Simple Addition Is Beyond Mayor Daley

Watching Mayor Daley at this press conference with Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) calling for more gun control reminds me of the Genesis song I Can’t Dance from their We Can’t Dance album. Just substitute “I can’t add, I can’t do math” for “I can’t dance, I can’t talk” and you have Mayor Daley.

Daley claims that 100,000 people are “shot and killed with a gun” every year on average. He makes this remark at the .25 mark of the video.

However, if you take the numbers from their own posters – 34 – and multiply that by 365, you only get 12,410. That is a far cry from 100,000. Even when you add in suicides and gun-related accidental deaths, the annual number has averaged 32,000 deaths for the years 1980-2006. This last number is from the University of Pennsylvania’s Firearm and Injury Center at Penn. FICAP has received $600,000 from the Joyce Foundation over that past few years to come up with that number.