The Difference Between Them And US

I received an email solicitation from North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (sic) yesterday. They were hoping I’d donate to them on Giving Tuesday. Of course, that was never going to happen. I’m on their email list only to see what the enemies of freedom are planning.

What really caught my eye was how they intended to use the money.

  • Contract with a lobbying firm that advocates for gun violence prevention every day at the NC General Assembly. They tell us when gun-related bills are on the move, so we can let you know when to call lawmakers and what to say.
  • Employ a community organizer to work with volunteers state-wide. For the first time, we had a staff member devoted to educating, organizing, and giving free gun locks from the mountains to the coast. 
  • Give volunteers more opportunities to get involved. In 2019, we’ve worked with supporters in key districts to meet with their lawmaker, write a letter to the editor, call other supporters to stop harmful bills, and much more!

Two of their key uses for donations are to hire a lobbyist and to employ a community organizer. These are the kinds of things that a not-really-grassroots type organization has to do. As Sean Sorrentino pointed out about NCGV a few years ago, they are now a subsidiary of Bloomberg’s gun control empire.

As many of my readers know, I’ve been active with Grass Roots North Carolina for a number of years. GRNC is the independent state-level gun rights group in North Carolina. It has no paid lobbyist, no paid community organizer, and indeed no paid anybody. We are an all volunteer organization that is really grass roots. Just as important, we get pro-gun bills passed and anti-gun bills killed. Our record isn’t 100 percent but we win a lot more than we lose or tie.

To sum it up, they want money for employees to curtail your rights while we are a group of volunteers using donations to advance firearm freedom.

The Stupid Party Strikes Again

The Republican Party is often derisively called the Stupid Party because of the dumb stuff it does. Things like firing my friend Rachel Malone or things like caving to demands from people who will never vote for them. The latter is the case in North Carolina with the Republicans in the North Carolina Senate.

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (sic), NCGV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown Moms for Illegal Mayors, sent out an email early this morning touting their achievement in stopping HB 746 which would have allowed permitless concealed carry. This bill had passed the North Carolina House but stalled in the Senate.

From NCGV:

As reported in previous updates, NCGV was on the lookout for the Senate to taking up HB746, the gun omnibus bill that included permitless carry. If this bill would have passed it would mean that people as young as 18 years old with no training and no background check could carry a hidden loaded weapon in public. Because of NCGV pressure and support, the Senate did not consider the bill. We are proud to report that your support made sure that this bill did not even receive a committee hearing on the Senate side.

As a secondary matter, NCGV spoke with legislators and allies about ensuring that our teachers would not be allowed to concealed carry in schools.

The aadjournment (sic) resolution was not sine die and legislators have scheduled a session in November, presumably to take up matters relating to the amendments. Although the bill is technically not dead, it is incredibly unlikely to be taken up during that fall session.

During the interim, legislators restated their commitment to expanding school safety, studying what more can be done, and working with community partners. NCGV will be in any relevant meetings as they take place during the interim.

So you have a group opposed to civil rights crowing that their pressure stopped Majority Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) and the Republicans in the State Senate from even holding hearings on HB 746 which was an omnibus firearms bill which included permitless concealed carry. Please bear in mind that Republicans hold veto-proof super-majorities in both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly. Please also bear in mind that probably not one person in 100 that supports NCGV will even vote for a Republican for dog catcher. They consider themselves the NC equivalent of “The Resistance”.

Has the Republican Party of North Carolina never heard of the old adage that you reward your friends and punish your enemies?

As that great Southern philosopher Forrest Gump famously said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

NC School Safety Committee’s First Meeting

The North Carolina Joint Legislative Committee on School Safety will have its first meeting this Wednesday in Raleigh. Here are some of the details:


The School Safety Committee’s first meeting


Room 643 of the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh.


  Wednesday, March 21st at 9am to
, lunch then resume at 2pm

I can assure you that those opposed to allowing teachers to make the choice to be armed will be there.

