Life Under The Safety For All Act

If you live in California or merely are a shooter visiting the state, you will want to watch the following futuristic video. If you think this could only happen in California, think again.

I had a similar experience in O’Fallon, Illinois many years ago when visiting Ron-Jo’s Gun Store. I saw some .30-06 ammo in M1 Garand stripper clips at a decent price. When I went to buy it I was asked for my FOID card. I was told that I needed either that that or a non-resident Illinois hunting license to purchase ammunition. Needless to say but I went away disappointed and without any ammunition. It was also the first time I had even heard of a FOID or Firearms Owner Identification card.

The Law Center Against Gun Violence (sic) helped draft this ballot initiative for Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. Their push for gun control may seem idiotic but they do have access to very good attorneys who can draft initiatives like this with no wiggle room. Let’s put it this way – they are smart enough to realize that without ammunition, a firearm is merely an expensive piece of metal (and wood and plastic).

I see this initiative as another move by the elites to keep the masses under their thumb. The elites will always have their own armed guards and police forces. Without a means to self-defense, the masses will become even more dependent upon a government controlled by the elites for protection. Protection that as we have been told by the Supreme Court they are not required to provide.

4 thoughts on “Life Under The Safety For All Act”

  1. Here in France we have some stupid stuff like this.

    Handgun calibers (9 Luger, .45 ACP …) and a handful of EVIL RIFLE calibers (namely: 5.56×45/.223R, 7.62×39, 5.45×39, 12.7×99/.50BMG, 14.5×114) are category B/restricted ammo. You need to have a permit for each gun. And you can buy 1000 rounds/gun/year. Say you have two Glocks in 9mm, you can buy 2000 rounds of 9mm a year.

    But at the same time, you can buy as many components (brass, primers, bullets, …) you want and load all the ammo you want. But again to get brass for one of those EVIL calibers, you need to show your permit. This makes reloading extremely common among target shooters in France.

    Rifle calibers are more relaxed.

    It's just a pain in the a** with no safety benefit at all. But we all know that gun control is about control, not public safety!

    Are there any US states that restrict the sale of ammo components ?
    Let's say you're an Illinois resident and want to buy brass, bullets, primers and powder, do you have to have and show your FOID?

  2. All the laws and rules are made for the greater good of all the citizens. You people can take help from internet to know about the rules and laws regarding guns in and around the world. You people can take help from the MA Gun License or nay other gun licensing and training centers in your places as they do have knowledge of all these laws.

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