Callling It Murder Or Calling It A Shooting – What’s The Difference?

Does it matter if we call a violent act using a firearm that results in death a murder or a shooting?

It does according to this latest commentary from Dom Raso. Calling something a murder denotes the evil intent and focuses on the perpetrator of the crime. However, as the media is more likely to do, calling it a shooting focuses on the tool used and not the intent. The former is news while the latter is propaganda and allows the media to push its anti-gun agenda.

3 thoughts on “Callling It Murder Or Calling It A Shooting – What’s The Difference?”

  1. This is why the press always reports LEO gunplay as a shooting but if at all possible gunfire from a civilian is called by other euphemisms….assault, murder etc. Control of language leads to control of a society every bit as effectively as force.

  2. It is not about owning a gun, it is about following gun laws. Massachusetts gun laws states that if anybody wants to own a handgun or firearms of any kind then he has to have MA Gun License.

    Scott Edvin

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