Potential Good News In The Shaneen Allen Case

The NRA News is reporting on Facebook that Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain has requested a delay in Shaneen Allen’s case while he reviews the appropriate resolution of the case.

BREAKING NEWS: The prosecutor in the Shaneen Allen case has requested her upcoming trial be delayed while he reviews the appropriate resolution of her case. Shaneen is the Philadelphia mother of two who became an unwitting victim of New Jersey’s gun laws. Stay tuned for the exclusive interview with Ginny Simone and Shaneen’s attorney Evan Nappen coming soon.

The interview by Ginny Simone and Cam Edwards with Shaneen Allen and her attorney Evan Nappen is below.

Hopefully, this will turn out well for Ms. Allen. She deserves something good to happen after all that she has lost due to the prosecutor’s intransigence and New Jersey’s utterly ridiculous laws.

3 thoughts on “Potential Good News In The Shaneen Allen Case”

  1. Well if she gets prosecuted the ensuing legal shitstorm would likely help existing NJ gun owners eventually so at least there's a small silver lining if she is prosecuted.

    Though if she isn't what kind of precedent does this set where a non NJ citizen can carry and NOT get prosecuted but a NJ resident always will?

    A lot of interesting questions.

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