You Did It! Frank Tait Is On The Ballot

Thanks to everyone who signed petitions for Frank Tait, he beat the “margin of Wayne” and is on the ballot for the 2022 NRA Board of Directors election. He could not have done it without your help and the help of many others who want change at the NRA.

This means that instead of being forced to choose between voting for one of the hand-picked “friends of Wayne” or not voting, you now have a choice.

If you are a voting member, now is the time to start talking to your friends who are also voting members. A personal recommendation from you should mean a lot more than the usual propaganda that you see month after month in the official journal.

Remember it is our NRA and not Wayne’s NRA.

UPDATE: From Frank on getting on the ballot.

The petitions were “beyond the margin of Wayne” and I am on the ballot!

I have to get my approved 150-word biographical sketch in by December 17 so it can be included with the ballots.

This would not be possible without the support of many great people and organizations around the country including the participants at the IDPA Liberty Match, Bitter of Shall Not be Questioned Blog, and the members of Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Association, the participants of the Nineteenth Bi-Annual Machinegun Shoot at Eastern Lancaster County Rod & Gun Club, and the Montgomery County Federation of Sportsmens Clubs Trapshooting League.

I am grateful for this tremendous support and am committed to reforming the board and management of the NRA

4 thoughts on “You Did It! Frank Tait Is On The Ballot”

  1. Now it’s time for us to find him some votes.

    I realize we’re online and that’s where most of us are comfortable, but it’s time to set that aside. Posting about his candidacy to the same audiences we’ve had for years isn’t going to bring him over the top. We need to find some of the 95+% of NRA voters who never cast ballots. The more of them we find, the better.

    These are in your gun clubs. They are at your gun shows, but mixed in with lots of non-voters so it’s a mixed bag. They are out there, but harder to find. Regardless, it’s time to find him.

    The thanks in the post he did isn’t because of anything I did online, it was 100% because of offline organizing and action that got him a decent number of signatures that were instantly verifiable. The signatures are the easy part of this process – the votes are the hardest part. So whatever real world connections you have, it’s time to start calling in those contacts to get votes turned in and the message in front of other people that there’s only one “Save NRA from the NY AG” candidate to support this year.

    1. Even if you can’t vote, I bet you have friends who can. Encourage them to bullet vote for Frank and only for Frank.

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