defend your rights.

4. If you see media there, approach them and tell
them that you are a law-abiding Illinois firearm
owner and that you do not support gun bans.

5. Be sure to get to the meeting site at least 45
minutes early so you will get a seat. We need to
make our voices heard.

6. Pass this alert on to you friends and family and
tell them to attend meetings too.

7. Post this to all forums to which you belong.


What: Evanston City Council –
on agenda.


Packet (p10)


2100 Ridge Ave  Evanston 60201


Monday, 15 July 7:00 pm

What: Darien City Council –
on agenda.



Plainfield Rd  Darien 60561


Monday, 15 July 7:30 pm

What: Waukegan City Council –
on agenda.


Where: 100 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Av

Monday, 15 July 7:00 pm

What: River Forest “Special” Village Board –

Nothing in the published

yet.  Go there anyway.

Park Avenue, River Forest  60305


Monday, 15 July 7:00 pm

Buffalo Grove
Village Board –
on agenda.


Where: 50 Raupp Boulevard

Monday, 15 July 7:30 pm

What: Lake
Village Board –
on agenda.



Police Dept  200 Mohawk Trail Community Room 


Monday, 15 July 7:00 pm

Clarendon Hills
Village Board –
on agenda.




1 N. Prospect  Clarendon Hills 60514


Monday, 15 July 7:00 pm

Gurnee Village Board –

on agenda.



325 N O’Plaine Rd  Gurnee 60031


Monday, 15 July 7:30 pm

What: Lake Forest

City Council


Gun Ban discussion to be
continued from last meeting

Where: 220 E. Deerpath

Monday, 15 July 7:30 pm



City Council

GUN BAN on agenda.


N. Island Ave  Batavia 60510


Monday, 15 July 7:30 pm

Morton Grove
Village Town Hall Meeting –

on agenda. *


Patch Article


American Legion  6140 Dempster


Monday, 15 July 7:00 pm


Thornton Village Board –
Nothing in the published

Go there anyway.

115 E
Margaret St. 

Thornton 60476

Monday, 15 July 7:30 pm


Flossmoor Village Board –
GUN BAN on agenda.

Agenda Packet (p45)

Flossmoor Rd   Flossmoor 60422


Monday, 15 July 7:30 pm

Steger Village Board –
GUN BAN on agenda.

Agenda Packet

Committee Agendas

35 W
34th St. Steger  60475


Monday, 15 July 7:00 pm

What: University Park “Special” Village Board –

on agenda.



90 Towncenter Dr. 
University Park 60484


Monday, 15 July   Committee: 6:00 pm   
Board: 7:30 pm


Winnetka Village Board –
GUN BAN on agenda.

Agenda Packet
Green Bay Rd  Winnetka 60093


Tuesday, 16 July 7:00 pm

Lincolnwood Village Board –
GUN BAN on agenda.


(big) Packet

6900 N. Lincoln Ave 
Lincolnwood 60712


Tuesday, 16 July 7:30 pm


What: Morton Grove “Special” Village Board – **

GUN BAN on the (yet to be
published) agenda.


6101 Capulina Ave  Morton
Grove 60053


18 July   7:00 pm

What: Hanover Park Village Board –

GUN BAN on the (yet to be
published) agenda.

Where: 2121 Lake Street, Hanover


18 July   7:30 pm

What: Palos Hills City Council –

No published agenda yet. 
Go there anyway.


10335 S Roberts Rd  Palos
Hills 60465

18 July   7:00 pm


status of previous meetings
other meeting times, talking points against semi-auto bans, copies of
proposed ordinances, links to other resources; please visit


UPDATE: Thanks to Todd Vandermyde of the NRA, we have a report of which towns adopted any new gun control and which ones did not. It looks like it turned out to be a good night as most towns failed to adopt any new ordinances controlling firearms.

