New Products Released Today

A number of new products have been released today. They include a new trigger, a new innovative camo, and a specialty shotgun cartridge.

From Franklin Armory, makers of the binary trigger, comes the Trinary Firing System™. The video below shows just how it works. I’m sure it will please gun owners and infuriate anti-gunners.

From the Finnish company Varusteleka comes IanPat. This new camo pattern builds on the work done by Forgotten Weapons’ Ian McCollum.

Forget about those MultiCams and M05s already – brace yourself for the supremely historical and ultimately versatile camo pattern, IanPat! Together with Ian from Forgotten Weapons, we have developed this unique and innovative camouflage pattern that suits all terrains and needs.

Finally, from Fiocchi comes the Caw Caw Cawtridge. Available in 12, 20, 28, and .410 gauges, this shell is intended for crow hunting.

Engineered for maximum crow mortality, our new Caw Caw Cawtridge boasts a specially designed wad that delivers an exceptionally dense pattern in a shorter shot string compared to traditional shotshells. Through extensive research and development, we pushed the boundaries of innovation by not only enhancing the cartridges but also revolutionizing the packaging itself. Each box features an integrated App-based crow call with three popular calls: Feeding Crow, Fighting Crows, or Dying Crow, ensuring optimal results whether decoying birds in cornfields or hunting timber birds. Trust Fiocchi’s new Caw Caw Cawtridge to deliver devastating results against this uncanny foe!

When you absolutely, positively need to murder a murder, this is the cartridge for you!

As a reminder to everyone reading this post, remember the date.

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  1. That binary/trinary trigger looks interesting but the “save your round for later” feature seems like a recipe for disaster. How many people are going to assume that they are back in semi- mode and suddenly double tap?

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