NRA Board Election Results

The following was sent out to the NRA Board and to all the candidates running in the 2022 board election. As I understand it, these are still unofficial tallies as the election has to be certified by the Elections Committee. However, this is as close to official it is going to get until the meeting in Houston.

From John Frazer who sent this out:

The NRA mail ballot election results have been received. Formal notices were sent yesterday by e-mail and overnight Federal Express to each candidate.  The overall results are below, in rank order of votes received. Final vote tallies will be released at the Annual Meeting of Members in Houston.

Please join me in welcoming our newly elected and re-elected Board members.


  1. Sandra S. Froman
  2. Bob Barr
  3. Marion P. Hammer

[Don Young*]

  1. Joe M. Allbaugh
  2. Blaine Wade
  3. Matt Blunt
  4. Larry E. Craig
  5. Johnny Nugent
  6. Carol Frampton
  7. Dwight D. Van Horn
  8. Willes K. Lee
  9. Mitzy McCorvey
  10. James W. Porter
  11. Ronald L. Schmeits
  12. Danny Stowers
  13. Dave Butz
  14. Todd R. Ellis
  15. Cathy S. Wright
  16. Steven W. Dulan
  17. Tom King
  18. Al Hammond
  19. David Norcross
  20. Anthony P. Colandro
  21. Charles T. Hiltunen
  22. Paul D. Babaz

* Congressman Young ranked fourth in the vote count, but passed away during the election.


  1. Antonio A. Hernandez


  1. James Chapman


  1. Frank C. Tait
  2. Isaac D. Demarest

In a real sense, there is no rhyme nor reason to this order of finish. You have people with minimal name recognition finishing well ahead of those who are fairly well known. For example, I would have expected the current 1st VP of the NRA Willes Lee to have finished ahead of most of those who finished higher. Likewise, you have a Danny Stowers whose career seems to have been in Human Resources at a couple of Texas companies finishing ahead of Tom King who heads the NYSRPA. Similarly, you have Cathy Wright who was ostensibly from North Carolina with virtually no name recognition in the Tar Heel State finishing ahead of Frank Tait who is a 3-time candidate and who has generated lots of press.

We still don’t know how many ballots were received nor how many got returned to sender due to the Zip+4 fiasco. We don’t know how many ballots were considered spoiled. Would a comment on the ballot saying, “Fire Wayne” or the other F word, cause a ballot to be “spoiled” and not counted?

Finally, there is the issue of bullet voting. If a good number of people did bullet vote as was urged for Frank Tait, then it stands to reason from a statistical point of view that votes for Frank should have weighed more than those where a voter filled out 20-25 spots. Yet, Frank finished next to last and people who no one had ever heard of before finished middle of the pack. Is the Nominations Committee endorsement that strong an endorsement? Are that many people really just zombies plodding along voting for whom they are told in a brain-dead manner?

The Drones Keep Listening To Big Brother

Image from Apple “1984” ad

I have to wonder who votes in the election for the NRA Board of Directors. You have a few good candidates and you have a lot of hacks. You have mostly Friends of Wayne and the rare candidate who wants to do something worthwhile. Invariably, it is the hacks who are the Friends of Wayne who get elected.

Many of us thought this year might – and I emphasize might – see some change in this.

We were wrong.

Frank Tait got this message today from John Frazer who is the NRA Secretary and a named defendant in the NYAG lawsuit:

“Based on the draft report from Rogers & Company, you have not been elected to the NRA Board of Directors. In accordance with Article VIII, Sec, 4 of the NRA Bylaws, your name will be automatically placed on the ballot for one Director for a one-year term to be voted on by those members present and eligible to vote on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of Members.”

You have to wonder if Wayne and his cabal will be so bold this year as to again push their preferred candidate for 76th Director using so-called volunteers who have their expenses paid. In their arrogance, I would not be surprised to see them deployed.

I do think the postal issue had some impact even if this is routinely denied by the NRA. Until we see the actual vote numbers, it will be impossible to determine.

In the meantime, I feel it is as if too many voters are like those drones in the Apple 1984 commercial listening to Big Brother. Just substitute Wayne’s bespectacled face for that of Big Brother and you have the results we have been seeing for years.