Batavia – FAILED motion to table.
Buffalo Grove – passed a bifurcated ordinance cook ban in cook, no ban in Lake county side
Clarendon Hills – FAILED
Darien – FAILED
Evanston – PASSED modified to exempt C&R licensees
Evergreen Park – FAILED no motion
Flossmoor – FAILED
Lake Forest – TABLED
Lake Zurich – NO BAN. Shell ordinance Failed.
Morton Grove – pending
River Forest — ????
Round Lake Beach – FAILED
Steger – FAILED
Thornton – removed from agenda
University Park— BanFAILED, storage ordinance passed
Waukegan – FAILED

Latest Round Of Municipal Meeting To Ban Guns In Illinois

The Illinois State Rifle Association has posted their updated list of cities and towns in Illinois seeking to ban guns. Assuming that the Illinois General Assembly overrides Gov. Pat Quinn’s amendatory veto of HB 183, they have 10 days to have their gun bans in place. The override is on the calendar and the General Assembly is expected to take it up this coming week.

The order staying the ruling in Shepard v. Madigan and Moore v. Madigan expires on Tuesday. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has stated there will be no more extensions of their stay. Attorney General Lisa Madigan does have until July 22nd to file an appeal of the Court’s ruling. An override would, it is my understanding, moot those cases and any chance of overturning it on appeal.

From ISRA:


As you know, Bloomberg has teamed up with Emanuel and Quinn to impose gun ban and confiscation schemes across Illinois. But, time is running out on Bloomberg and the gun grabbers. More localities are looking to pass gun bans and confiscations before the deadline comes.

If you think it is OK for the Mayor of New York to tell you what kinds of firearms you may own and which you may not, then just sit back and do nothing.

On the other hand, if you value your freedom… if you value your gun rights, here is what you need to do:

1. No matter where you live, plan to be at one of the meetings listed below. Be sure to bring a friend or two along with you.

2. Wear IGOLD or NRA hats and/or teeshirts.

3. Be prepared to vigorously defend your rights.

4. If you see media there, approach them and tell them that you are a law-abiding Illinois firearm owner and that you do not support gun bans.

5. Be sure to get to the meeting site at least 45 minutes early so you will get a seat. We need to make our voices heard.

6. Pass this alert on to you friends and family and tell them to attend meetings too.

7. Post this to all forums to which you belong.

Again, the question to you is, “Do you want Mayor Bloomberg telling you what guns you may own?”

What: Evanston City Council – Agenda Packet (p11) – Up for vote
Where: 2100 Ridge Ave Evanston 60201
When: Monday, July 8, 7:15 pm

What: Country Club Hills City Council Meeting – Agenda – Up for vote
Where: 4200 W. Main St. Country Club Hills 60478
When: Monday, July 8, 7:00 pm

What: Western Springs Village Board Meeting – Agenda – Up for vote
Where: 740 Hillgrove Ave, Western Springs 60558
When: Monday, July 8, 7:00 pm

What: Park Ridge Committee Meeting – CCW and AWB Memo
Where: 505 Butler Place, Park Ridge, 60068
When: Monday, July 8, 7:00 pm

What: Berwyn Committee Meeting – COW Agenda – Gun Ban Discussion
Where: City Hall, 6700 26th Street
When: Tuesday, July 9, 6:00 pm

What: Hillcrest Village Board Meeting – Agenda not published yet – up for vote
Where: 204 Hillcrest Avenue 61068
When: Wednesday, July 10, 7:00 pm

For status of previous meetings, other meeting times, talking points against semi-auto bans, copies of proposed ordinances, links to other resources; please visit http://isra.org/townhall .

SAF Wins Injunction In Illinois

The Second Amendment Foundation announced today that they had won a permanent injunction against the Warren County (IL) Housing Authority and their ban on possession of firearms by residents or guests.

This is good news from Illinois.

BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation has won a permanent injunction against the Warren County, Ill. Housing Authority’s ban on the possession of firearms by residents or guests.

The case was filed more than a year ago in U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois, Rock Island Division. Ronald G. Winbigler, a resident of Costello Terrace in Monmouth, is a physically disabled former police officer who wanted to keep a handgun in his residence for personal protection.

SAF filed the lawsuit on his behalf, and they were represented by attorney David Sigale, who noted, “People do not lose their Second Amendment rights just because they are of limited means. It is an indignity to make the waiver of constitutional rights a condition of government-subsidized housing.”

SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb was delighted with the ruling.

