Interesting Suggestions

The CleanUpATF forum has continually offered great insight into the workings – and failures – of ATF and its management. I hope staff investigators for Senator Grassley and the rest of the Senate Judiciary Committee are reading it on a regular basis. Someone who goes by Epic Failure posted this yesterday. In it he gives Sen. Grassley and his staff some hints on what reports they need to be looking for, from what ATF field divisions, etc.

Senator Grassley and Congress, demand the documents and make Ken Melson explain them!

Demand that ATF produce and certify documents that list the crime scene recovery location and the crime event of every single gun that has been allowed to hit the streets since the inception of project gunrunner and recovered in any type of crime. That needs to include the New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles Field Divisions.

ATF has this information within their databases and it can be accessed quickly and easily using specific search parameters. Melson brags to congress on ATF’s assistance to Mexico in establishing the Mexican e-Trace program. He claims ATF has spent years and millions of dollars helping Mexico establish the same ballistics matching technology that is used by ATF in the U.S. let him show you how well the systems work by generating for you the information that they are designed to produce.

There is also something called a “time to crime” report. You need that. It tells what amount of time has elapsed from when a gun is first purchased until it is recovered in a crime. A short time-to-crime indicates that the gun was purchased for the specific intent of being used in a crime and that the criminals wasted no time in doing so.

ATF agents use this information all the time as a part of an intelligently conducted trafficking investigation. The problem here is that ATF never imagined that its lead development hardware, software and programs would be utilized to show the failures of their operations. You are going to be infuriated with what you find.

Double check ATF’s work. It will most likely be deceptive. You’ve already seen you cannot trust them to tell you the truth. Then demand that Melson himself answer for the findings instead of allowing him to insult you by sending a flunky to be his bag man.

Thousands of guns have been “walked” and gotten into the open during gunrunner. People don’t commit gun trafficking crimes for an end user who is a common citizen wanting an AK-47 for home protection. By the very design of the straw purchaser/lying and buying crime schemes, those guns are intended for the hands of persons who have a predisposed violent and murderous and criminal intent and need firearms to further their crimes.

There is an extraordinary amount of crime events and homicides that you do not know about, and will not know about, unless you demand the reports and make Melson himself certify their accuracy.

If you really want to put an end to the crimes committed by ATF management in name of the American people and while wasting our tax dollars, this is where you start.