The Bloomberg-funded North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (sic) is organizing its volunteers to be there. While there is no mention of a pre-hearing preparation session, I wouldn’t be surprised if one is planned so as to coordinate their arguments for making children less safe in the name of safety. You can also be assured that they will fill the room with people wearing orange or red t-shirts with their slogans on it.

The NEA’s NC affiliate, North Carolina Association of Educators, has come out against allowing teachers to be armed according to ABC Channel 11 Raleigh. I fully expect their lobbyists to be there.

The North Carolina Association of Educators argues teachers want to be armed with books and technology, not guns.

“It’s a dangerous prospect to put out there and we would surely hope that the General Assembly would not even entertain that idea of arming teachers in North Carolina, but we will fight back if it does come forward,” said NCAE President Mark Jewell.

As Tom Gresham made clear on this past Sunday’s Gun Talk Radio, sitting back is no longer a viable option. We need to show up – in shirts and ties – and make the case for allowing teachers who choose to be to be armed. If we don’t, our children and grandchildren will continue to be at risk in their officially gun-free zones. Those who oppose allowing teachers and administrators being armed will be there with emotional arguments, extraneous examples, and their orange/red t-shirts.

We may have the better solutions and arguments but they are better at packing hearings with their supporters. They understand optics better than we do. They and their media allies will run with that.

So, if you can be in Raleigh this coming Wednesday, please attend this meeting. To steal an argument from the gun prohibitionists, do it for the children!

Grass Roots NC On Anti’s “Eat In Peace” Campaign

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (sic) are starting a campaign called Eat in Peace. The aim is to encourage restaurants to post their establishments against legal carry if HB 111 passes.

Grass Roots North Carolina is calling them out on some of their lies and misstatements.

North Carolinians “Against Gun Violence” is publishing lies to disarm law-abiding restaurant patrons.

On its website, NCGV blatantly and dishonestly claims that HB 111 will “…force family restaurants and bars to allow loaded, concealed guns.” See promulgation of this flagrant lie below and here:

The fact is that HB 111 will not prevent restaurant owners from posting against carry should they (unwisely) choose to do so. GRNC has always supported the property rights of restaurant owners while protecting the rights of gun owners.

Restaurant Association does not oppose restaurant carry

This is why THE NC RESTAURANT & LODGING ASSOCIATION (NCRLA) DOES NOT OPPOSE RESTAURANT CARRY AND HB 111! A letter documenting NCRLA’s position on HB 111 is available here:

The only thing NCRLA ever opposed was an effort by anti-gun Rep. Deborah Ross (D-Wake, GRNC 0 star) to force restaurant servers to question patrons about whether they are armed – a hostile amendment GRNC removed from the bill long ago!

Republican lawmakers are deceived

The real tragedy is that Republican lawmakers have joined in NCGV’s self-embarrassment by allowing themselves to be swayed by disinformation and tainted polls. As a result, HB 111 languishes in committee and has not been brought up for the hearing it deserves.

Will it require the deaths of more North Carolinians in Restaurant Homicides to force lawmakers to see the truth?

Danielle RIP

What about Restaurant Homicide?

Victims of Restaurant Homicide like Danielle Watson and her unborn child — viciously stabbed to death just a few weeks ago by an ex-con in a restaurant where she was prohibited by law from protecting herself – indicate that a more appropriate slogan for NCGV’s disinformation campaign is not “Eat in Peace, but rather…

“Rest In Peace”

How many more mothers and children will have to die in NC restaurants before the General Assembly rescinds dangerous laws mandating defenselessness?

NCGV – Don’t Be Like North Carolina

The Brady Campaign’s North Carolina front group, North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, is opposed to HR 822 – the National Right-To-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011. They just sent out the Tweet seen below:

They don’t want the rest of the country to enjoy the same rights as North Carolinians come December 1st. For on that day, thanks to the passage of HB 650, North Carolina will recognize all out-of-state concealed handgun permits.

SECTION 22.(a) G.S. 14-415.24 reads as rewritten:
Ҥ 14-415.24. Reciprocity; out-of-state handgun permits.
(a) A valid concealed handgun permit or license issued by another state is valid in North Carolina if that state grants the same right to residents of North Carolina who have valid concealed handgun permits issued pursuant to this Article in their possession while carrying concealed weapons in that state.North Carolina.