“We brought this case because it was unconscionable,” Gottlieb said, “in the wake of our victory in McDonald v. City of Chicago that a public entity in Illinois would engage in this kind of discrimination against a citizen. The WCHA has removed the lease provisions, and agreed that they were unconstitutional.”

In an order signed by District Judge Sara Darrow, plaintiffs are awarded reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. In her ruling, however, she did not make a constitutional declaration, but only recognized that SAF and the WCHA had agreed in that issue.

“Public housing is the last place one would expect to encounter residency provisions that run counter to the Bill of Rights,” Gottlieb said. “We’re delighted that this issue has been resolved to the benefit of Mr. Winbigler and citizens like him.”

ISRA: It’s Just A Lull

The Illinois State Rifle Association sent out an alert last night regarding the State House version of the “Cullerton Gun Grab Bill”. They noted this appears to be the end of gun control moves for this session of the Illinois General Assembly. And before, you think you can relax a little they go on to note the session ends on Wednesday when the new session begins.

Read the alert below. If you can spare ISRA a few bucks, send some their way. Just like me you may not live in Illinois but you need to realize that they are, in military terms, that forward detachment ahead of our lines. Keeping more gun control out of Illinois or California or New York or Massachusetts where they have the most sympathetic legislators means we have a better chance of keeping it out of the rest of the states.


As reported earlier, the House version of the Cullerton Gun Grab Bill was supposed to be debated before the House Judiciary Committee I at 2:00 PM today. The Chairman of the committee convened the committee, announced that there would be no gun bills debated for the rest of the session, then adjourned..

From all appearances, this was the end of the push for gun control in the legislature this session. But, don’t be confused – the session ends Wednesday. There is nothing saying that the legislature couldn’t call the bills anyway. So, be on guard and watch for alerts from the ISRA..

Also, be advised that the newly elected legislature, the 98th General Assembly, gets gaveled into action on Wednesday as well. With several pro-gun stalwarts leaving the legislature, and several brand new gun grabbers to contend with, the next session of the General Assembly promises to be turbulent times for law-abiding gun owners. We will update you as issues arise..

In short, the entire ISRA lobbying staff would like to say “THANKS” to all those gun owners who stood up this week and told the General Assembly, “NO. . . you can’t take our guns!” The huge response and reaction by the gun-owning public is largely responsible for the failure on the part of Senate President John Cullerton to move his massive gun grab this week..

We really hate to sound like a broken record, but protecting your rights this past couple of weeks has severely depleted our cash reserves. We honestly don’t like going to the well this often, but we badly need your financial help or we will not be able to field a full staff of lobbyists next week. It would be great if everybody receiving this alert could donate as little as $25, we would be able to continue full speed ahead against the Emanuel/Cullerton attacks on your gun rights. If you don’t step up to help protect your rights, nobody else will!.

On behalf of all law-abiding Illinois firearm owners, thanks for your continued support!.

P.S. Organizers are reporting record crowds at gun shows held this weekend in Marion, IL and the DuPage show in Wheaton.

A Visit To A Post-Newtown Gun Show

I had seen reports of record attendance at other gun shows but today I saw for myself. I attended the Asheville Gun and Knife Show held at the WNC Agriculture Center. I was struck by three things at the show: the crowds, the prices, and the level of commitment to fight for gun rights.

First, the crowds. I arrived at the Ag Center just a few minutes after 8am. I was at the show to volunteer at the Grass Roots North Carolina booth. Having volunteered for their booth at the previous gun show, I was shocked at the crowds and by how early people had started lining up. One person told me he got on line at 5:30 this morning after he got off of work!

The picture below is the line-up to get in just before the 9am opening. The line stretched down one lane, across to another, and then up again. When I left at 12:30pm, there was still a decent sized line to get into the gun show!

To put this into more perspective, here is a satellite map of the Ag Center with the red line representing the line to enter at 9am. The small red circle represents the entrance to the Davis Event Center. The building is 300 x 150 feet and has 45,000 square feet of exhibition space.

As you might well imagine, it got crowded inside. At first, it was just the outside perimeter but as time passed every row was filled with people 3 to 4 abreast. You couldn’t zip up and down the rows checking out stuff at your leisure. You pretty much either stopped or moved with the crowd. You can see in the picture below what I’m talking about. I wish I had an overhead picture to show just how crowded it was.

