Life Under The Safety For All Act

If you live in California or merely are a shooter visiting the state, you will want to watch the following futuristic video. If you think this could only happen in California, think again.

I had a similar experience in O’Fallon, Illinois many years ago when visiting Ron-Jo’s Gun Store. I saw some .30-06 ammo in M1 Garand stripper clips at a decent price. When I went to buy it I was asked for my FOID card. I was told that I needed either that that or a non-resident Illinois hunting license to purchase ammunition. Needless to say but I went away disappointed and without any ammunition. It was also the first time I had even heard of a FOID or Firearms Owner Identification card.

The Law Center Against Gun Violence (sic) helped draft this ballot initiative for Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. Their push for gun control may seem idiotic but they do have access to very good attorneys who can draft initiatives like this with no wiggle room. Let’s put it this way – they are smart enough to realize that without ammunition, a firearm is merely an expensive piece of metal (and wood and plastic).

I see this initiative as another move by the elites to keep the masses under their thumb. The elites will always have their own armed guards and police forces. Without a means to self-defense, the masses will become even more dependent upon a government controlled by the elites for protection. Protection that as we have been told by the Supreme Court they are not required to provide.

“Truth Telling” Will Come To Legal Center’s Event

You may remember my post from last week about how the Legal Center to Prevent Gun Violence (sic) did not want to hear any thing other than the party line at their event “Truth Telling: The Media’s Role in the Conversation on Guns”. They had sent a ticket refund to CalGuns Foundation director Josh Berger saying his presence at their event wasn’t “appropriate” even though it was being held on the campus of a state-owned law school.

My, my, my, what a difference a week makes.

Elise K. Traynum, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Directors at UC Hasting College of Law, has sent Josh a letter informing him that if the event is held on their campus, he must be allowed to attend.

Dear Mr. Berger,

In addition to the UC Hastings’ nondiscrimination policies, the College has a longstanding
commitment to a culture of free and open inquiry,
spirited debate, and the exploration of diverse ideas. We believe in the
 fundamental right and responsibility to foster and protect rational
discourse in an environment marked both by the rigorous
challenge of ideas and by tolerance for the expression of multiple

This afternoon I informed Ms.
Thomas, the Executive Director of the Law Center to Prevent Gun
Violence, that you must be allowed to attend the October 25 event if it
is held on the College campus.    

Thank you for your correspondence. 

Elise Traynum

General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Directors
University of California
Hastings College of the Law
198 McAllister Street
San Francisco, California

The ball is now in the Law Center’s court. Do they move the event or do they allow their delicate ears to hear opposing voices? Decisions, decisions.

I’m happy to see that Hastings College of Law did the proper thing even though, to be honest, they didn’t have much choice given that they are a state supported school.

So Much For “Truth Telling”

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (sic) – the group formerly known as the Legal Community Against Violence or LCAV – is holding an event entitled Truth Telling: The Media’s Role in the Conversation on Guns on October 25th. It will be held at the University of California Hastings College of the Law.

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence & Opus2 International
are pleased to present:
Truth Telling: The Media’s Role in the Conversation on Guns

 OCTOBER 25, 2012 | 6 – 8:30 PM
UC Hastings College of the Law

Louis B. Mayer Lounge
198 McAllister Street | San Francisco


Free to Members, UC Hastings Students and Faculty
$12 All Other Students | $20 Non-Members
The Law Center reserves the right to refuse admittance.

Following an hors d’oeuvres and wine reception, a diverse group of
journalists from local and national news outlets will share their
perspective on the role the media plays in the national conversation on
guns, particularly in an election year.

As the “information age” has become
incredibly fast-moving and complex, the media’s power to inform,
educate, and persuade has also grown. Meanwhile, the topic of gun
violence in America remains complicated and fueled by passionate beliefs
from all sides.
What are some of the challenges journalists
and news agencies face when trying to tell the truth about America’s
gun laws? What impact does the national political debate have on the
media’s approach to this issue? How is “new media” affecting the way in
which this conversation is cultivated?
Please join us to find out the answers to these questions and more. Come and ask your own questions for our panelists!


  • MARK FOLLMAN, Senior Editor, Mother Jones
  • KRIS HUNDLEY, Staff Writer, Tampa Bay Times
  • BOB EGELKO, Staff Writer, San Francisco Chronicle
  • SCOTT JOHNSON, Violence Reporting Fellow, The Oakland Tribune
  • ABBY STERLING, Producer, CBS 5 San Francisco

, UC Hastings Professor of Law

Unfortunately, the former LCAV really doesn’t want to hear anything other than their version of “the truth” as told by sycophantic reporters.

Notice that little disclaimer about “the right to refuse admittance”? This means that if they know you are associated with gun rights you are to be excluded from their little soiree. They don’t want their worldview tainted by dissenting questions.

Josh Berger, a director of the CalGuns Foundation, had purchased tickets to this event. You can guess what he had waiting in the mail for him when he returned from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando. It was not the tickets he had ordered but rather a refund of his money with the note below.

Truth telling is a joke when you are dealing with the gun prohibitionists. The only “truth” they want to hear is their own skewed version of it.