Something To Start Your Day

I need a cup of coffee to start the morning. Without it, I start dragging by mid-morning and begin caffeine withdrawal soon thereafter.

The video below is about how to make coffee when you are camping. However, you could use the same methods if you’ve lost power or having to bug out due to a disaster natural or otherwise. As long as you can heat water, you can make coffee regardless of whether you go with instant, French press, or the cowboy method.

A Sales Tax Holiday For Preparedness Items

Colorado State Representative Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs) has proposed a sales tax holiday to encourage Colorado residents to purchase preparedness items such as hand-crank radios, generators, and flashlights. The sales tax holiday would be the first weekend in September for the next three years.

While the proposed law has been derisively called the “Pimp my Bunker Act” and the “Doomsday Act”, it does have the support of groups like the American Red Cross. Nordberg proposed the law in reaction to what he saw at the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs.

Nordberg said the proposal stems from the heartbreak he witnessed last year when the Waldo Canyon fire hit. Nearly 350 homes burned to the ground and two people died. At the time, Nordberg worked as an aide for Congressman Doug Lamborn, and he worked on helping the fire victims.

“I came to the realization that a lot of people aren’t prepared for something like that,” Nordberg said.

I think he is right – a lot of people aren’t prepared. Alabama has a similar law that they approved after the string of killer tornadoes hit that state in 2011. I think this is something that more states should consider.

The text of HB 1150 can be found here.

Ham Radio Communications Cheat Sheet

I came across this infographic on Pinterest this morning. It was developed by the folks at and gives the new amateur radio operator something of a cheat sheet.

I found it very useful as I have my Technician Class amateur radio license. While I really haven’t really pursued it that much, I got the license and radio so as to be prepared. While a Katrina or Sandy is unlikely in western North Carolina, we do lose power, we do have flood situations, we do get the remnants of hurricanes, and sometimes we do get blizzards. It is nice to have some means of communication in those situations beyond smoke signals and semaphore flags.

From A Sam’s Club Ad

Today I received an email flyer from Sam’s Club which featured this week’s top sellers. Some of the stuff was fairly obvious with students going back to school such as a couple of laptops and the Nexus 7 tablet.

Other stuff caught me by surprise. This included a 10kw gas-powered generator and Augason Farms Emergency Food Storage Kit which is supposed to feed four people for one year. This latter item sells for $2,774 which is a substantial sum.

I could see the generator selling with all the news about Hurricane Issac. However, the long-term storage food is a bit surprising. It does fit in with the post I did yesterday about a story from The Anchoress detailing people in her area buying firearms and stocking up on food as they don’t trust Obama and his cronies.

A Different Type Of Preparedness Tip

This tip comes from the podcast Zen Tiki Lounge which deals with all things Tiki.

If you live in an area that is subject to natural disasters such as earthquakes, make sure your home bar has one or two bottles of booze that come in plastic bottles. That way, even if all the other bottles fall off the shelf and break, you will still have something with which to drown your sorrows and get you through the cleanup.

Remember even if you live along the East Coast, you can have earthquakes as we saw earlier this year.

I think I’ll stop by the ABC store this morning! There is nothing like being prepared.

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