There are probably a number of reasons for the record attendance. First, with all the calls from politicians and the media for greater gun control there is the urge to buy it while you still can. Second, you have people like Asheville City Councilman Cecil Bothwell who are calling for gun shows to be banned in Asheville. While the Ag Center is not city-owned, Bothwell claims the land underneath is owned by the City of Asheville. Unfortunately for him, Session Law 2012-121 (HB 552) forced the City to cede title to the land underneath the Ag Center as well as remove any part of it from being within the city limits. Finally, it was the first gun show of the year and it was nice day.

Bob Owens asked me by Twitter whether they had any “fighting guns” left as he had reported none were available in his town. See Bob’s excellent post on the subject, “Something funny happened on the way to tyrrany.” He would be happy to know that you could find a number of AR-15s, some AKs, and a few odds and ends of other stuff. I noticed a handful of people selling their own ARs as well as stuff like FALs and Mini-14s.

As I said above, you could find AR-15s and AK-47s as well as magazines for them. However, the prices have sky-rocketed due to supply and demand. Plain jane AR-15s were selling for $1,500 and up. If you wanted an AR with all the bells and whistles (optics, rails, laser, bipod, etc.),  one dealer had them for $2,900. AKs had similar price jumps. I saw an AMD-65 which I had just purchased in September new selling for $439 selling for $1,000 used.

Magazine prices were outrageous. Used GI 30-round magazines were selling for $30. Strangely enough, they were selling new ones for the same price. The same dealer had Magpul PMAGs for $40 which were selling a month ago for $12.95. I did see Bulgarian AK-47 magazines for $30. It wasn’t just the dealers who were marking up prices on magazines. I did see one guy go by offering to sell Glock 17 and 22 magazines for $90 for two.

Not all prices were outrageous. I picked up two boxes of Hornady 6.8 SPC ammo for $20 each. Wolf primers were selling for $20 a box. Hunting stuff seemed price like it had been in the past. In terms of private sales,  I spoke with a young man selling his FN-FAL for $900 with scope and bipod which I found to be reasonable. If I didn’t have an FN-FAL and had an extra $900 hanging around, I would have bought it. Another guy had a pre-ban HK-91A1 for $3,500. While that may sound outrageous, it was the going rate before all the assault weapon (sic) ban talk started.

As I wrote earlier, I was volunteering for the Grass Roots North Carolina booth as I had at the last gun show. The difference was amazing even though the previous one had been just before the election. We signed up at least 10 new members by noon as compared to none the last time I was there. Secondly, people were very happy to sign GRNC’s petition to the North Carolina congressional delegation telling them they didn’t want any new gun control. We had 300 printed up and I’d estimate we had close to 250 signed by the time I left at noon. Those signing the petition were young and old, men and women, white and non-white. I spoke with people with nose rings and old men with canes. They were all similarly committed in their opposition to any new gun control.

Speaking with the people who stopped by the booth, I could tell they were ready to fight. I doubt any of them would voluntarily surrender their guns, magazines, or ammunition. Moreover, speaking with a former Force Recon Marine, he said he didn’t know any of his former colleagues who would enforce an order to confiscate firearms. He said they would rightfully consider it an unlawful order.

It was a good gun show except for the high prices on some things. However, I understand the laws of supply and demand. Moreover, the dealers selling now will have a hard time replenishing their stock for the next show. There will be a gun show in Waynesville at the end of the month. I may try to make that one just for comparison’s sake.

UPDATE: The gun show was covered by the local media.

Below is the video report from WSPA of Spartanburg, SC on the Asheville Gun and Knife Show. There were a lot of visitors from the Upstate of South Carolina at the show.

Reporters from the Asheville Citizen-Times also covered the show. Below is a video that they shot at the show which gives a good idea of how crowded it was. I love the comments by Phil Flack of PF Custom Guns regarding the so-called “gun show loophole.” You can read more of the story here which, unfortunately, goes overboard on “fairness” by soliciting comments from the gun prohibitionists.