From the Apple 1984 commercial

I do have one question to those of you in California. Have you seen or heard of “ballot harvesting” by the NRA Member Councils in California?

More Returned NRA Ballots

The issue with returned ballots is not restricted to eastern Pennsylvania. The ballot below was sent back to a Benefactor Life member residing in Nevada. Not only was it sent back to him but he received it in the damaged condition shown. I scratched out the name and he covered his address with a flyer to preserve his privacy.

In the comments section of my first post on this, another person in Tennessee has also received his ballot back in the mail due to the wrong Plus 4 ZIP and barcode. To date, the NRA has not issued any public notice of the issue with the envelope. How many more out there that have been returned or will be returned is open to speculation.

The person who had the first known returned ballot reached out the NRA’s Membership Department and got this response. I would urge anyone who had a ballot returned to do this.

No description available.

If you have not returned your ballot yet, my original suggestion that you scratch out the Plus 4 ZIP and the barcode below the address still stands. It will prevent the USPS mail sorting machines from kicking it out as undeliverable.

If you have friends who are voting NRA members, you need to warn them about this. My fear is that a number of people will wait until the last moment to send in their ballots. Then, when it is too late to resubmit the ballot, they will get it back in the mail.

Frank Tait brought this to the attention of NRA Secretary and General Counsel John Frazer. Here is the response he and the person to whom the first ballot was returned.

It does appear that a small number of envelopes containing completed ballots for the 2022 NRA board election were mailed to our independent accounting firm for processing, but have been returned to sender. We are continuing to investigate this situation in collaboration with the accounting firm. It appears that this situation is limited to a specific geographic area, which may indicate a problem at a specific postal facility – not a widespread problem impacting the majority of ballots. We are committed to the integrity of the election process, and to ensuring that process works to the benefit of all voting members.

Notably, the address on the ballot envelope is the same one used for all ballots, both this year and last. Nearly 100,000 ballots were received last year for processing. So far this year, about 60,000 ballots have been received—which again suggests that this is an isolated issue. In other words, tens of thousands of NRA members are participating in the election without experiencing this problem.

If a ballot envelope is returned, the member can still vote. We ask that the member please enclose the entire return envelope in a larger envelope, and mail it to:

Rogers & Co.

P.O. Box 686

Dunn Loring, VA 22027

We regret the inconvenience for those who were affected by this issue. The NRA is confident that our election process is fair – and we thank our members for participating in this important undertaking.

What bothers me the most is that this is being treated like a small aberration by the powers that be in the NRA. If we learned anything from the 2020 elections it is that people get really pissed off if they perceive that an election has issues with their vote not being counted. I don’t care if it is a “found” bundle of ballots in the middle of the night or a valid mailed-in NRA BOD ballot that is being returned to sender as undeliverable.

To be sure this is not a case of malfeasance. It is a case of negligence. Moreover, it is a case of repeated negligence. John Frazer acknowledges that the same erroneous address was used last year as well. If I could see the error almost immediately, then why did the highly paid consultants, the accounting firm, and other experts at the NRA not catch it? Could it be that they assume the outcome of this election is preordained and they just don’t give a shit if my vote or yours is counted or not?

Issue With Returning NRA Ballots

As can be seen in the picture below, there is an issue with the receipt of NRA ballots by Rogers & Co. They are the accounting firm charged with counting the votes in the 2022 NRA Board of Directors election.

This is a case where the US Postal Service is not to blame.

Years and years ago I had a small business that managed political mailing lists and processed them to append the correct ZIP Plus 4. I understand something about how the Plus 4 for a ZIP Code is generated. In the case of post office boxes, the ZIP Plus 4 is the ZIP Code plus the post office box number. If you look at where I’ve circled in red on the envelope, you will see that this is not the case with the ballot return envelope. It is clear that when the Postal Service’s automated sorting equipment read the bar code below the address it saw this as a problem.

The correct ZIP Plus 4 for the return envelope of the ballots should have been 22027-0686. I confirmed this by using the Postal Service’s ZIP Code lookup tool.

