Off Topic But You Can’t Make This Up

We have all heard stories that you think had to be made up. Sometimes they were. Sometimes they were actually true. This is one of them.

A new law in Washington State only allows police to chase criminals if they suspect a violent crime has been committed. In this case, a recently released psych patient stealing a school bus didn’t count. Two different sheriffs’ departments briefly engaged in chase but called it off due to the new law.

The house Andrew Loudon tried to destroy belong to his estranged wife. According to another story, she fled the house after hearing he was in town.

I’m just going to make a guess here on his future residence but I think it might have “state hospital” in its name.

3 thoughts on “Off Topic But You Can’t Make This Up”

  1. Well, since he was released from Western State Hospital, what are they going to do? Put him back in and release him again? My guess is we’ll just hear about how property damage isn’t that big a deal and everyone had insurance anyway so what’s the big deal?

  2. ” Put him back in and release him again? ” That is exactly what they do. We have been dealing with a seriously mentally ill man in our area. He has tried to kill his family and others several times. They keep sending him to a state hospital. They keep releasing him, so far about 6 times. Local LEO are pulling their hair out. The sheriff has tried to talk to the shrinks. He thinks they are just as crazy as the guy. The family has quietly said the next time he shows up he will turn up “missing”.

  3. Given that snowflakey cop whine at that site, I’m thinking the sheriffs department was seeking to make a political point about how peeved they were over that new law, by not pursuing that school bus. Cops can sure find enough excuses to make traffic stops, otherwise.

    How do cops in Washington make traffic stops anymore? Hardly any traffic violations qualify as crimes of violence. But, I’m betting they somehow manage.

    The cops could have followed the school bus with lights flashing while stopping short of a “pursuit.” Then they could have intervened before he stole the front end loader. They didn’t stop a developing crime because they wanted to make their political point – and an attention-grabbing story.

    Disgusting, but typical.

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