If You Argue The 2A Only Covers Muskets….

I came across this interesting cartoon on Reddit this morning. If you are deluded enough to presume that our Founders never intended for the Second Amendment to cover modern arms and it was only to cover arms in use as of 1791, then this is for you.

I would also note that despite what President Joe Biden asserts, we could always own cannons. Thus, have a cannon loaded with grapeshot would be perfectly acceptable to the Founders.

After viewing this short little video, those who contend only muskets and the like are covered by the Second Amendment might want to change their minds. The bodily damage done by the older weapons would try the skills of even the most accomplished trauma surgeon.

Kudos to “brilliant_garlic69” for creating this video.

3 thoughts on “If You Argue The 2A Only Covers Muskets….”

  1. The .69cal Rifle and Minie bullet were the cause of so many amputations during the Civil War. There is no way to salvage a limb when an inch of femur or humorous have been blown out even today.

  2. If they’re arguing that the 2A only covers muskets, then there is an argument to be made that the 1A only covers town criers and newspapers printed with a Gutenberg-type printing press with moveable type onto handmade paper.

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