The returned ballot leads to the obvious question: how many valid ballots have been returned to the sender or even discarded by the US Postal Service? The follow-up question is it enough to affect the outcome of the board election. With the death this week of Rep. Don Young (R-AK), you now have 29 candidates seeking essentially 28 seats when you add in the 76th Director. Until the votes are counted, we won’t know how many votes separated each candidate.

Ballots must be received by May 8th. If you have not returned your ballot yet, you may want to consider my suggestion on how to correct the issue.

In the picture below is another ballot that has not been mailed yet. If you look where I’ve circled in red, here are my suggestions to make sure it arrives in Dunn Loring, Virginia and is counted. First, scratch out the Plus 4 portion of the ZIP Code. Second, scratch out the bar code below the address. Doing both of these actions will prevent the US Postal Service’s automated sorters from rejecting the ballot due to conflicts between the address and the ZIP Code Plus 4.

It is my understanding that NRA Secretary and General Counsel John Frazer has been made aware of this issue. As this issue just came to light this weekend, it is too early to see if he will have any response.

UPDATE: If you are a voting member of the NRA and have not sent in your ballot yet, please check the envelope’s return address. I would like to know if you have a different return address or different ZIP Plus 4. I happen to know that these two examples come from the eastern Pennsylvania area. That is also the home of reform candidate Frank Tait.

You can leave either a comment in the comment’s section or email me at jpr9954 AT gmail dot com. I would especially be interested getting a photo of your envelope if it is different.

UPDATE II: I have heard from readers in Ohio, Maryland, Kentucky, and North Carolina that their return envelopes all had the wrong ZIP Plus 4 on it.

I have also heard that there are more people in eastern Pennsylvania who have had their ballots returned as undeliverable.

Frank Tait Rides Shotgun With Charlie

My good friend and fellow co-host of the Polite Society Podcast Charlie Cook has a series of videos called “Riding Shotgun with Charlie.” The series involves Charlie driving with a guest (or two) while he films his interview of them. It is the gun culture’s equivalent of Jerry Seinfield’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee or James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke.

Charlie’s most recent guest was Frank Tait who is running for the NRA Board of Directors. In this case, Frank really was riding shotgun as Charlie’s carry permits were not valid in Pennsylvania. While driving around Philadelphia, they discussed a number of things including how Frank got started in competition, how he became an instructor and training counselor, his work with Appleseed and Revere’s Riders, and, of course, his run for the NRA Board of Directors.

In full disclosure, I have endorsed Frank for the NRA Board and have encouraged people to “bullet vote” for Frank. He is the only person I endorsed for the Board and the only person who got my vote. If you are eligible to vote, I would encourage you to vote soon and to vote for Frank.

I got to ride shotgun with Charlie a few years ago. I think Frank’s interview is much better than mine!

NRA Endorsement: Frank Tait

In years gone by, I have done a round-up of various endorsements for the NRA Board of Directors. This year there is only one person who deserves your vote for election to the NRA Board of Directors. That person is Frank Tait.

I have gotten to know Frank fairly well over the past three years. He has the qualifications needed to represent the members of the NRA on the Board. These qualifications include being a NRA Training Counselor as well as an impressive business background in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Even more important, he has stepped up seeking intervenor status when it was obvious that neither the NRA leadership nor the New York Attorney General’s Office was looking out for the membership in the dissolution lawsuit. That took courage and that took initiative. If that was the only thing he ever did that would have been enough to secure my vote.

It should be noted that Frank Tait is on the ballot by petition. He is the only petition candidate. That means he was put on the ballot by the members. The remaining 29 candidates on the ballot were put there by the Nominating Committee. That means they were all vetted as people who wouldn’t rock the boat and who would be good loyal “friends of Wayne.” Anecdotally, I have heard that when Judge Phil Journey made his motion for an examiner in the NRA bankruptcy case there were board members furious at the Nominating Committee for failing to ensure he would be a faithful “friend of Wayne”. I think they probably learned their lesson – unfortunately.

With the death of John Cushman and the resignation of Todd Rathner plus the 76th Director elected at the Annual Meeting, 28 out of the 30 people on the ballot will be elected. To increase the odds that Frank is elected, you need to “bullet vote” for Frank.

