Off Topic But You Can’t Make This Up

We have all heard stories that you think had to be made up. Sometimes they were. Sometimes they were actually true. This is one of them.

A new law in Washington State only allows police to chase criminals if they suspect a violent crime has been committed. In this case, a recently released psych patient stealing a school bus didn’t count. Two different sheriffs’ departments briefly engaged in chase but called it off due to the new law.

The house Andrew Loudon tried to destroy belong to his estranged wife. According to another story, she fled the house after hearing he was in town.

I’m just going to make a guess here on his future residence but I think it might have “state hospital” in its name.

News Of The Weird – The Really, Really Weird

I get a number of news and press releases every day. Sometimes they are gun or law related, sometimes not. With this being a presidential election year I’ve been getting more and more that are about the race for the White House. These usually involve a poll stating that this candidate or that candidate is leading his or her opponents.

The one I’m reproducing below is about campaign finance. It shows Bernie Sanders leading in contributions among a certain demographic. That demographics is called “sugar daddies” or “sugar mommas”. These are men and women who are willing to support attractive young men and women financially in exchange for “companionship”. I’ll just leave it at that.

New York – May 31, 2016

Things can get bitter on the campaign trail, but some presidential
candidates are sweetening their chances with donations from Sugar

Today, the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site,,
is releasing results from a recent poll asking Sugar Daddies whether
they donate to presidential campaigns, and which candidates receive
their funding.

Rank – Candidate – Number of Sugar Daddy donors
Bernie Sanders – 345
Donald Trump – 291
Hillary Clinton – 174
Ted Cruz – 100
Marco Rubio – 50

According to the data, Bernie Sanders is the favorite among Sugar
Daddies, with a reported 345 contributing to his canvass. Trump has the
second most Sugar supporters, with a reported 291 Sugar Daddies
contributing to Donald’s campaign.

“Plenty of Sugar Daddies are considered ‘One-Percenters,’ making
Sanders an unexpected choice,” says Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of

Additional data from the same poll shows 83 percent of Sugar Daddies
provided funds to at least one presidential campaign, while 58 percent
are repeat donors.

In the past, Sugar Daddies helped choose the next president by
donating to Obama, Bill Clinton, and even George W. Bush,” says Wade
about data from the study in regards to past presidential campaigns.
“However, it seems that may not be the case for this election.”

FAL Meets AR Meets God Knows What

I was looking over an auction site when I stumbled across this really funky looking carbine.

It is listed as a Masterpiece Arms MPA971x1A 9mm carbine. It comes with a 71 round drum magazines and the Bushnell HoloSight.

A closer look at the lower, pistol grip, and butt stock make it look like it was stolen off a FAL. In the picture below, look at the safety, the locking lever, and the rear sight dovetail where the rear sight should be.

Doing a search on this, it appears that it is indeed a FN FAL lower. The upper is derived from the MAC 11 and the drum is from a Finnish Suomi SMG. According to this old post in The Firing Line, the carbine weighs almost 17 lbs! The original poster said he put 600 rounds through it without a single malfunction. It may be ugly but it does sound reliable.

Prices I’ve found are about $560 from an auction in 2004 and someone trying to sell one on Armslist for $1000 back in 2012 saying it is very rare. I would agree with the last part about it being rare but worth $1000 is another story.

I may bid on it just for the heck of it. If I won it, I’d have the satisfaction of knowing no one had a similar carbine in a three state area. Heck, make it a four state area if I pick the states correctly.


From today’s Wall Street Journal comes this weird little story about Walmart in China.

BEIJING— Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is recalling donkey meat sold at some of its China stores after government tests showed the meat contained the DNA of other animals.

The retailer will provide 50 yuan, or roughly $8.25, compensation to customers who bought the “Five Spice” donkey meat, and it is boosting its own DNA testing for meat products sold in its China stores, a spokeswoman said Thursday. Authorities in China’s eastern Shandong province said in late December that the retailer’s product contained fox meat.

The Wal-Mart spokeswoman said the donkey meat—which is commonly consumed in Chinese cuisine—is sold in only two stores in Jinan, the capital of Shandong. Wal-Mart is working with authorities to investigate the product and its manufacturing process, the spokeswoman said, adding that the retailer may take legal action against its supplier.

“Five Spice” donkey meat? Fox meat?

I don’t know what the fox says about this but I think I might go vegetarian the next time I go out for Chinese.

Death In The Long (Hoosier) Grass

Where are Jim Corbett or Peter Hathaway Capstick when you need them?

It seems something was preying on cats and dogs in Clark County, Indiana. Wildlife officials at first suspected a bobcat. However, when Indiana Department of Natural Resources examined a so-called bobcat shot one night, they discovered it was actually an immature leopard.

