Something To Start Your Day

I need a cup of coffee to start the morning. Without it, I start dragging by mid-morning and begin caffeine withdrawal soon thereafter.

The video below is about how to make coffee when you are camping. However, you could use the same methods if you’ve lost power or having to bug out due to a disaster natural or otherwise. As long as you can heat water, you can make coffee regardless of whether you go with instant, French press, or the cowboy method.

3 thoughts on “Something To Start Your Day”

    1. @Exurban Kevin: I agree – why would you want to?!

      I haven't tried the Starbucks Via. How does it taste? Is it worth the price?

  1. It's ok. It's a good as the rest of their non-froufrou drinks are, but it's better than Sanka.

    And if you're thinking that's damming with faint praise, you're right! 🙂

    It works in emergencies, and that's about it.

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