Jeff Knox explains it below:

By casting a ballot with only Frank Tait’s name marked, it leverages that vote, improving the odds of Frank’s election, and reducing the chances that any votes I might cast for other candidates might help push Frank down in the overall rankings, costing him a seat.

The February issue of the American Rifleman and Shooting Illustrated had an article by Jason Ouimet, Executive Director of NRA-ILA. In big bold red letters it said “Your Vote Matters.” While he was talking about the Virginia gubernatorial election, the same could be said here. The average NRA Board election has a 5-6% turnout of the eligible voters. That is pitiful and is a primary reason the same old “friends of Wayne” get elected year in and year out. If you want to see change, you need to vote and encourage your friends who are voting members to vote. Of course, that vote should only be for Frank.

Frank Tait will be one of 76 on the Board. That in and of itself won’t give him much influence. However, if elected, he can resume his motion to intervene in the dissolution lawsuit. He would have a statutory right to intervene and this time he could not be denied by Judge Cohen for not being a board member.

It is time to elect someone who is going to look out for the members and not him or herself.

You Did It! Frank Tait Is On The Ballot

Thanks to everyone who signed petitions for Frank Tait, he beat the “margin of Wayne” and is on the ballot for the 2022 NRA Board of Directors election. He could not have done it without your help and the help of many others who want change at the NRA.

This means that instead of being forced to choose between voting for one of the hand-picked “friends of Wayne” or not voting, you now have a choice.

If you are a voting member, now is the time to start talking to your friends who are also voting members. A personal recommendation from you should mean a lot more than the usual propaganda that you see month after month in the official journal.

Remember it is our NRA and not Wayne’s NRA.

UPDATE: From Frank on getting on the ballot.

The petitions were “beyond the margin of Wayne” and I am on the ballot!

I have to get my approved 150-word biographical sketch in by December 17 so it can be included with the ballots.

This would not be possible without the support of many great people and organizations around the country including the participants at the IDPA Liberty Match, Bitter of Shall Not be Questioned Blog, and the members of Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Association, the participants of the Nineteenth Bi-Annual Machinegun Shoot at Eastern Lancaster County Rod & Gun Club, and the Montgomery County Federation of Sportsmens Clubs Trapshooting League.

I am grateful for this tremendous support and am committed to reforming the board and management of the NRA

“Beyond The Margin Of Wayne”

Frank Tait reports that people have come through in signing his petition to be on the NRA Board of Directors ballot. He received approximately 238% of the number needed to be put on the ballot. He had been advised to have at least double what he needed. Certainly some will be invalid. That said, I will flatly say that if he is kept off the ballot for not meeting the requisite number, it will be due to shenanigans. Because I don’t want to be sued by Wayne’s pin-striped legal wizard (sic) who just lost another case, I won’t call it fraud.

I’ll let Frank Tait give more details:

I submitted a total of 334 petition sheets. These sheets averaged 3.4 signatures per page. This is up significantly from the 2020 campaign. What made the difference this year is that people signing petitions got others to sign.

I received petitions from NRA members in 43 states. 41% of the signatures were from my home state PA. Significant numbers of signatures came in from Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Arizona, Georgia, Wyoming, Delaware, North Carolina, Texas, Maryland, California, Florida, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Social media contacts were the next largest contributor bringing in 36% of the signatures. Many NRA instructors and training counselors gathered signatures. 16% were from my home club, LPRGC. 24% came from the Eagle Arms gun shows. A certain group of “Deplorables” that meets semi-annually at the NRA Whittington Center brought in 13% of the signatures.

1,134 signatures would not be possible without the support of many great people and organizations around the country including the participants at the IDPA Liberty Match, Bitter of Shall Not be Questioned Blog, and the members of Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Association, the participants of the Nineteenth Bi-Annual Machinegun Shoot at Eastern Lancaster County Rod & Gun Club, and the Montgomery County Federation of Sportsmens Clubs Trapshooting League.

I am grateful for this tremendous support and am committed to reforming the board and management of the NRA.

To those of my readers who sent in signed petitions on behalf of Frank’s candidacy, I thank you.

