Still Think They Don’t Want To Ban Hunting Firearms

There are those misguided individuals out there who think the gun prohibitionists won’t come for their hunting rifles or shotguns. They think that Biden, Bloomberg, and Shannon Watts only want to take “high capacity magazines” (sic), “weapons of war”, and “assault weapons” (sic).

They need to think again. Based upon Biden’s statement to the press in Nantucket yesterday, your Remington 1100 that you use for ducks or trap, your Ruger 10/22 that you taught your son or daughter to shoot with, and your Browning Mark II BAR in .270 Winchester that you use for deer hunting are on the chopping block. Biden thinks that being able to purchase these fine firearms is “sick”.

Here is the link to his statement on the White House website.

What is sick is that everywhere Biden goes, he is guarded by Secret Service agents who are armed with both semi-automatic weapons as well as full-automatic weapons and yet he continues with this crap.

Unlike him, we are on our own to provide for self-defense for ourselves and our loved ones. Courts have repeatedly said that law enforcement officers have no duty to provide for our protection. They said it about the kids murdered in Parkland as well as in multiple Supreme Court cases.

The best tools to provide for that self-defense are not H&R Topper shotguns or Colt Single Action Army revolvers. They might work but a semi-auto handgun or carbine with standard capacity magazines would be a much better choice especially given the rise in multiple attacker home invasions.

Back to Biden’s statement. If you own a firearm for whatever purpose – hunting, sport, or self-defense – you better start realizing that there is a concentrated effort on the part of the White House, the gun prohibition industry, and the media to disarm you. The sooner you realize that, the better.

3 thoughts on “Still Think They Don’t Want To Ban Hunting Firearms”

  1. There have been Fudds since before Wyatt and his thugs tried to keep guns out of Tombstone. They were around for the anti anti-black Jim Crow gun laws, and when the NFA was passed in 1934. Whether it is called normalcy bias or simple stupidity, nothing has changed.

  2. “This is only the beginning… ” a direct quote from the Sandy Hook hoplophobes as the Kommiecticut general assembly passed, and then Gov. Malloy signed the 2013 sweeping gun control into law.

    Never believe they don’t want anything less than full civilian disarmament. Sometimes they actually get caught stating it.

    Of course, I have been gleefully non-compliant since their misnamed “assault weapons” ban of 1994. They can pass whatever they want. Once you’re a paper felon, the rest are easy.

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