He Had Me At Mil-Spec Butter Knife

This is something to share with all your gun-hating friends who know nothing about firearms. Tell them they need to share far and wide to show the world just how easy it is to make any firearm full auto. In this case, the guy shows how to make a Sig run at 2,000 rounds a minute and an AR run at 70,000 rounds a minute.

Of course this is a satirical video but do Shannon Watts and her coterie of “I support the Second Amendment but…” friends know this? Probably not which makes it even more imperative that we encourage them to share it. As that great Southern philosopher Forrest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

New Year’s Resolutions

Given that Hillary Clinton thinks the National Rifle Association is one of the enemies that she is most proud of, it is good to see the NRA punching back twice as hard.  Their New Year’s video pokes fun at her support from Bloomberg as well as her obvious disdain for the Second Amendment and by extension the US Constitution.

I think it is smart for the NRA to start switching their focus from Obama to Clinton. While Obama can still make mischief as he is signaling with his weekly address, he is a lame duck. Short of appointing another Supreme Court justice, he can’t hurt us too badly. Hillary, on the other hand, given four years in office would be a disaster for gun owners.

UPDATE: Interestingly enough, the NRA’s video is catching some traction with the news media. In our local station’s (WLOS Asheville) reports on the gun control moves by Obama, this video is mentioned each and every time. I heard about it at 5pm, 5:30pm, 6pm, and 11pm.

Five Easy Steps To A Gun-Free America

When President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other gun-hating progressives speak about how much they like the “Australian Model”, what they really mean is that they want gun confiscation. Unfortunately for them, there are impediments to this.

The good folks at Reason TV have come up with a video to assist the President, Mrs. Clinton, Mike Bloomberg, and all the rest in their campaign to get a gun-free America. By gun-free, I mean, of course, that they will still have their armed guards and we will be at the mercy of predators. As Reason TV says, all it takes is five easy steps.

It Feels Right

Chris Muir at Day by Day Cartoon, as per usual, nails it. He calls out lefty filmmaker (and gun law violator) Rajina Sincic and Americans for Responsible Solutions as well as those SJW* who continue to perpetuate the U.Va. rape hoax story.

Courtesy of Chris Muir

After reading this cartoon, I have this running through my head! Listen at your own risk.

*SJW = Social Justice Warrior – I had to look up this acronym a few weeks ago after seeing it used frequently on Facebook. Those darn kids and their newfangled acronyms!

Fixed It For Them

AB 144 which bans unloaded open carry in California is sitting on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk awaiting either a signature or veto. The Brady Campaign opposes UOC because it scares rich white liberals buying overpriced coffee. That it may or may not deter a criminal is irrelevant to them.

Paraphrasing a quote by one of their spokespeople made to the L.A. Times:

Cop carry control advocates hope that California will now pave the way for the rest of the country to outlaw the practice.

“Openly carrying a cop on your back into Starbucks and other establishments creates a culture of fear and intimidation,” said Brian Malte, director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Cop Carry. “It is irresponsible and dangerous.”

“People in other states look to see what California does,” he said. If Brown signs the bill, “other states will follow suit.”

My paraphrase of Brian Malte’s comment makes about as much sense as his statement does. The sad thing is that I realize it and he does not.

Close The Car Show Loophole

The following bit of satire was originally published on the Pro-Gun New Hampshire webpage. It is being reprinted with the kind permission of the author, attorney Evan Nappen.

Close the Car Show Loophole!

By Evan F. Nappen, Esq.

[Posted Monday, February 14, 2011, at 6:40 p.m.] At car shows and swaps throughout the United States, cars are sold in private sales with no dealer being involved. Car shows at which cars are exhibited or offered for sale or exchange provide a convenient and centralized commercial location where criminals and other wrongdoers obtain cars without credit background checks and without records that enable car tracing.

We all know that cars kill and that they are one of the biggest killers in the US. Cars cause accidents and facilitate crimes. Cars even cause mass murder and mayhem (like intentionally driving into a crowd). Cars are a menace that must be tightly controlled.

Some of these cars end up in criminal hands as get-away cars or are used by murderers, drug dealers or gang-bangers. Some cars are smuggled into Mexico and used by drug lords there. Convicted felons, mentally deranged persons, domestic abusers, and aliens unlawfully in the US can all buy a car at a show. Even those on the terrorist watch list can go to a car show and buy a car.

