Do They Know Something We Don’t?

I came across this pop-up ad from Cabela’s on Facebook a week or so ago. It popped up again this morning.

While I do have a few of these 40-round PMAGs because, you know, I can, my imagination is running wild over the sorts of adventures that might “start here” with them.

I’m too old and too slow to be running off to Afghanistan so that’s out.

The bush wars in Africa have pretty much settled down so I doubt I’d be up for joining Executive Outcomes.

The only other adventure I might imagine would put me on a no-fly list for advocating sedition and insurrection so I won’t go there.

Though, I must say if I owned a gun store and have multiple attackers rushing into the store after ramming the front door with a stolen car, I think this would come in handy.

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