Gun Banners Move To The Illinois House

The Illinois State Rifle Association issued an alert late last night concerning the moves by gun prohibitionists in the Illinois State House.

Rep. Eddie Acevedo has introduced an amendment that duplicates much of what was introduced earlier in the State Senate. It does have a twist in that it authorizes a contract with a non-public third party to create and administer a “registration eligibility verification system”. It is described as an “emergency contract”. I’m sure some friend of Rep. Acevedo or one of his Chicago cronies will benefit handsomely under this contract.

The ISRA Alert:


After getting nowhere in the Senate, the gun controllers have taken their campaign to destroy your rights to the Illinois House. Earlier today, Amendment #1 to SB2899 was introduced in the Illinois House of Representatives. Sponsored by rabidly anti-gun Rep. Eddie Acevedo, the amendment would do two things to you:

1. It would pick your pocket to pay for the confiscation and destruction of your own guns.

2. It would ban more than 50% of the rifles and more than 80% of handguns owned by Illinois citizens.


To help save your guns, please contact the following Representatives and politely tell them that you are a law-abiding firearm owner and that you do not support SB2899 and that you expect them to vote the amendment down.

1. Rep. Elaine Nekritz,. (217) 558-1004 and (847) 257-0450

2. Rep. John Bradley, (217) 782-1051 and (618) 997-9697

3. Rep. Jill Tracy, (217) 782-8096 and (217) 223-0833

4. Rep. Michael Connelly, (217) 782-8028 and (630) 579-4848

5. Rep. Dwight Kay, (217) 782-8018 and (618) 307-9200

6. Rep. Lou Lang, (217) 782-1252 and (847) 673-1131

7. Rep. Sid Mathias, (217) 782-1664 and (847) 222-0061

8. Rep. André M. Thapedi, (217) 782-1702 and (773) 873-4444

9. Rep. Arthur Turner, (217) 782-8116 and (773) 277-4700

10. Rep. Ann Williams, (217) 782-2458 and (773) 880-9082

11. Rep. Michael Zalewski, (217) 782-5280 and (708) 442-6500


It Ain’t Over Yet In Illinois

It is too soon to let our guard down in Illinois over the range, AWB, and magazine ban bills. While newspaper reports yesterday indicated that the gun prohibitionists were falling short and had given up their efforts, it isn’t over yet as the lame duck session hasn’t ended.

The Illinois State Rifle Association issued this warning on their Facebook page:

Note to all members and supporters. The bills
put forward in the IL Senate are NOT dead. They are still alive until
the new legislature is sworn in on Wednesday… they could vote as they
clean out their desks.
Keep the calls and emails coming. They are having an effect and will be the difference between your guns being banned or not.

Thirdpower at Days of Our Trailers has this warning along with some comments from Illinois legislators:


These bills are NOT dead. They are just being held off so the Chicago-crats can try and strong arm enough votes before next Wednesday. Got that? NEXT Wednesday is when the bills are dead, not before.

KEEP making those calls and informing fellow gun owners. They WILL attempt to bring them up again as soon as they think they can get them through, the same way they play the midnight sessions game to get their annual pay raises.

Those of you living in Illinois need to keep up the pressure on your state representatives and senators. Be polite but call them every day. Don’t let them think you’ve let your guard down.

UPDATE: While all the action so far has been in the Illinois State Senate, Todd Vandermyde let me know this morning that his sources in the State House tell him that Gov. Pat Quinn and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will be pushing similar bans in the House. The House reconvenes for its lame duck session at 5pm on Sunday.

The Floor Amendments In Illinois (Updated)

The gun prohibitionists in the Illinois Senate are using existing House Bill 815 and House Bill 1263 as their vehicle to license shooting ranges, ban so-called assault weapons, ban new standard capacity magazines, and require registration and fees for grandfathered magazines. Both bills are the subject of hearings currently on-going by the Illinois Senate Public Health Committee.

HB 815 originally dealt with updating a nuclear safety law while HB 1263 deals with sexual offenders.

HB 815 has two amendments. The first, Senate Floor Amendment No. 001 deals with licensing shooting ranges and “large capacity ammunition feeding devices.” It was introduced by Sen. Dan Kotowski (D-Chicago). The text of the amendment can be found here.