Some suspect that the big cat escaped from a nearby wildlife refuge but the owner of Wildlife in Need denies any of his animals have escaped. It is now suspected that it was someone’s pet leopard.

WDRB 41 Louisville – News, Weather, Sports Community

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention?

Necessity is supposed to be the mother of invention. I’m sure that was the case when it comes to the AK-47 shown below. Not only does it use a guitar strap for a sling but it has a rather unique buttstock to say the least.

This picture is from a post on The AK Forum which was seeking unique examples of AKs for a calendar. I believe the poster called this the Poppy Farmer Special. There are a lot of other nice examples but none so unique as the one above.

A Heckuva Way To Lose Your Firearm Rights

As most people know, being convicted of a felony – violent or non-violent – will cause a person to lose their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. Moreover, restoration of these rights is damn near impossible nowadays thanks to people like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who continually blocks funding for relief from disability reviews at BATFE. Thus, you just shake your head when you read about seven people charged with a third-degree felony for cheating in a fishing tournament.

From the Lone Star Outdoor News:

Some unladylike behavior in the Ladies Kingfish Tournament held in South Padre Island has left seven people facing felony accusations for cheating during the competition.

Willacy County Game Warden Oscar Castaneda was checking boats at the ramp with fellow warden Jason Duke when the suspicions first began.

“We’d had conversations with people in the area that they had possibly been cheating in different tournaments, and we both recognized the boat,” he said. “(Game Warden Jason Duke) went over for a water safety inspection, and they started unloading fish they were going to take to the weigh-in.”

The wardens noticed that some of the fish, including the trout, had red bellies, which Castaneda said raised a red flag that the fish had been kept in a basket instead of being recently caught. The wardens called ahead to the tournament directors to advise that the fish be studied carefully for legitimacy.

“About 45 minutes later we’re still checking boats, and we get a call from another game warden that said the team showed up with a flounder,” he said. “We said, ‘man, there’s no way they caught a flounder between here and there’ — she had as much as told me there wasn’t a flounder anywhere in the boat.”

An individual then came forward and told wardens that he had seen a flounder handed off in Arroyo City to Jose Cavazos, father of fishing guide Jose “Meme” Cavazos, whose boat was being used by the women for the tournament.

“For the Calcutta, you’re required to have that flounder,” Castaneda said. “The Calcutta pays out a ton, and with that fish they were tied for first and ended up second.”

The women won over $5,000 for second place.

“It’s just wrong on so many levels,” he said. “It’s the first saltwater fraud charges ever filed in the state.”

The decision to cheat has brought the defendants third-degree felony charges.

“The charge is fraud in a fishing tournament, section 66.023 of the Parks and Wildlife penal code,” said Cameron County Justice of the Peace Bennie Ochoa III.

And I Thought Otters Were Supposed To Be Playful

Otters are cute and playful except when they aren’t.

A Minnesota tri-athlete who was practicing open water swimming in a lake outside Duluth ran into one of the non-cute and non-playful otters. She had 25 bites on her feet, back, and legs.

Fangs pierced Leah Prudhomme’s legs as she swam across the deep, dark rum-colored northern Minnesota lake. It could be anything, she thought — muskrats, beavers, maybe a muskie. But it didn’t let up.

In the middle of Island Lake near Duluth, the triathlete struggled as the animal sunk its needle-sharp teeth into her legs, feet and back, leaving 25 bite marks, some 2 inches deep.

“It just kept coming after me,” said Prudhomme, 33, of Anoka. “You never knew where it was going to bite next.”

In between peppering her with puncture marks, the animal’s head popped up a few feet away. That’s when Prudhomme noticed its distinctive long tapered tail, small beady eyes and gray head. An otter.

Wildlife officers are not sure whether the otter was rabid or merely a mother protecting her young. Prudhomme received treatment at a local hospital and has started the shot series for someone presumed to have been bitten by a rabid animal. Her injuries might have been worse if she was not wearing a wet suit which gave her some protection from the otter’s bites.

Prudhomme is a trouper and will be returning to the same lake next month to participate in the Duluth Triathlon. She is not letting this incident stop her from competing.

I’m Sitting On A Fortune!

The Complementary Spouse and I got tired of being cooped up in the house by the cold weather and went junking this afternoon. By junking, I mean we went to a bunch of thrift shops and antique malls in Asheville.

One of the places is a combination bookstore and interior design/art/antique mall called the Screen Door. At one booth, I found a dish full of used rifle and pistol brass.

The prices were $1.50 for used 7.62x54R brass and $1.00 for the pistol brass. That is per piece! They made a big deal over the rifle brass being “Russian” as if it was some sort of exotic thing. The brass wasn’t made into jewelry or some other trinket. It was just used brass that could have been picked up at any range.

Given those prices, I think we gunnies must be sitting upon an immense fortune with all the empty brass we have!