Many of these cars have transmissions which are automatic and/or semi-automatic. At these car shows various accessories are freely bought and sold, like extended gas tanks, folding seats and even mufflers. One can also buy “a shoulder thing that goes up,” also known as a safety belt.

Some cars are converted and many are customized. Why would anyone need such a car? The police are “out-carred” on a daily basis. Many departments say they need more horsepower, but can’t afford it. How many must die before we close the car show loophole?

Fortunately, Representative McCarthyism and Senator Lousenburp have filed bills to require all car transfers at car shows and swaps to go through a dealer. They have the full support of Mayor Bloomingidiot and C.M.A.Y.R. (Corrupt Mayors Against Your Rights) Some of the important features of the bill are as follows:

1) It will insure that a credit background check is run, a record is made and all paperwork will be done. Dealers can only sell to customers who have proper identification so a computer check can be done.

2) “Car event operators” must submit names of all “vendors” to the FBI, both before and after the show. It does not matter whether any vendors sold a car. A private citizen going to a car show hoping to sell or trade a car, but who does not find a buyer and leaves with his own car, would remain in a “vendor” file with the FBI forever.

3) It would require registration of car shows. This would allow the authorities to make sure event organizers have no paperwork violations. It would also allow government agents to question car owners who gather for purposes other than selling cars.

4) It allows inspection, at a car show, of a show promoter’s or dealer’s entire business records—including records of transactions that occurred at other shows or at a dealer’s licensed place of business.

5) It turns casual conversations into “car show sales.” A person could still agree to sell a car to a friend in a conversation at the local gas station; but if the same conversation took place at a car show, the credit check requirement would forever apply to that car. It even applies to a car that a seller and buyer talk about at a car show, but don’t have with them.

This should fix the car show loophole. Next to be fixed are the wedding show loophole, home improvement show loophole, sports memorabilia show loophole, coin show loophole, flower show loophole, model train show loophole, doll show loophole, boat show loophole, motorcycle show loophole, comic book show loophole, horse show loophole, golf show loophole, and of course the gun show loophole. If it saves just one life it’s worth it. We have to do it, for the children.

Attorney Evan Nappen is the General Counsel for Pro-Gun New Hampshire. He practices law in Concord, New Hampshire, and Eatontown, New Jersey.

Iowahawk Resurrects Column on Bellesiles

With all the attempts to resurrect the reputation of Michael Bellesiles by the New York Times and the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Iowahawk did some resurrections of his own. He republished a column on academic miscreants like Bellesiles from 2002. It still makes for great reading.

Bellesiles, for those that don’t remember, was the Emory University historian who published a book called The Arming of America which said that people in Colonial America really didn’t have many firearms. Of course, he depended on documents that couldn’t be found such as probates records that were destroyed in the 1906 Great San Francisco earthquake. He eventually had his Bancroft Prize taken back and lost his job at Emory. Lately, he has been teaching as an adjunct instructor at Central Connecticut State University where, once again, he lapsed into his habit of academic fraud.

From Iowahawk comes this wonderful assortment of quotes:

“It now appears that few, if any, 18th or 19th century Americans owned guns,” says Bellesiles in the book’s conclusion. “To the contrary, it is clear that most Colonial Americans abhorred firearms, and spent most of their incomes on espresso machines, yoga classes and Eames chairs.”

And this,

In Bellesiles’ thesis, the current proliferation of guns in American society is a relatively recent phenomenon, which he traces to a secret 1963 marketing agreement between weapon conglomerates Daisy and Red Ryder and Boy’s Life magazine.

Finally this,

Bellisiles later hypothesized that the records were in the courthouse in Nacho Burrito County, which researchers were also unable to find. Last week Emory administrators sent a letter to Bellisiles asking for a response to the growing criticism, but this time the professor was himself missing. When last seen he was in a secluded river wilderness outside Atlanta, paddling a canoe with Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds and a strange looking mountain boy with a banjo.

Andrew Breitbart has also covered the media’s resurrection of Bellesiles here on his Big Journalism website.

Frankly, I think Bellesiles ought to just hang it up and jump that freight train that he is shown with in the New York Times piece.

H/T Snowflakes in Hell for the Big Journalism piece.