A Manly Picture!

As many people already know, JayG of the blog MA-rooned has been appointed the Associate Editor of the NRA’s publication Shooting Illustrated. It was reported first on The Squirrel Report and then on his blog.

The NRA has now issued a press release announcing that Jay will be the new Associate Editor. As SayUncle notes, “JayG has gone from blogger to one of those guys that sends out emails of his press releases to bloggers.”And I might note, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

What caught my eye was the picture of Jay accompanying the article. Jay is shown holding what appears to be a Mossberg 590A1 with a bayonet.

The only thing that could have made the picture better would have been if Jay had been holding the shotgun over his head a’la Red Dawn and shouting “Freedom!”. It would have been an appropriate way to celebrate his departure from the Volksrepublik. However, it might have scared the suits in NRA Headquarters a bit too much.

Hey, JayG! Did You See This?

For those that haven’t heard, well-known gun blogger JayG of MArooned is leaving the Volksrepublik of Massachusetts for the Commonwealth of Virginia to take a job there. Jay is leaving one commonwealth where gun rights have long been under attack for one that is currently in the good column.

However, if gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (D) has his way, Virginia will become the next Colorado. And by this, I mean the pre-recall Colorado with magazine bans and universal background checks. McAuliffe wants to one-up Hickenlooper by also implementing a one-gun-a-month purchase restriction. Like Hickenlooper, he appears to be in Bloomberg’s pocket.

From McAuliffe’s campaign website:

Support common sense gun control measures
As Governor, Terry will support mainstream and majority supported gun control measures like universal background checks, limiting the size of magazines, and a return to the 1-gun-per-month rule. These measures respect Virginians’ right to bear arms while reducing gun violence.

 According to a poll published on Monday in the Washington Post, McAuliffe is leading Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) by 47 to 39 percent among likely voters. Cuccinelli has been a good supporter of gun rights and this has been recognized by the gun prohibitionists.

JayG better hurry up down to the Old Dominion as I think his vote may well be needed.

As to McAuliffe, I think the Virginia’s state motto applies – sic semper tyrannis.

A Dukakis Moment?

There must be something in the water up in Massachusetts. I can’t think of anything else to explain the propensity of liberal Democrats to sit atop heavy metal to prove their toughness.

First, there was former Gov. Michael Dukakis who rode on a M1A Abrams tank in 1988. That image plus the Willie Horton ads probably doomed his presidential campaign as much as anything.

Now we have Harvard Law professor and US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren pictured astride a Harley. You can almost hear her saying, “Vroom, vroom!” It was tweeted by Emily’s List which seeks to support liberal female candidates. However, it was pretty stupid as people are already calling it her Dukakis moment.

Rather than calling it a Dukakis Moment, I think Fauxcahontas just wants to be like JayG of the gun blog MArooned.

H/T Legal Insurrection

2012 SHOT Show Media Day

NSSF just posted this short overview of the 2012 SHOT Show Media Day.

I attended the 1996 SHOT Show in Dallas. While I found it fantastic at the time, it was just a fraction of the current SHOT Show. One of these years, I’m going to do like JayG and get out to SHOT. One of these years…

And then I can do like Jay and post a picture like this on Facebook.

JayG Reviews The S&W Model 360PD

Jay G of MArooned just did a guest article for GunsForSale.com on the Smith and Wesson Model 360PD. This is a .357 Magnum snubbie with a fireball to prove it.

Or as Jay G calls it, “the Snubbie from Hell™..”

The recoil of a .357 Magnum round through a 12 ounce handgun has been described as anywhere from “stout” to “punishing” to “oh my word what have I done to my wrist”. This author has, on more than one occasion, offered the 360PD to accomplished shooters who are curious to see what a 12 ounce .357 Magnum revolver feels like to shoot – and gotten the snubbie back after only two rounds.

However, as Jay G concludes when it comes to concealed carry, “life is about tradeoffs.”