NRA Board Election Results

The following was sent out to the NRA Board and to all the candidates running in the 2022 board election. As I understand it, these are still unofficial tallies as the election has to be certified by the Elections Committee. However, this is as close to official it is going to get until the meeting in Houston.

From John Frazer who sent this out:

The NRA mail ballot election results have been received. Formal notices were sent yesterday by e-mail and overnight Federal Express to each candidate.  The overall results are below, in rank order of votes received. Final vote tallies will be released at the Annual Meeting of Members in Houston.

Please join me in welcoming our newly elected and re-elected Board members.


  1. Sandra S. Froman
  2. Bob Barr
  3. Marion P. Hammer

[Don Young*]

  1. Joe M. Allbaugh
  2. Blaine Wade
  3. Matt Blunt
  4. Larry E. Craig
  5. Johnny Nugent
  6. Carol Frampton
  7. Dwight D. Van Horn
  8. Willes K. Lee
  9. Mitzy McCorvey
  10. James W. Porter
  11. Ronald L. Schmeits
  12. Danny Stowers
  13. Dave Butz
  14. Todd R. Ellis
  15. Cathy S. Wright
  16. Steven W. Dulan
  17. Tom King
  18. Al Hammond
  19. David Norcross
  20. Anthony P. Colandro
  21. Charles T. Hiltunen
  22. Paul D. Babaz

* Congressman Young ranked fourth in the vote count, but passed away during the election.


  1. Antonio A. Hernandez


  1. James Chapman


  1. Frank C. Tait
  2. Isaac D. Demarest

In a real sense, there is no rhyme nor reason to this order of finish. You have people with minimal name recognition finishing well ahead of those who are fairly well known. For example, I would have expected the current 1st VP of the NRA Willes Lee to have finished ahead of most of those who finished higher. Likewise, you have a Danny Stowers whose career seems to have been in Human Resources at a couple of Texas companies finishing ahead of Tom King who heads the NYSRPA. Similarly, you have Cathy Wright who was ostensibly from North Carolina with virtually no name recognition in the Tar Heel State finishing ahead of Frank Tait who is a 3-time candidate and who has generated lots of press.

We still don’t know how many ballots were received nor how many got returned to sender due to the Zip+4 fiasco. We don’t know how many ballots were considered spoiled. Would a comment on the ballot saying, “Fire Wayne” or the other F word, cause a ballot to be “spoiled” and not counted?

Finally, there is the issue of bullet voting. If a good number of people did bullet vote as was urged for Frank Tait, then it stands to reason from a statistical point of view that votes for Frank should have weighed more than those where a voter filled out 20-25 spots. Yet, Frank finished next to last and people who no one had ever heard of before finished middle of the pack. Is the Nominations Committee endorsement that strong an endorsement? Are that many people really just zombies plodding along voting for whom they are told in a brain-dead manner?

5 thoughts on “NRA Board Election Results”

  1. I’m a little confused as to why everyone I’ve seen comment on this seems to imply that the results are legitimate, can be trusted and are just confusing.

    The NRA is corrupt from the top down. OF COURSE the guy who has been the most vocal proponent of bringing the WLP gravy train to an end didn’t get the votes expected.

    It’s not the voters who decide an election, it’s the vote counters.

  2. I trust the NRA ballot as much as I trust the Philadelphia election officials in the last presidential election.

  3. Anyone know why Andrea Cerwinske, an industry staffer who used to be Kayne Robinson’s right hand & was nominated by the WLP-blessed committee, was suddenly left off of this list of winners? Did I miss news of her dropping out?

    1. She withdrew after being nominated. I can’t remember if she was on the ballot or not.

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