On Colorado’s Shooter Ready Radio Tonight

I’ve been invited back as a guest on Shooter Ready Radio out of Pueblo, Colorado. I’ll be on during their 6:30 pm Eastern or 4:30 Mountain time slot this evening.

Tonight I’ll be discussing the recall effort against Sen. Evie Hudak (D-Arvada), the NRA’s new young spokeswoman Matti Warren, whether or not Gov. Jerry Brown will veto any of the firearms bills in California, and the recent New York Time editorial comparing the NRA’s position on the Arms Trade Treaty to that of certain rogue nations.

Shooter Ready Radio
is part of the I-25 Talk Radio lineup which airs on 690/1480 AM and 93.9/100.3 FM
out of Pueblo and Colorado Springs. If you aren’t in the those areas, the station
has a live feed over the Internet which you can access here.

Comment Of The Day

The comment of the day comes from a post I did early this morning. Chris Wiggins, co-host of Shooter Ready Radio, and a resident of Pueblo, Colorado gives his explanation of the outcome of the recall elections in Colorado.

Despite what the polls and the party leaders said, I never doubted we would win. If you had been in that first town hall meeting with Giron in March, where we packed a small library with thousands of pro-gun supporters, it was palpable. Initially, the Republican party, the NRA and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners doubted that a recall was even possible. Fortunately, the NRA and GOP had a change of heart, but they obviously weren’t at that first town hall meeting–where we saw the beginning of true activist patriotism in this county. This is and always has been a grass roots movement. It was never about party or about realpolitik, it was only about the Second Amendment.

Chris’ show airs on Friday afternoons from 4pm until 6pm Mountain Time. You can listen to it on a number of stations in the Pueblo and Colorado Springs area or on the interwebs. I think this Friday’s show should have some interesting discussions on the recall elections. As an aside, Chris just so happened to schedule me as a guest on the show before we even knew the outcome.

On The Radio!

In what will be a first for me, I’ll be on a live radio show this evening!

Chris and Brad at Shooter Ready Radio have invited me on their show to discuss the Electronic Freedom Foundation’s lawsuit against the NSA, the injunction against open carry in Mississippi, and my thoughts on the Colorado recall elections from an outsider’s perspective. I will be in the segment that airs from 4:15pm Mountain to 5:00pm Mountain. That is 6:15pm to 7pm Eastern.

I will admit to being a little nervous as my voice sounds a bit nasally when I’ve listened to it on voice mail or a podcast interview. Damn my bad sinuses!

Shooter Ready Radio is part of the I-25 Talk Radio lineup which airs on 1480 AM and 93.9 FM out of Pueblo, Colorado. If you aren’t in the Pueblo area, the station has a live feed over the Internet which you can access here.

If you get a chance, listen in. I’d love feedback on it.