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In normal years, a candidate for the NRA Board of Directors who wanted to be nominated by petition would have months to gather the needed signatures. This is not a normal year.

The window to gather signatures opened with the Annual Meeting on October 2nd and closes on November 16th. Thus, instead of almost six months, a candidate will have approximately six weeks to gather 477 signatures of NRA voting members. As a reminder, those eligible to both vote and sign such a petition are Life, Patron, Endowment, and Benefactor members and Annual members with 5 continuous years of membership. If you have had a break in your annual membership, the clock restarts.

Runners-up on the ballot including petition candidates are eligible to move up into board openings when sitting directors resign or die. As NRA Secretary and General Counsel affirmed to Frank Tait at the 2021 Meeting of Members, write-in candidates do not qualify.

Frank Tait is the only person I know who is attempting to run by petition this year. If you know of anyone else, please put their information in the comments.

I plan on signing Frank’s petition. I only wish there was an event in the next week or so where I could gather a full page or more of valid signatures.

If you would like a copy of his petition, it is available for download here.

Return the signed petition to Frank Tait at 425 W. Wayne Ave. Wayne PA 19087. He needs them in hand by November 11th. Mine will go out in the mail tomorrow.

Please do not sign a petition if you are not a voting member. You can find your membership number on the label of whatever NRA magazine you receive.

We need more people who represent the actual members of the Board and fewer who represent either their own interests or those of Wayne.

Take a look at the picture below. It was originally posted on the blog NRA In Danger.

I have labeled it to point out Frank and the security monitor that the powers that be assigned to follow Frank everywhere in the Meeting of Members and the Board Meeting.

How damn paranoid do you have to be to put a security guard on one dissident member when you’ve already stacked the meeting with the Board, their spouses, and staffers whose jobs depend on kowtowing to Wayne?

The worst part is that you and I paid for this travesty with our dues. Even the KGB and Guoanbu are more subtle than this bumbling Gang of Four.

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  1. I found Mr Tait’s application via his substack posts and have printed, hand filled, signed, and mailed it to him as of yesterday. I encourage all eligible members to do the same.

    It must really suck for Frank to live on “Wayne” street in the city of “Wayne” and have to think of the Wayne-who-shall-not-be-named each time he passes a city limit sign or street sign. It would take a stronger man than I to resist evil thoughts at such reminders.

    Regardless, the least us we members can endeavor to do is VOTE THE BUMS OUT!

    Thank you for your efforts.

  2. Anyone sending in a petition, think about places you can visit in coming days and weeks where you are more likely to find qualified NRA voters:

    * 100% NRA gun ranges, usually smaller private clubs with members who have often been around forever;
    * NRA-sanctioned gun matches;
    * non-NRA-sanctioned gun matches with lots of competitors who are more likely to own guns targeted by bans NRA has fought; and
    * events at or hosted by NRA State Associations.

    While there are likely to be people present at any of these places who aren’t eligible voters, finding some random person who wants reform is more likely to be a qualified voting member in those places than say at a big public gun show. The more people who can help him find signatures, the better.

    1. You’re welcome! I’m all about finding the right targets – or at least more of the right targets – for the end goal.

      The other reason it’s helpful to look up things like the 100% NRA clubs around you is because if it comes time to start lobbying groups to cut ties with NRA because it’s looking like dissolution is likely and all funds sent at a point will likely go to anti-gun groups, then we know where we need to get word out.

    1. You may have read my analysis of the NRA meeting last week. I want to give you some more follow up.
      When Frank and I arrived at the meeting we picked a spot close to the assigned area where a member could speak. A few minutes later a younger 30ish very buff guy sat directly behind us. Frank said it was security. I was like?!?! 😳 I considered it blatant intimidation. We sat through the general meeting and the guy sat there as he was assigned. Afterwards, I politely confronted the man and let him know I recognized his assignment and to convey to his leadership we are no threat. He was dimed out. He now knew I knew.

      Later, at the board meeting (separate meeting) another young man sat behind us. With Frank’s permission, I moved my seat behind the security guard. Let the games begin. He got so uncomfortable he had to stand, and once he stood I changed my seat again to get a better angle on him. (Tactics 😁😁)
      He moved to the back of the seats and I moved to the wall behind him.
      The board meeting was boring as hell, scripted and stupid, so I played games with security. Well, the security specifically assigned to my friend, Frank. Frank is no threat to anyone. This was intimidation clear and simple.
      What bothers me even more, is my friends on the board haven’t called out the stupidity of this assignment.
      Paying security to monitor and intimidate a Benefactor member in good standing. NRA money spent to shadow ONE member in good standing they disagree with.
      I am going to send a note with more explicit details in a letter to the NRA board. I will wait to see if my friends on the board get it and respond to me in it. I am expecting that ZERO board members will see it.
      I have 4 very good contacts on the board. One, I am specifically disappointed in. The KoolAid must be very powerful.
      I will stay engaged and be a voice.

    2. Dan I do apologize. For some reason, I thought your last name was McGonigle. And here I am of mostly Irish extraction despite my English-sounding last name.

      1. Hahah! John!!

        You don’t go through life with that name and not get use to the misspelling. Growing up, we lived 3 doors from the McGonigles.
        Walking mail back and forth was a weekly endeavor. 😂🤣

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