The second amendment to HB 815, Senate Floor Amendment No. 002, requires the registration of grandfathered magazines with the Illinois State Police and the payment of a $5 per magazine fee. It was also introduced by Sen. Dan Kotowski. The full text of this amendment can be found here.

HB 1263 has two amendments and both were submitted by Sen. Antonio Munoz (D-Chicago). Senate Floor Amendment No. 005 contains another range licensing bill and, more importantly, the assault weapons (sic) ban. .50 BMG firearms are also banned. The text of this amendment can be found here.

The second amendment to HB 1263, Senate Floor Amendment No. 006, deals with the existing so-called assault weapons. It requires their registration and the payment of a $10 fee per rifle to the Illinois State Police. .50 firearms will require a $15 per firearm fee along with their registration. The text of this amendment can be found here.

UPDATE: The Senate Public Health Committee who’s chair and vice-chair just so happen to be Chicago Democrats have reported two of the amendments out of committee with a “do adopt” recommendation. They are Senate Floor Amendment No. 001 to HB 815 and Senate Floor Amendment No. 005 to HB 1263.

ISRA issued an alert on the bills this evening.

A pair of nightmare bills is on the move at this moment in the Illinois Senate

These two bills would:

1. Run all gun ranges out of business by imposing heavy fees, imposing special staffing requirements, warrantless searches of ranges and customers, unlimited unannounced “inspections.”

2. Ban all semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns as well as pump action shotguns.

Here are direct links to the two bills:






1. Follow the instructions below and contact your Illinois State Senator. Politely tell your senator that you are a law-abiding gun owner and you want them to vote AGAINST HB815 and HB1263. CALL NOW!

2. Pass this information on to your gun owning friends and family, tell them to call as well.

3. Post this alert to all Internet blogs and bulletin boards to which you belong.

The worst of the two bills, HB815 is being sponsored and pushed by anti-gun Senator Dan Kotowski. Go to his link: http://www.ilga.gov/senate/senator.asp?GA=97&MemberID=1724 Call him at the numbers listed and tell him that you do not appreciate him trying to shut down gun ranges and taking your guns away from you. He needs to hear from you!

UPDATE II: The Illinois State Rifle Association just sent out more information about the votes on the two bills in the Public Health Committee.


MESSAGE FROM COMMITTEE DEMOCRATS: “Eliminating law-abiding gun owners is a good ‘first step’ towards a ‘civil society.’”

Votes on HB815 and HB1263 were split along party lines in the Senate Public Health Committee Wednesday night with the committee Democrats voting 6-4 and 6-3 to send the bills to the full senate. If these two bills become law, they will resulting most, if not all ranges in the state going out of business as well as the banning of ALL semiautomatic rifles, pistols and shotguns as well as banning all pump shotguns and rifles.

In comments made during testimony, committee Democrats stated plainly that HB815 and HB1263 were “first steps” and that these bills have as their objective the creation of a “more civil society.” In other words, elimination of lawful gun owners is a required first step for creating a more civil society. Of course, there was no mention of the impact of eliminating criminals.


1. Call Senator Dave Syverson at (217) 782-5413 and tell him “THANK YOU” for supporting lawful gun owners by voting “NO” on HB815 and HB1263.

2. Call Senator Shane Cultra at (217) 782-6597 and tell him “THANK YOU” for supporting lawful gun owners by voting “NO” on HB815 and HB1263.

3. Call Senator Christine Johnson at (217) 782-1977 and tell her “THANK YOU” for supporting lawful gun owners by voting “NO” on HB815 and HB1263.

4. Call Senator Carole Pankau at (217) 782-9463 and tell her “THANK YOU” for supporting lawful gun owners by voting “NO” on HB815 and HB1263.

It is very important that you praise these Senators for their support.

The ringleader of the effort to shut down shooting ranges and take your guns away from you is Senator Dan Kotowski. You may wish to call him at (217) 782-3875 and politely explain to him that, as a law-abiding gun owner, you do not appreciate being treated like a criminal and that you oppose any efforts to regulate shooting ranges, ban semiautomatic firearms, or ban standard capacity magazines.