The Drones Keep Listening To Big Brother

Image from Apple “1984” ad

I have to wonder who votes in the election for the NRA Board of Directors. You have a few good candidates and you have a lot of hacks. You have mostly Friends of Wayne and the rare candidate who wants to do something worthwhile. Invariably, it is the hacks who are the Friends of Wayne who get elected.

Many of us thought this year might – and I emphasize might – see some change in this.

We were wrong.

Frank Tait got this message today from John Frazer who is the NRA Secretary and a named defendant in the NYAG lawsuit:

“Based on the draft report from Rogers & Company, you have not been elected to the NRA Board of Directors. In accordance with Article VIII, Sec, 4 of the NRA Bylaws, your name will be automatically placed on the ballot for one Director for a one-year term to be voted on by those members present and eligible to vote on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of Members.”

You have to wonder if Wayne and his cabal will be so bold this year as to again push their preferred candidate for 76th Director using so-called volunteers who have their expenses paid. In their arrogance, I would not be surprised to see them deployed.

I do think the postal issue had some impact even if this is routinely denied by the NRA. Until we see the actual vote numbers, it will be impossible to determine.

In the meantime, I feel it is as if too many voters are like those drones in the Apple 1984 commercial listening to Big Brother. Just substitute Wayne’s bespectacled face for that of Big Brother and you have the results we have been seeing for years.

From the Apple 1984 commercial

I do have one question to those of you in California. Have you seen or heard of “ballot harvesting” by the NRA Member Councils in California?