A New Addition To The Blog

You will notice a new addition to the blog. In the upper right corner is a banner ad for LuckyGunner.com.

I thought long and hard about adding any advertising to this site.For the past year, there has been no advertising on this blog. I am in the enviable position of not needing the blog to pay for itself. What little out-of-pocket expenses I incur are minimal and my chief expense is the time that I spend on the blog.

So why did I add a banner ad for LuckyGunner.com?

The simple answer is that it is a way for this blog to generate monies to help support the Second Amendment Foundation as they fight for our Second Amendment rights. Since the win in the Supreme Court in the McDonald case, SAF has filed lawsuit after lawsuit seeking to use that ruling to strategically expand our civil rights. Winning firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time is not cheap. Doing it multiple lawsuits at a time is even more expensive.

All the referral commissions generated by LuckyGunner when you buy ammo, reloading supplies, or other shooting items are sent directly to the Second Amendment Foundation. The fact that they will send the money directly to SAF was a big plus for me.

So I would ask you to consider clicking on the banner ad the next time you are thinking of buying ammo. They have good prices and, unlike Walmart, they are not kow-towing to Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors. You will be getting fresh ammo at a good price and will be helping to preserve, protect, and expand our Second Amendment rights at the same time. That sounds like a win all around to me.

2 thoughts on “A New Addition To The Blog”

  1. By advertising with Lucky Gunner, hopefully you'll get some of the cash flow that the creep who messed with Breda will lose! LG had an ad at his site.

  2. @Mick: That would be fine with me. Money going to a good cause and none to him. His behavior really pissed me off. As someone said in the comments on her page, she is everyone's kid sister. You just don't mess with a kid sister.

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