I guess NCGV has their blinders on as they don’t see the hypocrisy in making such a statement.

Blatant Mistruths From Anti’s On NC’s HB 650

The anti-gun group, North Carolinians against Gun Violence (NCGV), has issued their “report” on HB 650 which amends various North Carolina gun laws.

Sean at A NC Gun Blog has been reporting on HB 650 and what it would do. He takes apart their attack on the bill bit by bit and shows them for the desparate group that they have become.

While North Carolina specific, it is shows how to dissect and take apart the gun prohibitionists’ arguments as well as showing how they will lie to stop reform.

Scare Tactics From NCGV On Castle Doctrine

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV) is mischaracterizing the Castle Doctrine bills as a “shoot first” bill. This would be par for the course for this organization.

They say they represent families across North Carolina but all their leaders are from the Research Triangle. Not to take anything away from the good people of Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham but to say they are representative of the rest of the state is ludicrous.

HB 74: A Threat to North Carolina

Information you need to know to protect your self against this dangerous legislation . . .

Send a letter to your Elected Officials asking them to stop HB 74

HB 74 is NOT Self-Defense

In North Carolina every citizen has the right to use deadly force to defend themselves or their families. If someone protects themselves with force they will not be prosecuted as long as they had no opportunity to retreat. There are no individuals in jail anywhere in the country who are in jail for acting in legitimate self-defense. HB 74 removes this “duty to retreat” and is an invitation to reckless use of guns. The new law eliminates a citizen’s duty to avoid the threat, and allows the use of deadly force before other options.

Who Does this Bill Endanger? You.

This bill provides protection for someone using deadly force — it provides no protections for the innocent victims caught in the crossfire. Worse yet, this legislation directly threatens North Carolinians whose jobs require them to visit others homes and properties. A social worker on an unannounced home visit, a volunteer distributing materials door to door, or even a mailman delivering a package is in potential danger.

Where Does Your Castle End?

HB 74 often referred to as the “Castle Doctrine” implies that this legislation applies only to a home or residence. However HB 74 extends past the individual’s home if they believe someone is committing a ‘forcible felony’ – which thereby includes nearly all public places. The shooter could receive immunity for shooting recklessly into a crowd, as long as he reasonably believed he was in serious danger. If passed this “Shoot First” law will not only permit shooting in our streets, the shooter will not be prosecuted for any death or injury whether to a hardened criminal or a helpless child who was only a by-stander.

No Recourse For Victims

If passed this “Shoot First” law will give the shooter complete immunity from criminal prosecution or civil liability. The shooter will not be prosecuted for any death or injury even if they kill or injure a person an innocent bystander or the wrong person.

The Threat is Real.

After passing similar legislation in Florida:

Kenneth Allen, 58, twice shot his neighbor, Jason Rosenbloom, 30, in early June 2006. Rosenbloom went to Allen’s house about a complaint filed. “I was no threat. I had no weapon… He had a gun. I turned around to put my hands up. He didn’t even say a word, and he fired once into my stomach. I bent over, and he shot me in the chest,” Rosenbloom told the New York Times. [New York Times, 8-7-06]

In 2008, two gangs in Tallahassee got into a shoot-out. A 15-year-old boy was killed. A judge dismissed charges against the shooters, citing Florida’s ‘Shoot First’ law. [ St. Petersburg Times, 10-17-10]

Christopher Cote, 19, of The Acreage, Florida was shot twice with a shotgun and killed by his neighbor, Jose Tapanes, 62, September 17 after an argument began when Cote walked his dog on Tapanes’ property. Tapanes has been charged with first-degree murder and has argued that the new Florida law gave him the right to kill the teen.[ Miami Herald, 9-18-06 ]

In Colorado:

Gary Lee Hill got in an argument with a group of people at his house. There was a physical fight, but as the group of people drove away, Hill walked out away from his house with a gun and shot one member of the group, John Lee Knott, in the back. Mr. Hill was found “not guilty’ according to the standards of Colorado’s “Shoot First” law.