Frank Tait Just Needs 50 More Signatures

Frank Tait is gathering signatures to be a petition candidate for the NRA Board of Directors. He is at 94% of the amount needed and is down to gathering the last 50 petition signatures to get above the “Margin of Wayne”.

If you are a voting member of the NRA, you are eligible to sign his petition. A voting member is any one of the various classes of life members and any annual member with five continuous years plus of membership. Any break in your annual membership and the clock restarts.

Frank alone won’t be able to change the mindless direction of the Board if elected. You know it, I know it, and he knows it. However, it would give him legal standing to intervene in the NY Attorney General’s dissolution lawsuit as it has Rocky Marshall.

As Frank’s note below makes clear, time is of the essence. He needs those signatures now.

Many thanks to the Montgomery County Federation of Sportsmens Clubs Trapshooting League and the members of Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club for their signatures. Over 240 signatures have come in from social media contacts. This brings me to 94% of my target with 1 week to go. I need 50 more signatures to get to my target.

I need your help to get over the top and beyond the “Margin of Wayne” Last year, I had almost 300 signatures disqualified for various reasons and was not on the ballot. As a write-in – I only got a few thousand votes – on the ballot in 2020, I got over 55,000 votes. If I got that total in 2021, I would be on the board now working for reform.

The petition is here:

The NRA requires “wet” signatures, so you have to print out the petition and physically mail me the petitions.

Mail to: Frank Tait, 425 W. Wayne Ave. Wayne PA 19087

I have to submit the signatures to the NRA no later than November 16. Please mail any completed petitions to me no later than November 10.

I ask that anyone interested in getting a reformer on the NRA Board print out the petition and legibly fill out the information. If you don’t know your NRA member number, I can get it from the membership office if I can read your name and address.

We need a person like Frank on the ballot. As I noted when I published the list of official nominees, it is full of “Friends of Wayne”. There is not one damn person on that list who will challenge the status quo. The Nominations Committee made sure of that. They are worse than the captain of the Titanic who ordered full speed ahead in iceberg-laden waters. At least, Capt. Edward Smith realized he was in trouble after they hit the iceberg. I can’t say the same for the Nominations Committee or the majority of the Board.

NRA Petition Candidates

In normal years, a candidate for the NRA Board of Directors who wanted to be nominated by petition would have months to gather the needed signatures. This is not a normal year.

The window to gather signatures opened with the Annual Meeting on October 2nd and closes on November 16th. Thus, instead of almost six months, a candidate will have approximately six weeks to gather 477 signatures of NRA voting members. As a reminder, those eligible to both vote and sign such a petition are Life, Patron, Endowment, and Benefactor members and Annual members with 5 continuous years of membership. If you have had a break in your annual membership, the clock restarts.

Runners-up on the ballot including petition candidates are eligible to move up into board openings when sitting directors resign or die. As NRA Secretary and General Counsel affirmed to Frank Tait at the 2021 Meeting of Members, write-in candidates do not qualify.

Frank Tait is the only person I know who is attempting to run by petition this year. If you know of anyone else, please put their information in the comments.

I plan on signing Frank’s petition. I only wish there was an event in the next week or so where I could gather a full page or more of valid signatures.

If you would like a copy of his petition, it is available for download here.

Return the signed petition to Frank Tait at 425 W. Wayne Ave. Wayne PA 19087. He needs them in hand by November 11th. Mine will go out in the mail tomorrow.

Please do not sign a petition if you are not a voting member. You can find your membership number on the label of whatever NRA magazine you receive.

We need more people who represent the actual members of the Board and fewer who represent either their own interests or those of Wayne.

Take a look at the picture below. It was originally posted on the blog NRA In Danger.

I have labeled it to point out Frank and the security monitor that the powers that be assigned to follow Frank everywhere in the Meeting of Members and the Board Meeting.

How damn paranoid do you have to be to put a security guard on one dissident member when you’ve already stacked the meeting with the Board, their spouses, and staffers whose jobs depend on kowtowing to Wayne?

The worst part is that you and I paid for this travesty with our dues. Even the KGB and Guoanbu are more subtle than this bumbling Gang of Four.