Some Guys Have All The Fun

Iain Harrison, editor of Recoil Magazine, conspired with Fred Williams of Motor Trends’s Dirt Every Day program to convert a ’79 Ford Bronco into The Ballistic Bronco. And just what makes it ballistic? How about Dillion Aero minigun!

If you are in Las Vegas this coming week, you may just get a chance to see it. It will be around the Sands Convention Center, the Venetian, the Mirage, and other Vegas locales.

And if you won’t be in Vegas, here is the episode detailing the construction of this monster.

Recoil Magazine Makes A Brilliant Move

After all the controversy engendered when an editor said the HK MP-7 wasn’t for civilians, Recoil Magazine seems to be getting their act together. That is, if their soon-to-be announced new editor is any indication.

I received an email this evening from Iain Harrison announcing that he was leaving Crimson Trace after two years to become the new editor of Recoil. He says of his time with Crimson Trace:

It’s been a wild couple of years as PR guy for Crimson Trace, working
with a company that has grown from being an awkward teenager and is now
hanging with the cool kids. I have been privileged to have worked with
the very best in the industry during these past, oh-so-short 24 months
and I’m extremely grateful to you all for humoring my lack of experience
in the field.  It is with a tinge of sadness therefore that I’m
announcing my resignation from CTC, but this is tempered with an
enormous amount of excitement for the next project.

Congratulations to Iain on his new position and to Recoil Magazine for making such a brilliant move.

From Iain Harrison – Midnight 3-Gun Invitational 2012

Iain Harrison of Crimson Trace sent along this reminder about the first night-time 3-gun match that is being sponsored by Crimson Trace. One additional thing of interest is that footwear and sportswear giant Nike is going to be a sponsor which is a first.

Crimson Trace Kicks Off World’s First Night Time 3 Gun Match

The first and only event of its kind starts Monday with a full roster of shooters, full match schedule and full auto firearms! Shooting entirely at night in the high desert of central Oregon, the Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational is a unique addition to the shooting calendar, featuring night vision equipment, thermal imagers, IR lasers and belt-fed stage guns. When the sun sets on the range, shooters from all over the country will be making ready in anticipation of the eight, challenging stages and the chance to win the $10,000 first prize.

“We’re totally stoked at the response this match has generated,” said Kent Thomas, director of marketing. “Outside of the of military, no one that we’re aware of has put something like this on before and we’re really grateful that the shooting community has embraced it the way they have.” A large number of top-tier sponsors have also joined Crimson Trace in creating this one-of-a-kind competition. Companies based in the Pacific Northwest were quick to throw their hats into the ring, with FLIR, Danner, Leatherman, Leupold, Nosler, BladeTech and Warne providing products for shooters and Range Officers. Local sportswear powerhouse Nike also came on board, the first time they have ever sponsored a shooting event. FNH, Remington, ATK and PWS are providing guns and ammo for use in the exciting courses of fire, which will be covered by TV, print and online media.

The M3GI is open to spectators and is located at the COSSA range on Rte 20, east of Bend, OR.

Lasergrips For Gen 4 Glocks

Iain Harrison of Crimson Trace sent me word today that they are now making Lasergrips for the Gen 4 Glocks. I imagine Crimson Trace and a lot of other manufacturers will be sending out info on new products in the run-up to the SHOT Show.

From his release:

New Crimson Trace Lasergrips Now Available for Glock Gen 4 Handguns

(Wilsonville, OR) Crimson Trace, market leader for integrated laser sighting systems, today announced the release of new Lasergrips® models for the Gen 4 Glock full-size, compact and subcompact 9mm and .40 caliber pistols. With an MSRP of $279, these Lasergrips feature the smallest laser diode ever offered, with full windage and elevation adjustability and a master on/off switch. The new units fit seamlessly over the Glock’s backstrap and require no gunsmithing to install. Because the laser utilizes Crimson Trace’s patented instinctive activation system, the user simply picks up the gun in a normal firing grip and the pressure sensor in the grip module instantly activates the laser to project a bright dot on the target.

“Glock handguns are justifiably one of the most popular self defense firearms on the market,” said Kent Thomas, Marketing Director for Crimson Trace. “With the new Lasergrips, the Gen 4 models now have a low light, instinctively activated sighting system that takes them to a new level of usability and we now fit almost every model in the Glock lineup.”

The new Glock Gen 4 Lasergrips are zeroed at the factory, offer a four hour battery life as well as the most powerful laser permitted by law. The low profile Lasergrip is fully compatible with the recently launched Lightguard® tactical light, turning any Glock into the ultimate in low light defensive handguns. With SHOT show looming, Crimson Trace is readying for a host of exciting new product introductions and events to capture the imagination of the firearms buying public. Look for announcements over the forthcoming weeks.

New Videos From Crimson Trace

Iain Harrison from Crimson Trace sent out this release today.

(Wilsonville, OR) Crimson Trace today launched its new online video collection, featuring Media Relations Manager Iain Harrison. The video series addresses many of the frequently asked questions posed by CTC’s loyal customers and deals with installation, zeroing, care and maintenance, among other topics. “We had a lot of fun shooting these videos and believe our customers will find them very useful,” said Kent Thomas, Director of Marketing for Crimson Trace. “Each one gives an in-depth look at a specific topic that crops up regularly, which will give Lasergrip™ and Laserguard™ users another great source of information on Crimson Trace products.”

Crimson Trace’s Facebook friends were rewarded with a sneak preview of the videos last week and these have already proven to be immensely popular. The productions may be viewed either on the CTC website, or on their Youtube channel and the company expects to add new titles to the collection in order to keep up with both consumer demand and new product offerings.

Below is a video of Iain Harrison explaining parallax and the Crimson Trace Laser. Their YouTube channel is located here.

Congratulations To Iain!

From a release sent out by Crimson Trace tonight:

Crimson Trace Wins At NRA’s Inaugural National Defense Match

(Camp Perry, OH) Crimson Trace’s media relations manager, Iain Harrison took top honors at the new National Defense Match at Camp Perry this weekend. In a neck and neck race with Team FNH’s Tommy Thacker, the two shot almost identical times during the first half of the match, until Thacker made a procedural error which cost him dearly. Marking a departure from the usual Camp Perry matches, the National Defense Match introduces a more practical aspect to the discipline and stresses speed as well as accuracy at ranges from 7 to 500 yards.

Match Director and ex-SEAL Trey Tuggle masterminded the event and brought in Swiss-manufactured electronic targets from Shot Response . Although new technology played an important role in the national match, the course of fire is designed to be adaptable to the club level. “We wanted to remove barriers to people enjoying competitive shooting and get more folks involved in the sport,” said Tuggle. “This match is designed to be challenging, but not so overwhelming that the average guy with an off the shelf semi-auto rifle can’t come out and play. We hope that clubs across the country will adopt the new format as a way of getting new shooters involved in competitions.”

The Camp Perry event received wide support from the firearms industry, not only from title sponsors FNH, but also from key players such as DPMS, JP Enterprises, Geisselle Triggers, Bladetech and Sinclair. Also joining Harrison for the event was fellow Top Shot finalist and Ohio native Chris Cerino.