Reactions To Biden’s Speech on “Gun Violence”

There is nothing like a good old Joe Biden word-salad speech as shown below to inspire some good, down-home snarkiness.

Oh, where to start. I guess we’ll go with Miguel from

Let’s move on to Dana Loesch who is always good for some snark.

Moving on to Maj Toure.

How about this from firearms patent attorney Ben Langlotz.

We have to get in a meme using Sponge Bob.

A new hashtag has been created!

Now to a serious comment. I do sincerely believe that Joe Biden is showing age-related cognitive decline. I see similar behaviors to what I saw in my own mother who suffered from dementia for years before she passed away. However, while we can laugh and make fun of Biden’s speech, we need to realize that it will be his authoritarian administration using the jack-booted thugs of BATFE (potentially led by Chipman) and other agencies carrying out these anti-self defense policies. They are not demented and they are evil and they will use lawfare. If lawfare fails, they will use deadly force backed by false narratives parroted by a compliant media. Biden’s speech was the side-show; the implementation of these evil policies will be the main event.

3 thoughts on “Reactions To Biden’s Speech on “Gun Violence””

  1. Here is how it will go down:

    1). A weapons ban is put in effect
    2). A majority do not comply
    3). Here come the armed confiscation goons door to door
    4). The bodies of dead goons and patriots pile up. The tree of liberty is refreshed with their collective blood.
    5). The tyrants don’t quit until they all swing from every stout tree and lamppost.

    1. The ominous thing on enforcement was “one strike and you’re out” for gun dealers. ATF has a long history of finding paperwork violations when they do their inspections. If this stuff is included, it will basically put all gun dealers out of business. Not sure if this takes statute to do it. Going to see what NSSF has to say.

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