The Difference Between Them And US

I received an email solicitation from North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (sic) yesterday. They were hoping I’d donate to them on Giving Tuesday. Of course, that was never going to happen. I’m on their email list only to see what the enemies of freedom are planning.

What really caught my eye was how they intended to use the money.

  • Contract with a lobbying firm that advocates for gun violence prevention every day at the NC General Assembly. They tell us when gun-related bills are on the move, so we can let you know when to call lawmakers and what to say.
  • Employ a community organizer to work with volunteers state-wide. For the first time, we had a staff member devoted to educating, organizing, and giving free gun locks from the mountains to the coast. 
  • Give volunteers more opportunities to get involved. In 2019, we’ve worked with supporters in key districts to meet with their lawmaker, write a letter to the editor, call other supporters to stop harmful bills, and much more!

Two of their key uses for donations are to hire a lobbyist and to employ a community organizer. These are the kinds of things that a not-really-grassroots type organization has to do. As Sean Sorrentino pointed out about NCGV a few years ago, they are now a subsidiary of Bloomberg’s gun control empire.

As many of my readers know, I’ve been active with Grass Roots North Carolina for a number of years. GRNC is the independent state-level gun rights group in North Carolina. It has no paid lobbyist, no paid community organizer, and indeed no paid anybody. We are an all volunteer organization that is really grass roots. Just as important, we get pro-gun bills passed and anti-gun bills killed. Our record isn’t 100 percent but we win a lot more than we lose or tie.

To sum it up, they want money for employees to curtail your rights while we are a group of volunteers using donations to advance firearm freedom.