Do They Know Something We Don’t?

I came across this pop-up ad from Cabela’s on Facebook a week or so ago. It popped up again this morning.

While I do have a few of these 40-round PMAGs because, you know, I can, my imagination is running wild over the sorts of adventures that might “start here” with them.

I’m too old and too slow to be running off to Afghanistan so that’s out.

The bush wars in Africa have pretty much settled down so I doubt I’d be up for joining Executive Outcomes.

The only other adventure I might imagine would put me on a no-fly list for advocating sedition and insurrection so I won’t go there.

Though, I must say if I owned a gun store and have multiple attackers rushing into the store after ramming the front door with a stolen car, I think this would come in handy.

NRA Searching For Ad Firm

What should have taken place years ago appears to be taking place now. Advertising firms are being invited to pitch the NRA their services as a replacement for Ackerman McQueen. The news comes from the British advertising news site Campaign.

Interpublic CEO Michael Roth announced that they would not be pitching the NRA account.

Roth said: “There is a review out for the NRA and we’re not participating in that. And that’s not just coming from me, it’s coming from our agencies, you know. Our people don’t want to work on an engagement like that.”

Interpublic is the fourth largest advertising company in the world with annual billing revenue of $7.5 billion. Their major advertising subsidiaries are McCann Worldgroup and Mullen Lowe Group. Some of McCann’s clients include MGM Resorts, Coca-Cola, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and GM. Meanwhile, Mullen Lowe represents companies like Burger King, Schick, and E-Trade.

This leads to the question as to whether Interpublic is just engaging in virtue signaling or does it have concerns about the NRA’s finances which might preclude them from taking the account (if they won) due to risk management. As reported last week, Ackerman McQueen is demanding to be paid for work on NRATV or they will close it down. So far that bill has gone unpaid.

The other question out there is what other advertising firms have been invited to the pitch the NRA account. The answer to that is “we’ll see”.

Interesting Move On The Part Of Campari

Gruppo Campari has been the corporate owner of the Wild Turkey Distillery since 2009. In a very interesting move, they have named actor Matthew McConaughey as the Creative Director for Wild Turkey and its signature bourbons. According to reports, he signed a multi-year deal that will have him writing and creating advertising spots for the bourbon brand in addition to appearing in ads for it.

From AdWeek:

Often the hire is perceived as a stunt, but Melanie Batchelor, senior marketing director of whiskey for Wild Turkey’s parent company, Gruppo Campari, says that isn’t the case this time.

“I know that [celebrity creative director] can be a title that’s talked about by a number of other companies, but our experience has been that Matthew has had an extremely high level of engagement,” said Batchelor. “He’s been involved in every single piece of the process, from writing the ads—he’s obviously starring in the ads, and he’s also directing the ads—so he’s both in front of and behind the camera.”

The ads mark the first time that McConaughey, who has also appeared in ads for brands like Lincoln, has served as a director.

“When making a movie, you have two hours to tell a story,” said McConaughey in a statement. “Here I have 30 seconds to reintroduce the world to this authentic American brand that has helped shape an entire U.S. industry: bourbon. It will be a very interesting and fun challenge.”

I will admit to thinking when I heard the news that it was a joke. However, after seeing the video short that he produced below, I’ve changed my mind. I really don’t think Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell would have appeared in the video if McConaughey wasn’t serious about it and about their bourbon.

We toured the distillery after attending the NRA Annual Meeting. I remember our tour guide was a salty old former USMC drill instructor from Salisbury, North Carolina. We talked bourbon and Cheerwine. Watching the video, it reminds me of both the unique location of the Wild Turkey Distillery overlooking the Kentucky River and of the tour we had.

I guess if having McConaughey on board as creative director pays off for Campari, executives in Sesto San Giovanni will gladly be saying, “Alright, alright, alright”, with an Italian accent. I think they will also be trading their Negronis for Boulvardiers as it combines two of their signature products.

Is This Like Obama’s 57 US States?

I was in Sam’s Club last week and saw this display for a Garmin GPS unit. They promise pre-loaded maps for the lower 49 states. So is the 49th state Alaska or Hawaii?

Perhaps we just incorporated Canada as one big state. I wouldn’t be surprised that the Obama Administration would have Canada as one state because then it would be bigger than those awful large red states of Texas and Alaska.

Something For A Monday Morning

This post has nothing to do with guns or money or lawyers. It just has to do with one of the best advertisements that I’ve ever seen in a long time. I thought it was the perfect something for a Monday morning. It brought a smile to my face and I’ve been up half the night hacking up a lung with some viral crud. If it can do that, it must be a pretty powerful ad.

Independence Eve?

The people who brew Newcastle Brown Ale have some smart Geordies in charge of their ad campaigns. They are pushing July 3rd as a new holiday called “Independence Eve”. They also have a new hashtag campaign called #IfWeWon explaining how things would be different if the Brits had won the American Revolution.

Along with the fake holiday and hashtag campaign, Newcastle Brown Ale is releasing a series of YouTube videos. I particularly like this one contrasting the language differences between American English and British English.

Wrong Convenience Store

While I’m not a big Glock fanboy – I only have a Glock 22 Gen 2 police trade-in – they sure do make entertaining ads. The latest features a strung out guy attempting to wrong a convenience store. Unfortunately for him, the lady behind the counter has a Glock.

A New Addition To The Blog

You will notice a new addition to the blog. In the upper right corner is a banner ad for

I thought long and hard about adding any advertising to this site.For the past year, there has been no advertising on this blog. I am in the enviable position of not needing the blog to pay for itself. What little out-of-pocket expenses I incur are minimal and my chief expense is the time that I spend on the blog.

So why did I add a banner ad for

The simple answer is that it is a way for this blog to generate monies to help support the Second Amendment Foundation as they fight for our Second Amendment rights. Since the win in the Supreme Court in the McDonald case, SAF has filed lawsuit after lawsuit seeking to use that ruling to strategically expand our civil rights. Winning firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time is not cheap. Doing it multiple lawsuits at a time is even more expensive.

All the referral commissions generated by LuckyGunner when you buy ammo, reloading supplies, or other shooting items are sent directly to the Second Amendment Foundation. The fact that they will send the money directly to SAF was a big plus for me.

So I would ask you to consider clicking on the banner ad the next time you are thinking of buying ammo. They have good prices and, unlike Walmart, they are not kow-towing to Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors. You will be getting fresh ammo at a good price and will be helping to preserve, protect, and expand our Second Amendment rights at the same time. That sounds like a win all around to me.